Shalom Zdunska Wola (2)

Message sent by Email 16.7.99

Dear friends,

Following my previous email to you, I received a very moving and emotional responses from many of you. I think that when it deals with our lost parents' old town - we all become sentimental. This is part of the deep love we have for them and their past, and this is where ever you are living now, whether it is Canada, USA, Israel, Belgium or Australia...

I thank you all, for your support and interest.
I shall answer here to some of your questions, as I believe it is of common interest to all.

I am pleased to learn that Bernard Markowicz will soon erect a SIG - Email Exchange Group for Zdunska Wola Memory lovers... you will hear more about it soon and how to subscribe/unsubscribe.

At the meantime I added in my ZW Web Page additional web pages - the main one is the ZWFF - Zdunska Wola Family Finder - where you can post your inquiries and messages, relevant to others. This also may lead to finding lost family members, not known to you before. The "inquiry form" is not automatically updated in the inquiries page so be patient, until I update it, after sending it.

 I also added personal web pages - links to home pages created by you. In case you will build any more or know of other sites, please let me know and I shall include the link soon.

In the cemetery web page, I added another page, dedicated to the picture of two tombstones as they were, before destruction. The picture is one of tens of other pictures found in the Yizkor book of ZW. It was taken during WWII! The intact tombstones are of Abraham ABRAHAMSON and LUTOTOWSKAJA, 1917. The picture will be deciphered by Israel and Elka Lipman, and all the names of the people in this rare photograph will be added there soon!

Some of you were disappointed for not having their family name in my list. Please understand that I did but very small part of the cemetery. Also note that I have transcribed about 100 matzevot WITHOUT a surname. For sure I copied many tombstones with the name LEWI on it, but I thought that it only refers to the deceased being a Levite. I believe some of those tombstones really have the surname LEVY. We shall know when all data processed. Unfortunately I cannot dedicate more time to this project at the moment, although I am really attracted to it, and would like to have all the information processed. But it is not magic... a LOT of work is required, and I cannot do it now. Sorry, please be patient!

Judith Silberg wrote about her family OLEJ:

"My heart stopped beating for a moment or two when I was the family name of my paternal grandmother, OLEJ. Berek (Berish) OLEJ was her brother. Where did you find the name and do you have any more information or something I can follow up on."

Regarding the OLEJ entry in the ZW Old Registry Book, located at the Museum, run by Mr. Chrzanowski, in "the Jewish Room". It was by pure coincidence, that I opened one old book, out of about 6 or 7 old books, and my eyes caught the name OLEJ out of so many others, Poles and Jews. The whole book is about one house only... So you can imagine what is there to find... There were 4 OLEJ living in the house. The data include also their date of birth, their parents' name, mother's maiden name, profession, etc etc etc.

You can fax Mr. Chrzanowski asking to copy those 2 pages (the whole data is on 2 pages) from the first book on top, where I looked and snail mail these pages to you.
His fax number is: 00-48-54-8233332

I also was already in contact with a wonderful person from Zdunska Wola, Israel Lipman and his wife Elka nee Fried from Lodz. They were youngsters during war and survived. Israel was thrilled to find Szyfra TAUB's tombstone among the tombstones which I transcribed and photographed. She was his grandmother..., died 1933. He didn't find it himself, when visited the cemetery in 1996... I had a moment of satisfaction, although, as I told him also, the situation in the cemetery requires an immediate rescue action and the partial documentation I did is but a beginning.

He agreed with me and will contact the Israeli Landsmanschaften of ZW to take steps, together with you and the group that is now in the form of organizing.

Bernard Markowicz has also started inquiries with his Belgian Kehila. I got addresses of 3 Americans, Zdunska Wolers Henry Abramowitz, Morris Fox and Ida Rozenberg. I am writing to them personal letters and hope it will result in something good.

So prospects look good under the skies of virtual Zdunska Wola...

For those who asked "how they can help" -

1) Think, check, contact, ask, speak, and for God's sake, DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO something about your ancestors' cemetery. It has to be a collective venture and I cannot do that for you.

2) Translate from Hebrew to English the section about ZW in Yad Vashem's

"Pinkas Ha'Kehilot"

3) Re-type the English part from the Yizkor Book of ZW, to be posted in my web page and in JewishGen Yizkor Book database.

4) Send modest contribution to me, to cover my trip present expenses and eventually another one or two to come. If any surplus - it will be given to the cemetery renovation project, if and when you will initiate such one.

Shabat shalom Zdunska Wola,

Ada Holtzman 16.7.1999


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