The tombstone of Rabbi Moshe Mendel, son of Israel, grandson of the great Rabbi Simcha from Gombin, died 23 Shevat 5687 (27 January 1927)

The picture of the tombstone of Moshe Mendel, grandson of Rabbi Simcha of Gombin, July 99.

In the Yizkor Book of Gombin, in the Yiddish part translated by my late father Meir Holtzman of blessed memory, in the chapter: "Gombin and its Rabbis", written by Michal Rosenblum, page 61, we read about Rabbi Simcha Gombiner:
"After Rabbi Israel Yehoshua Trunek "Kutner", served for many years as the Rabbi of Gombin, Rabbi "Simcha'leh Gombiner", as he was nicknamed. He is the writer of the book:"Rimzei Esh" ("Hints of Fire") and a commentary to "Tana Rabbi Eliahu". He was Hassid of Gur and Kock."

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