The Tombstone of Mordechai KARO z"l from Zdunska Wola

The picture of the tombstone of Mordechai KARO, found broken on the ground, in the deserted Jewish cemetery of Zdunska Wola, July 1999

The Hebrew Inscription:

Here lies buried
Son of reb Zeew
Honorable among the people of his Community
The holy spirit of the Torah he learned
The generation of Beit Yosef was his lineage
The name KARO will testify his virtue
13 Adar (27.2) his soul departed
Year 5686 (1926) peace be the essence of his life
the rights of his ancestors will stand for his assistance
[?] the crown of his yeshiva [?]
May his soul be bonded in the bond of everlasting life

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