Invitation to the Annual Zdunska Wola Remembrance Gathering

The Organization of the Former Zdunska Wola Jewish Citizens in Israel
Yehuda Krol, 19 Yekheskel St. 62595 Tel Aviv
Telephone: 03-6046988, Fax: 03-6816955, Cellular: 050-322989
Non Profit Society, Registered in Israel: Nr. 031-726-1

The Committee:

Yehuda Krol, Chairman

Alter Halperin, Secretary

Michael Deutsch

Asher Aud (Szeraczki)

Shmuel Ben David (Pakentreger)

Fola Herszenbaum

Second Generation: Yaacov Ben David, Zvi Joskowicz

Third Generation: Lea Granevicz

Tzira Choresh, Advocate

Avi Halperin, Controller


You are invited to attend the Annual Remembrance Gathering to the martyrs of our hometown, in the Old Cemetery at Trumpeldor Street Tel Aviv, which will be held on Sunday, Elul 17, 5759, 29/8/99, at 17:30.

Rabbi Asher Landau will speak to the public.

You are kindly requested to attend with your children and grandchildren so that we shall preserve the memory of the Jews of our hometown who were exterminated by the German Nazis, Ymach Shmam.

Every one shall light a memorial candle in his home, upon the conclusion of the Sabbath, which precedes Elul 17, 5759.

Gathering for the evening prayer, study of Mishnayoth and saying of the Kaddish in public, will be held on Thursday, Elul 14, 5759, 26/8/99, in the "Israel Ha'tzair" Synagogue, 31 Harav Kuk St., Bnai Brak.

Wishing you Shana Tova,

Yehuda Krol

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