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The Zdunska Wola Email Exchange is a discussion group focused on the history and genealogy of the Jews from Zdunska Wola. The group brings together participants of all ages from the United States, Australia, Canada, Israel, and other countries.

As participants in the Zdunska Wola Email Exchange we are finding, sharing, and discussing information about the history of Jewish Zdunska Wola, our individual family histories, and ongoing related activities and events. Through our exchanges, we have learned much, we have found relatives in common, and we have met and become close friends with Zdunska Wolaer descendants and other people who in one way or another share our interest in Jewish Zdunska Wola.

If you also share this interest, you are cordially invited to join us. Our exchanges take place through the Zdunska Wola Internet Mailing List, which relays every posted message to the personal email addresses of all those who are subscribed to the list. If you wish to subscribe or obtain additional information, please contact
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