Jerzy Chrzanowski

Ada with Jerzy Chrzanowski, the Museum' Manager, near the board with the poem of the deceased poet who inspired him more than anybody: Celik Rajczak from Zdunska Wola.

Free Translation of the Poem:

It is not important that I shall not be
But if you say he was
I shall not enter the new millenium
But I shall live with you together

Like a mirror reflecting the rayon of the light
I shall remain in the written words
In my image and my eternal look
Thus my dream will be.

Jerzy Chrzanowski message is to work, explore and live with everlasting LOVE... He believes it is impossible to study the History of Poland without studying the History of the Jews in Poland. He assisted me with all my request, cooperated with enthusiasm and promised to continue the cooperation in the future. His "Jewish Room" and dedication for the Jewish memory cause in Poland should be commended!

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