Inquiries & Messages of Jewish Survivors & Descendants from Plock

Last Updated 28 January 1999

Barbara Master - 7 January 2000
The Inquiry
Searching: Louis SLAVIN, Plock, NY

Michael Brenner - 6 January 2000
Surnames: Lerman and Kugel
The Inquiry:
Searching for descendents of Mendel Wolf Lerman,Moisha Lerman, his father or Szlomo Lerman , his nephew. Some settled in New York other in South America.
Also searching for any descendents of the Kugel/Kugiel famile of Plock. Some settled in New York, others in South Africa.

Susan Stock - 26 December 1999
Surnames: Fetbraudt Fetbrodt
The Inquiry:
I am wondering how to find out if my gggrandfather Philip Fetbraudt who was born in Poland in 1859 and served in the army in a cavalry division is in fact the Fetbrodt family in Plock. Can I access cemetery records? Marriage records? Anything? Thank you!

Howard Weingram- 23 December 1999
The Inquiry:
I am doing some genealogical research about my family. Some of our relatives lived in Plock.
I came across a reference to an Ahron Wajngram on your Holocaust Survivors list. Do you have any other information about Mr. Wajngram than the data listed on your Survivors page?
Howard Weingram

Morris Gradel - 2o December 1999
Surnames: Unknown, nee' Przasnyszer
The Inquiry:
Something else. About Plock: You sent us a list of Jewish surnames in Plock from a Polish Business Directory (Warshaw-Bydgoszcz) 1923. The list stopped after (M), a Mlyny (miller), Kenigsberg, Bielska 45. Have you got the last part? Obviously I am curious to see, whether there was a bakershop (Piekarnia) still in Breite Gass no. 24. I recently heard that Shyna Bluma was forced to bake for the German soldiers during the first World war, and as she came to England 1924 she might very well still have had the bakery in 1923.

I wonder whether any of your old Plockers remember that Bakery, and if they do, would they know whether the old baker woman had any of her children left in town. You remember there were two aunts we didn't know about: Liba Rajza and Rifka. Well, to day I got an email from a son of Morris's cousin in England. We use him to tap the memory of an old 91 year cousin. This old woman remembers that she many years ago had a telephone call from someone who was on a visit to England and introduced himself as a distant relative from California. He was the son (or grandson, she doesn't remember) of Rifka! Another old cousin told us in September, when we were in England, that she thought the two sisters had gone to America. The rest of the family had never heard that, didn't believe it, but now I wonder, she might be right.
Morris Gradel

Michael Garnaud - 27 November 1999
Surnames: Harris, Witkowski, Przedecki
The Inquiry:
Looking for Details of descendants of Moses Harris born in plock about 1830/40 and his son Jacob Harris who married

Krondel Rachel Witkowski in about 1860. Jacob and family came to England in about 1870/73, to London, Whitechapel area. Did any Harris or Witkowski family stay behind and what became of them. Have Harris tree from Jacob onwards.

A few days later, after identifying his ancestor, Michael sent the following email:

Dear Ada,
Here is Mr. Przedecki, after a fashion, Shalom Ada!
I am frankly, totally bowled over by your enthusiasm, love and sheer ability! THANK YOU.

You will be VERY pleased to know, that the name is not only right as the records state, but the PRZEDECKI name is not totally unknown to me. Someone in this enormous London family ,( David Harris was one of seven, he had 5, his 6 siblings all reproduced in 2 or more), must have found the name somewhere, for someone has mentioned PRZEDECI to me this year. At the time I was not able to comment.

Bear in mind I only met the descendants of Harris', other than David, in North London -for the first time in my life, this Spring. As I was doing French genealogy they asked me to look into the Harris' and so here we are.

Jacob was born, as my last message to you, states on: 24.09.1845. This very " sensibly" puts him at 21 at the time of his marriage. My French work shows that most couples married with men at 20 or 21 to 25/30 and girls at 20 or 21. Did our Plock ancestors and other Jews have similar customs?

The ORIGINAL marriage cert. of JaKob and Krondel ( Kreyndla) Witkowcka/(Witkowski) resides in my Mother's house and there is a typed translation in English. The English doc. calls Jacob a Harris, already, but leaves Krondel as a Witkowski. BTW is there a mention in your record of her second name " Rachel"? There is also a photograph of the pair.

Krondel/ Kreyndla, or Carol ?, in English, died on 24.04.1924 in London, and it was her dying wish that my Mother should have her name, so Carol Katherine Wolfensohn she became and was born on 25.04.1925.

I have just this minute spoken to her and she is THRILLED and thanks you very much.

As the recorded birth day of Jakob is wrong, can I trust the others that you listed?

Are other PRZEDZCKI, likely to be Jakob's close family, like brothers or father?

I note that you will ask Ilana Witkowski about the other Witkowskis, thank you.
Further details:
the Jakob/ Kreyndla W. marriage was 17/07/1866.
As said David Harris, son of Jakob and Krondel, was born in PLOCK on 15.10.1867, and was the first child, this fits as it is 15 months after the wedding. ( some of my French couples produced a child within 9, 9.5, or 10 months, it must be the wine - Pinot Noir, or Chardonnay, as we are in Burgundy).

David's siblings were 6, ;no. 4 was Jane Harris born in 1873 in London. So they came in about 1870-1872/3, and I know when they were naturalised as British subjects around 1895 and Jakob died after that time, I think. I will write this all up soon.

Would you like all this generation ?

Jakob was a diaryman and his son Alex kept up the tradition I am told by keeping cows in E. London up to WW2.
David Harris married Kitty Aletrino a Jewish lady from Portugal, I do not know if she was born in London or Portugal? Does the name Aletrino register at all with you?

So dear Ada, thank you for enriching my life. I sometimes go to Warsaw on business and so now a trip to Plock is well.. mandatory, it is I am told about 2 hours by train NNW of Warsaw, and is a large refinery town. Do you corroborate this?

Well that is all for just now.
Many blessings,

Karen Brown - 10 November 99
Surnames: Rozenberg/Rosenberg
The Inquiry
My great grandfather was born in Przasnysz about 1834, his name was Benjamin Rozenberg/Rosenberg and would like to know if anyone could find any information regarding this family. I have not been able to find his birth records or any other information regarding his Mother or Father. I know this is very sketchy information. Could you help me?
Karen Brown

John Lawrence - 8 November 99
Surnames: Mittelman
The Inquiry)
searching for info. on Solomon Mittelman,shown as married in 1840 to Laja Hamburgier in Plock.Further details would establish if my ancestor or not.Had son Jacob,born 1843,also shown in Polish archives on LDS site.His fate?and any other details,please.


Deb Olken - 1 Nov 99
The Inquiry
Searching for descendants of Mashilim Kaufman SZCZYPCZYK (1831-1891) and Liba Freidl SZMYCZIK (1844-1914). Liba and several of her 11 children came to the US (Boston & NY) at various dates in the late 19th century. I am looking for info on the following children (Josef - a doctor, Chana Feige, Chaia Rivka, Yisrael Leib and Yithok) who are not believed to have emigrated to the US.

Sylvain Bromberger - 11 October 99
Surnames: Bromberger
The Inquiry
My father's name was Jacob Bromberger. He was born in Plock before WWI and moved to Belgium. The rest of his family stayed in Plock though some of his brothers moved to Palestine. Is there any information about the Bromberger family in Plock?

Sylvain Bromberger

Richard G. Wanderman, Jr. - 10 Oct 99
Surnames: Vandjerman, Venderman (Wanderman)
The Inquiry
I have recently found my ancesters who, accoriding to the JewishGen Polish database, came from Plonsk, Plock, Poland. The surnames on these lists are VANDJERMAN and VENDERMAN, but we have the name WANDERMAN now. I am very curious to find out if there are any mentions of this surname in any of the information available regarding Plock. I eagerly await any sort of response. Unfortunately, we don't have too much information regarding the Polish lives of our family, but have a decent amount of information on some of the descendants of these people. I hope to hear from someone soon, and gool luck in your own searches.


Hollie BenYosef - 7 October 1999
Surnames: Zylberberg, Holcman, Bornstein
The Message:
I am so happy to have found this web site on the families of Plock.
My grandmother's family all but herself and one sister have perished. I
have for years wondered perhaps someone may have survive and we just haven't been able to locate them. I have also been trying to find out more about them (since I am now and adult and ready to listen to the stories..) I do not know if anyone of the Zylberbergs listed on your list are relatives but please send me the hebrew biography on them . My grandmothers father name was Elias (Lajzer) Zylberberg married to Hanna (Holcman??sp) children were:
Michal, Nathan, Rosa, Helna, Irna (survived but now deceased), Irena (Itta- my grandmother) nee Bornstein- still alive (92). Perhaps you can tell me where I can get a copy of this book.
Hollie BenYosef

Tsvi Victor Klejman - 5 October 99
Surnames: Klejman
The inquiry
My grandfather Yoel Klejman is from Poland, I think from Plock, he emigrated to Uruguay, married Zussle Altmark and gave birth to Carlos (my father) born in Rafaela Argentina now living in Philidelphia PA +1-215-546-7356, Enrique now living in Buenos Aires Argentina, and Irma now living in Montevideo Uruguay. I Tsvi Victor and my brother Gabriel are now living in Isreal.
I am interested in finding out more about my family,
Shana Tova

Jacob Lionel Borowitz - 26 September 1999
Surnames: Turkeltaub, Herszlikowicz, Wasserman
Subject: searching for family
My mother's family came from Plock, Poland and I am looking for relatives/survivors. I am Carole Borowitz, nee Tobin (Turkeltaub), born in England 1937. Father John Henry Tobin (Chaim Yona Turkeltaub), mother Georgina Hirst (nee Yadwiga Herszlikowicz, born Plock 1897). My grandparents in Plock were Jacob Herszlikowicz (born approx. 1850)and Felicia Wasserman (??). She died about 1935. If you have any information, or require more, please email me.
With many thanks, and best wishes, Carole

Elaine Dyson - 8 September 1999
Surnames: Goldman
The Inquiry:
I beleive that my father's family left Plock around 1830 and emigrated to Wales. Any information please.

Morris Gradel - 31.8.99
Surnames: Przasnyszer
The Inquiry
Out of 8 siblings born in Plock - fathers name Wolf P., mothers Sura ? and Szyna Bluma ? - between 1875 and 1893, the 6 left for UK at the beginning of 20. century. Two, Liba Rojza Przasnyszer born 1881 and Ryvka P. born 1886 stayed in Plock.We presume they were married or engaged already, and that is why they did not leave with the others, but we do not know their married names. No contact after the world war. Any information on these two ( my maternal aunts) much appreciated.

Scott Bomson - 26 July 99
Surnames: Bomson or Bomzon
The Inquiry:
I came across your sight looking for the name "bomson". I believe that the spelling in polish/russian (before the officials at ellis island changed it) would have been bomzon, and came across that name in your list. Could you tell me, is the the same town that might also be spelled plotzk? My grandfather, Louis Bomson (now deceased, but who came to USA in approximately 1914) belonged to an organization called "Plotzker Young Men Association" (or Society). Thank you.

Bruzda, Liliana - 20 July 1999
Surnames: Bruzda
The message:
My father - Marian Bruzda and his brother Jakub Bruzda were born in Plock; Jakub Bruzda immigrated to Israel before the second world war and died in Israel, my father - Marian Bruzda survived the war in Syberia, later in Uzbekistan and returned to Poland in 1945,(died in Poland in 1979).

Paul Keller - 14 July 1999
Surnames: Keller, Rotman,Mintz
The Inquiry

My father Harry Keller(probabably Iszak Keller) left Plock in 1912. He was married to my mother Esther Rotman, nee Mintz.
Any info about where they may have lived, or any other info would be appreciated.

Geoff Shaw - 12 July 99
Surnames: GOLD / STERN
The Message
I am having difficulty finding the web page with the latest Plock LDS records. Can you give me the URL please. The family names I am interested in are Stren and Gold (probably Gold is shortedned version of the family name!)

Gary Luke - 11 July 99
The Inquiry:
My great-grandparents may have been married in the Plock gubernia in 1877 or 1876. Most records say Makow Maz in July 1877, one from Glasgow says Plotyk (sic) in July 1876.
While probing around JewishGen I came across your pages about indexing the records for JRI. What would be involved in taking on the indexes for marriages for those two years. Do they look like they include Makow events?

If needed, my father reads Polish fluently. We could possibly do it with him reading and me computering. I'm heavily involved in indexing various records for general Australian Jewish research in my spare time, so would not want to take on too much extra. How many hours would you estimate it could take. The table on one of your pages says 486 BDM entries for 1876 & 221 for 1877. How many marriages are there in each.

Gary Luke

Frank Dobia - 11 July 99
Surnames: Dobraszklanka
The Inquiry:
In November 1939 Jews from Golub-Dobrzyn were ethnically cleansed and forced into Plock. Is there a list from the Dobrzyn Jews that arrived in Plock at that time anywhere at all to obtain. I was as a child amongst the Jews from Dobrzyn and I am somewhere within the photo of the expulsion of Jews from Plock via Dzialdowo to Chmielnik. Can anyone help?

Stephen Wassserman - 5 July 1999
The Message:
I live near Chicago, IL USA in Buffalo Grove, IL. My great grandafather was Isreal Zeinwald Wasserman, who was born in Plock. His son, my Grandfater was Shlomo Leib Wasserman born in Plock in 1874 and was married in Kolo Poland in 1902 to Frances (Piernakosk)Pearson. His son Samuel Isreal Wasserman, born in Kolo in 1904 was my father. He passed away July 29, 

Rita (Heller) Benchimol - 13.6.1999
The Inquiry
My mother, Bluma Zajtman, was born in Plock in 1927. She survived the war with her sister Regina.
Am seeking any info regarding her mother, Rasha Jolson, or her father, Hersh Tzvi Zajtman. He leased fruit orchards in the summer and sold the fruit at market. Siblings included Natick, Henia, Shimak, Barbara, Yehuda, and David (alive in Haifa).

Julian Kemper - 6 June 1999
Surnames: Preis
The Inquiry:
My GGGgrandfather was Menachem Nachum (Preis) ben Schlomo & he was Dayyan of Plotsk in the early part of the 19th century. I am visiting Plotsk from 20th June. Are there any rabbinical lists or record that old & where could I find them. He later went to Zanzig & finally to Friedberg, Pomerania, where he was chief eabbi.

John Holcenberg - 3 June 1999
Surnames: Wasserman, Chanachovicz, Holcenberg
The Inquiry:
I have the following Wasserman ancestors who were born in Plock:
Shlomo Leib abt 1874 died Kolo 1909
Abraham Leib abt 1881
Nathan abt 1882
Major son of Gedal born abt 1881
Pearl 3/18/1903
Israel Zelig 3/28/1906
Israel Zeinwald bef 1868
his wife Miriam Jehudith ??
his son Eliazer Levi in 1870s
Eliazer's wife Havela Chanachovicz
Any help finding marriages, deaths, tring these poeple together would be appreciated

Edward Goldwyn - 19.5.1999
Surnames: Zvatsky, Goldberg

The Inquiry
1) My Great Grandfather, Menachem Goldberg had a son, Isadore who married my Grandmother, Heide Zvatsky in Plock. They left to come to London in about 1900. The family ran a waterbus on the Vistula. We are going to visit Plock this June and hope to find some traces.

2) I am trying to find any information about my ancestors who lived in Plock.
My Great Grandfather Menachem Mendel Goldberg 1835-1924
His Brother Adolf
His Half Sisters Paula Goldberg, Becky
My Grandfather and Grandmother Menechem's son, Isadore Goldberg married Hinda Zywocka (later Zawaski).(She was born 1 may 1879, we have birth certificate). They moved to London about 1900.
My Other Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother Hinda Zywocka's father Chaim Zywocka. Her mother Lia Rifka Zywocka maiden name was Greenbaum. They ran a water bus on the Vistula. Her Uncle was a dentistin Warsaw, Leo Goldberg born 1869. We have a photo of him in what appears to be an army officers uniform.He had two daughters who were doctors.

John Holcenberg - 13 May 99
Surnames: Holcenberg, Wasserman

The Message
I found the Seattle census data on my parents from 1910. Jacob Holcenberg was born in Plock ( I think) 1870. Married Bella Wasserman in Vishegrade or Plock ( she was from Vishegrade) in 1885 and had first child Rose in 1886.
Rose is listed as Ruchla Golcenberg or Cholcenberg in REIPP for Plock b 1886. A second daughter, Esther, was born in Plock May 4, 1889.
Its possible that the Eliasz Holtzenberg you found married in 1838 could
have been grandfather (father or uncle ) of Jacob.
Have you transliterated any of these years yet. If not I would be happy to
look at 1870, 1885 or 1889.

I mentioned your name to one of my colleagues, an endocrinologist from Israel. He said he was very familiar with your excellent work on Polish Jews.


Luis Faigon Esion - 13.5.1999
Surnames: Jesion
The Message
Dear Ada,
First, sorry about my english. My grandfather Jose Abrahm Esion was brother of the father of Alfred Jesion. My grandfather cames to Argentine at the begining of this century. Here his surname became Esion in place of Jesion.
Now I'm going Poland for first time (may 24). Only for three days. I'll go direcly to Plock from Warsaw airport, and spend there one day. Realy I have not any plan. I could't notice about the old address of my family. I read all about Plock on your web page (and by this way I took in contact with Max Jesion, in Paris). There I noticed aboput Alfred dececed. He usually wrote once a year to my family in Argentina, but he didn´t the last ones.

If you have any recomendation about what must I specialy look in Plock, please, let me know this. You can write to me in English. I understand it much better than I write it.

Thanks for all.

Luis Faigon Esion
tel?fonos: 5411 4902-3120 (particular) 5411 4349-9514 (oficina)
Ambrosetti 84, 5-B
(1405) Buenos Aires

Baruch Pinnick - 19.5.99
Surnames: PANTOFEL

The message:
Shalom Ada,
I recently visited your Plock R.I. site. I was most impressed, especially as the site is very new and presumably at the start of its journey. At least two of my ancestors apparently hail from Plock.

 I'll be going back to your site again - keep up the good work! Why not invite the JewGen list to visit?

All the best,

Baruch Pinnick,
Ma'aleh Adumim,

Name: Suzanne Michaud-Lennox
Surnames: Stern, Starkovitch

The Inquiry
My great grandfather Shama Yerucham Stern and his family moved to England in 1908. He was married to Chaya Rochel Schein, daughter of Hirsh Yosef Schein and Pessia Raizel.
His parents were Israel and Hana Yenta Stern. I am interested in finding anyone else linked with these families.
Also my grandfather came from a villiage near Vilnius and was called Isaac Jacob Starkovitch. His parents were Aryeh Yehuda and Nehama Devora Starkovitch. His elder step- brother Manya remained in Lithuania and had 2 sons all believed perished either under Hitler or Stalin. However 2 grand-daughters did emigrate to South Africa. Any information on any of these please.

Feldstein - 24 April 1999
Surname Fein
The Inquiry
My grandmother, Minna Fein Lederman was born in Plock.
She never spoke of her family once she emigrated to New Brunswick,NJ in the early 1900's. Supposedly she ran away to America because of a romantic entanglement.
We suspect that she had been well educated and came from a prominently political family.
We know she had a cousin Becky in New York City.
Can anyone help us unsort this riddle?
Thank you.

Don Buchsbaum - 13 April 99
Surnames: Wagner

Searching family Wagner from Plock.

David Kilbert - 9 Apr 99
Surnames: Kilbert

Any information you could tell me about the Kilbert family of Plock would be most appreciative.
Thank you

Catherine Youngren 7 April 99

Dear Ada,

I have recently begun searching my ancestry through several avenues -
- by joining a genealogical institute, by doing research through our universities and through our branch of the LDS, and on the Internet. My " surging the net " brought my to your website which is absolutely wonderful and so full of material and advice. The richness and the breadth and depth of the information you provide, shows me that your work is a labour of love and dedication.

I have discovered that my paternal ancestors originally came from Plotsk. I am trying to determine if they meant the actual town of Plotsk or the district. The families moved from Poland to Britain probably between 1865 - 1880. The names I am researching are GOODMAN ( or a Polish equivalent of that name), KURCHAK/KURCZAK - one side, and the other - GOLOMBEK, GREENBERG ( or a Polish equivalent ). In seraching the JewishGen Databases, I have found a Kurchak from Dobrzyn - is that near Plotsk ?
My cousin also has some notes saying that my GGgrandfather Solomon Judah Golombek came from Zarvomin ( that's how my cousin had spelt it - does that make sense ?- I have found the towns of Czarmun and Zuromin - would they be considered to be near Plotsk ?

Please let me know if you can help me. If I obtain other information about Plotsk and surrounding communities from the research being done by me and my cousins, I will send it to you.

Thank you,
Catherine Youngren

Dwiseman - 26 Mar 99
Surnames: Cohen, Visogrod, Wyschogrod, Wysczogrod

I am searching for relatives of my great-great-great grandparents: Hannah Visogrod and Solomon Wolf Cohen who came to England about 1890. They were born about 1840. Their passbook says they were form Plotzk Gaberna. The name Visogrod suggests that somewhere along the way they were from Wyschogrod. Solomon's father was Mordechai and Hannah's father was Abraham.

Nestor Gorojovsky- 24 March 1999
Surnames: Schuminer, Eckert
The Inquiry
Dear friends: I do not descend from any Plock family. My family was of the villages of Przemyszl and Sambor, near Lvov (Lemberg, Lwow, Lviv). Could you please help me find out if any of them has survived or provide me with a link that helps me do so?

Thank you in advance,

Harvey Kaplan- 23 March 1999
Surnames: Linderman, Schlackman
The Inquiry
Moshe Linderman of Plock married Bluma Shlackman(Schlackman). They had 3 sons and a daughter:
Barnet Linderman - married Esther Seifert.
Woolf Linderman - married Rebecca Tropp, London, 1891.
Isaac Linderman - married Sarah Chatterway
Millie Linderman -married Isaac Kammonowitz, London, 1887.

Looking for relatives.

Rom Eisenberg - 10 March 1999
The Inquiry
My name is Rom Eisenberg and i'am son of David Eisenberg who was born in Plok in 17.11.1917 and died at 19.11.98 in Israel. He had brother named Monek and sister named Roma who was murdered in the hollocost. I do not know much about other relatievs and I would be thankfull ifyou have any further information about this family and its roots.
Thank you and goodbye
Rom eisenberg

Joel Stern - 9 March 1999
Surnames: PLONSKY
The Inquiry
Any information on Joe Plonsky who immigrated to Louisiana from Poland in 18?? would be appreciated. He may have come to join relatives in Louisiana, through New Orleans or Galveston, we do not know. Thanks.

GASTON L. SCHMIR - 7 March 1999

The Inquiry
Any information about Yitzhak Yacov Lewinsohn, Shmuel Hersh Lewinsohn, Mordkhe Yosef Lewinsohn and their families. As far as I know, all perished in the Holocaust. Also, Blima Piechotka, nee Szafran

Lawrence Blum - 5 March 1999
Surnames: Strach-Majufes-Zryb-Schacknowitz

The Inquiry
I am researching family around Sochocin, Plonsk, Kuchary, Nowe Miesto, and Ciechanow.One of the family names is Strach. Do you know were the families came from? I know that people moved, due to programs, economics, marriages, and other reasons unknown. Is it possible that the Strach family came from Sochocin.
Thank you for any help.
Lawrence Blum

Catherine Youngren - 4 March 1999
Email: cydesign@
Surnames: Golombek or Golabek, Klinkowsztajn
The Inquiry:
I am researching my great great grandfather who came to Liverpool, England in the 1880's from Plock. We understand that his original name was Golabek or Golombek. One of his daughters, Byla remained in Plock and married Zyskimd Klinkowsztajn. We believe they were lost in the Holocaust.

Judith Just - 19 February 1999
Surnames: CYMBLER
The Inquiry:
I would like any information about anyone with the above surname from Plock who might still be alive. All of the people who lived in this town with the above surname would be related in some way. It is possble that even though most of them might have perished perhaps there were small children that were hidden and did not become victims? My father left his family in Plock and came to the U.S before the holocaust and then lost touch with his family in 1939.

Julian H. Preisler - 9 February 1999
The Inquiry:
I am interested in hearing from anyone who has roots in the towns of Gostynin and Dobrzyn nad Wisla, both near the city of Plock. Perhaps you have connections to the Goldman, Lejba, and Michalski surnames.
I am would like to compile a listing of all known Jews from these towns. Also I am searching for a photograph or image of the synagogue that once stood in Gostynin.
Thanks and B'Shalom,
Julian H. Preisler

Lili Susser - 3 February 1999
Surnames: Rubinsztein, Flaks, Strasburger
Your Inquiry:
My mothers maiden name was Rubinsztein born in 1891. Her mothers maiden name was Flaks born in 1856 Her maiden name was Strasburger.
Looking for any of those names.
Sorry have no pictures or artifacts. Lost all in Auschwitz. Not even a photo of a family member. Wrote a book recently with a lot of what I remembered about the Ghetto Lodz. Will be glad to answer questions posed to me
Thank you,

Lili Susser

Jesion - 18 Jan 1999
My email :
Surnames JESION
The Inquiry:
Mon pere, Majer Jesion, n?e a Gostynin a 20 km de plock ,en 1923 ,a survecu a la guerre ,fils de Jacob et Luba ,il n'as plus vu personne ,il avait 4 ou 5 freres une souer, apres la guerre il est parti vivre au Bresil ,a Sao Paulo , ou il vit aujourd'hui .

My father is Majer Jesion ,survival ,from Gostynin, Pologne son of : Jacob and Luba Jesion ,

Madeline Lowell - 6 Jan 1999
My email
Surnames: Widowski or Widofski, or Witkowski, Gluckson,
The message:
Seeking information about my grandfathers family. He was born between 1875-1880. His father believed to be a Rabbi, emmigrated to England at age 20ish, leaving wife and 2 daughters behind. Returned, divorced and emmigrated to US. Name change here to Harry Weiss from Widofski or something close! Maintained contact with daughters until war, was unable to trace them afterwards although know both married. In US married Helen Gluckson, same birth town,her mothers name Manya. Have found one cousin (paternal side)who knew most of his immediate family murdered in camps.

Evelyn Rayson - Jan 99
My email:

Surnames: Kon, Kruczyk, Goldberg and Gutmacher
The message:
My name is Evelyn Rayson. My father, Gershon Kohn was born in Plock Poland, June 16, 1916. My father had a sister, Raizel, who did not survive the war. Raizel's husband was Florek. Her survived the war and when last I heard from him, he was living in Israel. I would love to have contact with him, if he is still alive. My grandfather, Hersz Josif Kon was also born in Plock, Poland in 1885. My grandmother's name was Leah Gutmacher. My grandparents were murdered in Treblinka in October 1942. My mother Hela Kruczyk was also born in Plock. Her mother was Chava Leah Goldberg and her father was Aaron Kruczyk. My mother had many sisters and brothers, but only her sister Pesse and her brother Elek Kruczyk survived the war. I would love to hear from anyone who has any information about my family

Ada Holtzman - 30 November 1998
Surnames: Zlotnik , Kowadlo, Cynamon, Lisser, Kaliszer, Walfisz , AJBESZYC
The Message:
Searching Zlotnik

Stuart Cohn- 18 September 1998
The Inquiry:
I am attempting to locate decendants of my grandfather Sam COHN who was from Raciaz, Poland and immigrated to Texas in 1921. I have located some old letters and located new cousins in Israel which has produced the following new information:

My grandfather Sam COHN had either a sister or first cousin named Rose FOX. I have many letters from her dated around 1939. She was married to David FOX and they lived on Cruger Ave. in the Bronx. I located a wedding invitation for their son David FOX who was married to Marlene BRIKLOD on Thursday November 23, 1950 at the Temple Adath Israel in Bronx, NY. In addition, the family owned a produce business in the Washington Market. David and Rose FOX might have been Sophie KUGLER.

In addition, I am searching for the Shlomo GREENSPAN/GRINSPAN family of Brooklyn. Shlomo was the author of Zdin in Plotzk/Jews is Plotsk 1960. His son's name is Isadore GREENSPAN and his daughter is Nayma.

Also searching Hershel GREENSPAN family of Argentina. Hershel had a daughter who might live in Paris and a son Gerard GREENSPAN who most likely lives in Argentina.

Jack GREENSPAN was from Raciaz, Poland and his mother was my grandfather's sister. According to the Raciaz Yizkhor book, Jack's mother and father should be Label and Hinda GREENSPAN. Jack lived at my grandparent's Rose and Sam COHN's house in Taft,TX after returning from the war to the USA. Jack GREENSPAN married Lillian and had a daughter Sipora after moving to Los Angeles, CA. Jack GREENSPAN may have owned a chain of beverage stores.

In addition, I have very recently sent correspondence to the two following persons by regular mail: David AIZENBERG of Paris and Stella TJAJKOWSKI of Stockholm.If you see this posting and you would like to communicate with me by electronic mail, please contact me at

Floyd B. Russak - 5 July 1998
Surnames: R U S S A K
The Message:
All my relatives (surname Russak) came from Plock. I am searching for ancestors and survivors of pogroms and the Holocaust. I have my family tree on line. Please keep me posted of any information you have on Plock, and let me know if I can help in any way. Thanks!

Floyd B. Russak, M.D.
9 Red Tail Drive
Highlands Ranch CO 80126

Michael Brenner - 22 April 1998
Surnames: KON

In the JewGen Family Finder you list that you are researching a KON family from Plock. My research indicates more than one Kon family in the period 1810 thru the mid 1800,s, the period that the LDS Family History has filmed.
My Grandmother was Rachel Kon, dau. of Avram Mortka Kon, son oMoyses Kon, son of Meyer Kon born ca.1769. Meyer had the following children: 1.Moyses, 2.Ruchel Laja, 3.Michael Joseph, 4. Hersz.
If any of thes match let me know. Incidently, I visited Plotzk in 1993 and the
old quarter, including the Jewish section was still there and being lived in..
Michael Brenner

Jeff Maynard - 23 March 1998
The Inquiry
I'm delighted that you are doing Plotzk! My families original name was Maidat - Maynard is Anglicised. We come (or came - in 1892) from Zychlin. A large part of the family were in the little village of Sobota from the 1820s. Sheila Salo has supplied me with photocopies of the surviving Sobota records which I am currently transliterating/indexing. However, there were branches of the family in Plotzk. Surnames are: MAIDAT, KLEINOT, CHUDY, SAUER
Jeff Maynard
2065 London Court
Merrick, NY 11566

Hans Bonheim. - 19 March 1998
The Inquiry
My information is thru a sister -in-law in California. She wrote some time ago, that her grandfather was a Aba Glassberg from Plock. Evidently they moved to Munich but later to I believe Magdeburg,Germany.Teh rest of the Glassbergs moved Bad Woerrishofen, Bavaria.Qite a number perished in the Holocaust. I have little time right now and will get in touch with my sister-in- law for verification. I will get in touch with you then.

George Abrahams- 17 March 1998
Surnames: ABRAHAMS
The Inquiry
My grandfather may have been born in Plock itself, but my great grandfather was born in Plock. His name was Nathan Abrahams (in England). In Plock it may have been Nathan Abrahams or Nathan Norjitsa (not sure of the spelling, but it means tailor or cutter in Polish, and he was a tailor). My grandfather was born in about 1844 and would have arrived in England about then with his parents. He was married in London in1886. Then emigrated to South Africa in 1902.

Judy Wolkovitch (nee Horowicz) - 22 Oct 1997
Surnames: Horowitz Hotzman, Redlitz
The Inquiry
I have seen your name on the JewishGen e-mail site a number of times and although I am not sure if we have a connection i thought I should write. I have also been researching Plock among other Polish towns.
My primary interest is the Horowicz family. I have a record from Plock of a Ruchel Hotzman who married twice. The first time to Israel Lieb Horowitz and the second time to a man whose name appears to be Tekim Redlitz - marriage took place in 1846. I have not been able to tie this in to my tree but wondered if you have any information about this.
Also I thought you might be interested to know that I have been researching the Wolkowicz tree from Kolo and there was a Rabbi Israel Gombinski whose elderly descendent lives in New York.
Judy Wolkovitch (nee Horowicz)



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