List of the Holocaust Martyrs of the Jewish Community of Wyszogrod,
Pol and 1939 -1945

For this our heart is faint; for these things our eyes are dim. (Lamentation V 17)

Necrology List from the Yizkor Book of Wyszogrod:
Wyszogrod; Sefer Zikaron: Vishogrod, Memorial Book, H. RabIn, Former Residents of Vishogrod Organisation, Jerusalem1971, 316 pages, Yiddish, Hebrew, English, pages 298 - 314.
Translated from Yiddish and posted by Ada Holtzman March 1999.


|We didn't always manage to get all the names of the people. We regret but it was impossible to submit the children names. But their memory is precious and sacred. We ask pardon if God forbid, we omitted some names or the names were not correctly spelled. This list was made from the memory and after so many years this could happen|.



Felz Ester Cypora

Felz Jakob Jehuda

Felz Kalman

Felz Szajndel

Ferszt Ajzik

Ferszt Baruch

Ferszt Chaja

Ferszt Haimel

Ferszt Meir Yosel and 2 daughters

Ferszt Mendil and his wife

Ferszt Racze and her sons

Ferszt Szimon

Finkelsztejn Dawid

Finkelsztejn Haim Rafal

Finkelsztejn Hana

Finkelsztejn Mechel his wife and 2 children

Finkelsztejn Miriam Cwia

Fiszbejn Hinde

Fiszbejn Itcze Meir

Fiszbejn Nute Noach and his wife

Flam Aszer

Flam Chaja

Flam Etie

Flam Hajke

Flam Hana Ryfka

Flam Hersz Jakob

Flam Herszel his wife and children

Flam Mordechai Mendel his wife and children

Flam Szmuel Natan

Flam Yochewet

Fliderblum Hudes Nene her husband Zajnwel and a sister

Fliderblum Szmuel and his wife

Flum Shmuel Nusn

Flum Wolf

Friedman Abraham

Friedman Ajdel

Friedman Czarne

Friedman Gittel

Friedman Herszel and his wife

Friedman Jehoszua

Friedman Lea

Friedman Malka

Friedman Shlomo

Friedman Yecheskel his wife and children

Fuks Ajzik

Fuks Moshe his wife and 5 children

Fuks Taube


Galek Chana Miriam

Galek Jancze his wife and children

Galek Lajzer

Gerszt Ryfka

Gerszt Yosel

Gezundhejt Jokil

Gezundhejt Sara and children

Gilari Malka and her children

Gilari Moshe Abram

Glasznik Bejle

Glasznik Chaja Citel

Glasznik Ester Hunde

Glasznik Fojgel

Glasznik Hirsz Yoske

Glasznik Race

Glasznik Ryfka

Gmach Aba Meir his wife and children

Gmach Alte Chaja

Gmach Ester

Gmach Gdealya

Gmach Jacob

Gmach Lajbusz

Gmach Markus

Gmach Melech

Gmach Miriam Rajzel and her children

Gmach Zyssa and his daughter

Gold Moshe Tuwia and his wife

Goldberg Abram and his wife

Goldberg Chana Brejna and her 3 children

Goldberg Dwora

Goldberg Ester Jachet and her 2 children

Goldberg Fajge

Goldberg Fiszel

Goldberg Henje

Goldberg Itcze Meir

Goldberg Jecheskel

Goldberg Mendil his wife and children

Goldberg Moshe

Goldberg Ozer Meir

Goldman Arie

Goldman Bejle

Goldman Chaja Feiga

Goldman Chana Ciril

Goldman Hajnech

Goldman Israel

Goldman Jakob Moshe

Goldman Jente and her 2 daughters

Goldman Jona his wife and child

Goldman Lea

Goldman Lea her husband and their children

Goldman Moshe Dawid

Goldman Natan

Goldman Sara

Goldman Szimon

Goldman Szlomo

Goldman Tuwia

Goldstein Beril and his wife Jehudit

Golewski Lajbel

Golewski Sara and her children

Gorman Herszel

Gorman Moshe Jacob (Gricer) his wife and daughter

Gorman Szmuel

Gotfarb Hendil and his children

Gotfarb Juda Lajb

Gotfarb Mindel

Gotfarb Sznajdel

Gotfarb Tojbe

Gotsztat Slowa

Grosdarf Ezra

Grosdarf Herszel

Grosdarf Jacob his wife and daughter

Grosdarf Menasze his wife and 3 children

Grosdarf Ryfka

Grosman Abram Hirsz and his wife

Grosman Aron and a child

Grosman Ber

Grosman Chaim

Grosman Chaim Icchak his wife and 3 children

Grosman Dwora

Grosman Hinda ryfka

Grosman Icchak

Grosman Icchak Mordechai

Grosman Machil his wife and 3 children

Grosman Masze and her husband

Grosman Menachel and his wife

Grosman Menasze his wife and 4 children

Grosman Nache

Grosman Nachele

Grosman Rafel Kalman

Grosman Sara

Grosman Szajne Judith and her husband Pinchas

Grosman Szmuel

Grosman Sznajdel

Grundwald Aba his wife and 2 children

Grundwald Abrahamke his wife and 2 children

Grundwald Dawid his wife and child

Grundwald Efraiim his wife and 3 children

Grundwald Moshe

Grundwald Pessie and her daughter

Grundwald Szlomo Zalman

Grynbaum Ester her parents, her daughter and her husband Abraham Hirsz and their 3 children

Grynbaum Fiszel

Grynbaum Icchak and his daughter

Grynbaum Israel Icchak his wife and child

Grynbaum Jankel

Grynbaum Mendel

Grynbaum Sara

Grynbaum Shalom and his wife

Grynbaum Szifra Malie and her 2 daughters

Gryner Jankel his wife and child

Grziwacz Abram his wife and children

Gurfinkel Bejle

Gurfinkel Bejle

Gurfinkel Cesza

Gurfinkel Chaja

Gurfinkel Chaja Rojse

Gurfinkel Dwora

Gurfinkel Fella

Gurfinkel Frajdel

Gurfinkel Jacob Wolf

Gurfinkel Jacok Wolf his wife and child

Gurfinkel Jona

Gurfinkel Jsser his wife and children

Gurfinkel Meir (moehl) his wife and children

Gurfinkel Meir Machil

Gurfinkel Mendel

Gurfinkel Moshe

Gurfinkel Sara

Gurfinkel Szlomo

Gurfinkel Yehoshua his wife and 3 children

Gurfinkel Yosel

Gutgold Alter

Gutgold Blima Lea and her daughters


Hamburger Abram Yosef

Hamburger Dwora

Hamburger Szymon

Hecht Abram Hersz

Hecht Chana Chaja and her children

Helerman Abram and his 2 daughters

Helerman Azriel and his children

Helerman Bracha

Helerman Israel

Helmer Henech his wife and children

Herman Israel his wife and children

Hochbaum Golda

Hochbaum Jakob

Hochbaum Machel

Hochbaum Szmulek

Holcdorf Aron

Holcdorf Cipa

Holcdorf Rajzel and a child

Holcdorf Ryfka

Holcdorf Sara Hinda

Holender Aron Zelig

Holender Bynem

Holender Chaim

Holender Chana

Holender Chana Lea

Holender Cjwia

Holender Dwora

Holender Dwora (Gmach)

Holender Frajda

Holender Icchak

Holender Icchak Jakob

Holender Israel his wife and a child

Holender Israelek

Holender Itcze

Holender Itta

Holender itta and a child

Holender Jakob his wife and 3 children

Holender Jente

Holender Lea

Holender Mendel

Holender Mindel

Holender Miriam

Holender Moshe (Rakower)

Holender Moshe Mordechai

Holender Moshe Wolf his wife and a child

Holender Rafel Yosef and his wife

Holender Rozszka

Holender Szmuel Mordechai his wife and a child

Holender Szyfra and her 3 daughters

Holender Toybe

Holender Yosel his wife and 4 children

Homan Lajbel

Homan Moshe his wife and a daughter

Hot Dobra and her children

Hot Herszel

Hozman Aron his wife and 2 children


Jakubowicz Abraham

Jakubowicz Hana

Jakubowicz Moshe Jakob

Jakubowicz Shajndel

Jawecz Avramcze

Jawecz Chawa Laja

Jawecz three daughters

Jelen Manie (Weingart)

Jelen, bank bookeeper

Jentes Abraham

Jentes Chaja

Jentes Ische

Jentes Meir

Jentes Moshe and wife

Jentes Perl

Jentes Sara

Jentes Wolf, wife and children

Joelson Herszel

Jzraelewicz Abraham, Cantor, and his wife

Jzraelewicz Chaja

Jzraelewicz Chancze

Jzraelewicz Hana Jsche

Jzraelewicz Hinda Laja

Jzraelewicz Icchak

Jzraelewicz Jakob Meyer

Jzraelewicz Nussen

Jzraelewicz Szaulke

Jzraelewicz Tuwia

Jzraelewicz Zecharja


Kac Chajke and her children

Kac Chawa

Kac Freyde

Kac Hencze

Kac Jehoszua and his wife

Kac Szmuel

Kadecki Golda

Kadecki Jehoszua

Kadecki Jochewet

Kadecki Lajbel and his wife

Kalwariski Abraham

Kalwariski Frymet

Kalwariski Hene and her children

Kalwariski Joel

Kalwariski Lajbel

Kalwariski Lea and her children

Kalwariski Rafal Yosef

Kalwariski Tauba

Karp Herszel

Karp Itcze his wife and children

Karp Itzhak his wife and children

Karp Moshe and his wife

Karp Wolf

Kejzman Ester

Kejzman Gitel and her children

Kejzman Josef and his children

Kejzman Lajbisz

Kejzman Sara

Kejzman Symcha

Kirszenbaum Herszel

Kirszenbaum Hinda Chaja and her c

Kirszenbaum Hodes

Kirszenbaum Iczyk

Kirszenbaum Malka

Kirszenbaum Meir and his wife

Kirszenbaum Nachman

Kirszenbaum Symcha, Rabbi

Kirszenbaum Zelig his wife and children


Kirszteyn Mendel

Klein Bracha

Klein Etta Rojze

Klein Itcze

Klein Jakob

Klein Juda Luzer

Klein Rita

Klein Yosel

Klejnbart Itte and her child

Klejnbart Szmuel Dawid

Klejnbart Yehonatan

Klejnman Abraham

Klejnman Abraham Icchak, Rabbi, wife and children

Klejnman Aharon Luzer

Klejnman Bajla

Klejnman Chaim Gedalia his wife and children

Klejnman Chaja Debra

Klejnman Chajka

Klejnman Channa

Klejnman Cywia

Klejnman Ester Channa

Klejnman Ester Hogre

Klejnman Jakob Mordechai

Klejnman Kalman his wife and children

Klejnman Meir

Klejnman Melech

Klejnman Moshe Mendel his wife and children

Klejnman Rajzel

Klejnman Sara Bejla

Klejnman Yehuda Hersz and 2 daughters

Knaster Elchanan his wife and children

Kohen Becalel

Kohen Bejle

Kohen Chaja Eydil daughter of Lejbel Menyes and her husband Israel, her daughter Chana Malka

Kohen Chana Malka

Kohen Henech

Kohen Lejbel

Kohen Lejbel

Kohen Noach

Kohen Rabbi Yerechmiel Dawid

Kohen Rachel Laja

Kohen Ryfka Peseles

Kohen Sara Nena

Kohen Szejndel

Kohen Yachet

Kohn Bina

Kohn Chana Lea and her children

Kohn Ester and her children

Kohn Ester Jachet and a son

Kohn Eydil and a child

Kohn Fyszel and his wife

Kohn Fyszel Machil

Kohn Henech

Kohn Icchak Jakob his wife and six children

Kohn Jechiel Moshe

Kohn Meir

Kohn Menachem

Kohn Mordechai

Kohn Moshe Lejb

Kohn Nene

Kohn Rajzel

Kohn Ruwen his wife and children

Kohn Sala

Kohn Sara and her sons

Kohn Szmuel Lajb

Kohn Yosel

Kopenhagen Adasz

Kopenhagen Blume and her children

Kopenhagen Jakob

Kopenhagen Lajbel

Kopenhagen Malka

Kopenhagen Masze

Kostas Chaim Simcha and a sister

Kostas Jehoszua his wife and children

Kostas Lajbel his wife and children

Kostas Pinchas his wife and 2 daughters

Koszik Abram Icchak

Koszik Estert Jachet her husband and children

Koszik Hanna Necha

Koszik Hodes

Koszik Lajbesz

Koszik Neta

Koszik Rachel Lea her husband and children

Kowalski Lerer his wife (Sznajderowna)

Kozak Icchak his wife and children

Kramazsz Luzer and his wife


Kronenberg Herszke

Kronenberg Jankel

Kronenberg Sinai Meir

Kronenberg Wytel

Krongrad Abram Meir

Krongrad Abram Meir

Krongrad Channa

Krongrad Efraim Fyszel

Krongrad Eydel her husband Zysze and a child

Krongrad Icchak

Krongrad Jtte

Krongrad Menachem

Krongrad Raszka

Krongrad Raszka

Krongrad Sara

Krongrad Szlomo Lajb

Krongrad Zysze

Kroy Baruch and daughter

Kroy Joel Lipe his wife and children

Kroy Lea

Kroy Moshe

Kroy Mota

Kruk Chanch

Kruk Cypora

Kruk Gitele

Kruk Icchak his wife and a child

Kruk Jecheskel his wife and a child

Kruk Jehoszua

Kruk Jente

Kruk Machel his wife and a child

Kruk Szlomo

Kruk Szmuel Lajb

Krzeczanowski Abraham

Krzeczanowski Szyfra

Kuperman Beyle

Kuperman Fajger Myrel

Kuperman Moshe

Kuperman Myndel

Kuperman Rojzszke

Kuperman Sala

Kwaszne Abram

Kwaszne Fajga Myrel


Lawenczki Dwojra

Lawenczki Gittel

Lawenczki Hana Fejga

Lawenczki Icchak

Lawenczki Josef

Lawenczki Mindel

Lawenczki Reuwen Haim

Lawenczki Szajndel

Lawenczki Szlomo Juda

Lawenczki Toybe

Lawenczki Yekutiel

Lewin Abraham

Lewin Abraham

Lewin Abraham

Lewin Fayga Lea

Lewin Fayga Lea

Lewin Fyszel

Lewin Haim

Lewin Hana - Ryfka

Lewin Hana and her child

Lewin Hannania

Lewin Henje

Lewin Hillel wife and child

Lewin Hinde Pesie

Lewin Manele

Lewin Masze

Lewin Miriam

Lewin Moshe

Lewin Moshe Yechiel

Lewin Pinchas

Lewin Ryfka

Lewin Sara Lea and her 7 children

Lewin Szejndel

Lewin Toybe

Lewin Wolf

Lewin Yoske and wife

Lewin Zelda


LewinYona (Yontcze)

Lichtensztein Abraham and daughter

Lichtensztein Abraham Haim

Lichtensztein Aszer

Lichtensztein Chancze

Lichtensztein Chawa

Lichtensztein Cipora

Lichtensztein Ester Yachet

Lichtensztein Fajwel his wife and a son

Lichtensztein Fajwel Meir

Lichtensztein Haim

Lichtensztein Haim Aron

Lichtensztein Herszel

Lichtensztein Kajle

Lichtensztein Kajle

Lichtensztein Lea

Lichtensztein Machel

Lichtensztein Machel, wife and children

Lichtensztein Mindel and her three daughters

Lichtensztein Nache and daughter

Lichtensztein Perec

Lichtensztein Racze

Lichtensztein Rafal Jonas

Lichtensztein Rojze

Lichtensztein Szewa

Lichtensztein Szmuel Hersz

Lichtensztein Szmuel Mendel wife and children

Lichtensztein Szmuel Yosel

Lichtensztein Toybe

Lichtensztein Yehoszua

Lipman Abraham

Lipman Beyla Malka (mother of Dawid)

Lipman Manie

Lipman Rachel

Lipman Szashe

Lipsker Abraham

Lipsker Beyla

Lipsker Beyla Mindel

Lipsker Blume

Lipsker Chaja

Lipsker Herszel

Lipsker Itcze Dawid

Lipsker Kalman his wife with 4 children

Lipsker Manie and a child

Lipsker Moshe

Lipsker Rayzel and her mother

Lipsker Sara Miriam

Lisser Awigdor

Lisser Gutcze

Lisser Hana

Lisser Herszel

Lisser Itcze, his wife with two children

Lisser Jakob

Lisser Jecheskel

Lisser Jeudit

Lisser Mordechai

Lisser Szmuel Moshe his mother in law Malka Royt and 2 sisters

Litman Feyga

Litman Nache

Litman Rachel - Lea

Litman Yankel

Litman Yosel

Lubas Icchak, wife and children

Lubas Moshe

Lubas Szewa

Lubin Fejge

Lubin, Teacher of Righteousness, Rabbi Dawid Cwi


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