13 Matzevot were Returned to the Cemetery 30.4.1999


A Pole bought a house 2 years ago. In the garden he found 13 Jewish Tombstones and after investigation it was discovered that the yard and the house was used by the Gestapo in the days of occupation. The Gestapo removed the stones from the cemetery and paved the yard with them.

Benjamin Yaari, chairman of the TM organization in Israel managed to return all the matzevot to the Jewish cemetery on 30.4.1999.

The stones were placed in an impressive monument on the wall of the cemetery.

The names on the tombstones:


ALUL Gnendel Lea daughter of Haim died 1916

AIRENBAUM Baruch Lejb Jehuda son of Cwi Benjamin

BORENSZTAIN Abraham son of Eliezer died 1918

KOPER Mosze Aharon son of Jakob Ha'lewi

LUSTIG Szmuel Henoch died 1918

MELSZPAIZ Mosze son of Sender died 1923

POLAK Mosze Josef son of Jehoshua

ROTBARD Ester Chana

SZWARCMAN Moshe Josef son of Meir Dawid died 1911

SZNAJDERMAN Szewa Pessa daughter of Mosze Josef wife of Dawid died 1925

ZIMLER Rywka daughter of Icchak died 1924

Efraim son of Szalom died 1865

Let their memory be blessed!

Responses in the Intrenet:



Shirley Pencer

Dear Ada:

May you be blessed for writing this compassionate tribute to these most unfortunate people. Words cannot describe the pain this story brings to my heart. You have touched my soul. If there is a heaven, I hope that these unfortunate innocents find everlasting peace and solace there.
With deepest respect,
Shirley Pencer
Montreal, Quebec, Canada


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