May 5th, 1987

Dear Mr. Zeideman

Enclosed is a copy of the paper I have been working on, inclusive of your interview, as well as the two additional interviews I had mentioned to you on the telephone.

With your cooperation and my reading of your article, I was able to put together an account which I am relatively happy with. My college professor, as per his comment, felt that your particular interview was extraordinary and he also felt that my paper was the best of this genre which he had ever received. Without your help it would not have been possible. I sincerely thank you for your unselfishness in sharing the painful experiences you described with me. I also wish to tell you that I was very impressed with your article, as well as with the book as a whole, which I found to be extremely factful and informative in its portrayal of the facts as seen by the authors. Your article, as well as the others, was extremely well-balanced and I never felt a twinge of doubt that nothing but sheer honesty was behind the series of heart-breaking stories.

Please feel free to share your comments regarding this paper with me, either by mail or phone. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks again.

The Era Where Fate Was Decided
In Absence Of Choice


Cristina Zaccarini

Professor Patrick Kelly

April 20th 1987