Message 3.3.2000
From: Donna Witkowski -
Subject: Searching: Gutowski / Witkowski

Hi, I've been searching for my father's family and was recently told that you may be able to help me. First, I'm searching for a known cousin who resided in Israel maybe 30 or more years ago. His name was/is Henry Gutowski (or Gutovski, or Gatowski, etc.). He had a business of some sort and 5 children. He would probably be in his early 80's by now. My father's name is Leon (Lebe?) Witkowski and is a Holocaust survivor who came to this country from Germany in 1951. He is 74 years old. He had some communication with his cousin after arriving in the U.S., but lost contact. My father very much wants to re-establish contact with his cousin, if we can find him.

Second, after the war, my father was not sure whether any of his immediate family survived. I'm finding it very difficult (and so is he) to translate and spell the Yiddish/Polish names of towns and his family. His parents names were Toby (Tibeh- maiden name Gutowski) and Philip (Fievel) Witkowski. Philip was born in Sompolno and traveled to England for a while with his wife. When their first child was due, they returned to a town in Poland somewhere near Wloclawek. Later they moved to Wloclawek and there opened a tailor/clothing shop of some sort.

They lived there for about 9 years and they had 5 (or 6 ) boys (named Zenick, Zovol?) and 2 girls when they were removed from their home and taken to a ghetto in 1941. The youngest child was only 1 or 2 years old and the oldest girl (Sara) was about 17-20 years old.

Any assistanceyou may be able to provide in these matters would be greatly appreciated. God Bless You.

Sincerely, Donna Witkowski

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