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Date: Wed, 3 September 1997
From: Ada Holtzman
Subject: Searching ROZENBLAT & LANER from Zolkiewka

I am sending this message on behalf of a friend: Mordekhai (Mario) Rozenblat.

He is named after his grand father: Rabbi Mordekhai ROSENBLAT (or ROZENBLAT) from a small town named: Zolkiewka, near Lublin, Poland.

His wife was Ester LANER. Son was born in 1909, name: Gedalya Rozenblat who served also as a rabbi.

He, out of all the family of 9 brothers and sisters, survived, since he left in the 30's to Peru. All the nine sisters and brothers were liquidated by the Nazis and according to information gathered during the years, the Jews were rounded up in the woods and shot into big mass graves.

There is not a single trace of this small place and the crimes against humanity committed there against our people.

I would appreciate any information any of you may supply, about Rozenblat/Laner, the town of Jilkewska and the the tragic history of its Jews in the Holocaust.

 Ada Holtzman

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