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Date: Wed, 25 Feb 1998 19:46:37 PST
From: Ada Holtzman
Subject: Searching PFFEFER and KOPF from Kalisz Poland...

I am posting this inquiry in the name of Miriam Katz from Israel, who has no email access.

Miriam born 1934 in Kalisz and is searching any information regarding her maternal and paternal families.

Laibusz Kopf and his wife Ester (born to family Pffefer) are the late parents of Miriam. They immigrated to Palestine in 1936. They left behind Ester's family Pffefer, never heard from again during the Holocaust. The last letter Ester got was from her mother, telling her that the family is on the run, trying to get to the Russian side.

Family Pffefer:
Father: Nachum, born in 1899.
Mother: Itta, born to family: BUK, in 1900.
* Ester (only one left of the whole family, was in Palestine)
*Icze (Ichak), a teacher in Kalisz.
*Etel - already married with a little child. names are not remembered.
* Frida
*Dudzie (David)
*Wolfcze (Zeev) who died before the Shoa, in Kalisz.
Some of the family members came from a nearby small town: ZELESZCZYKI.

From Miriam paternal family, Miriam is searching information regarding Leibusz Kopf's brother: HERMAN KOPF, who has been deported by the Swiss authorities from Swiss, where he begged for refuge, but refused and later perished in the Holocaust.

Any help and information from anyone of you will be highly appreciated.

Shalom and shana tova,

Ada Holtzman


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