Message to Ada Holtzman

Date: 21 Jan 1999
From: Charley Silow
Subject: Searching Parzenczewska & Szylowicz ...

Dear Ada,

I have been in touch with several people attempting to find out more about my family's roots and most importantly, to see if my mother's two sisters may still be alive. I have a list of questions from you that you asked Mindy Prosperi to forward to me. I had lunch with my mother and have some answers for you. I sincerely thank you for your interest and help.

1) My mother's maiden name was Sara Parzenczewska born in Lodz, Poland. She married my late father who was also from Lodz, his name was Nachman Szylowicz. When my parents came to America, it Szylowicz was changed to Silow. My name is Charles Silow. I am a psychologist by profession specializing in working the Holocaust survivors incidentally. I have relatives in Israel, Shillevitch in Ramat Hasharon and in the city where the Weitzman Institute is located, Frieda Roth, I believe is her married name.

2) My mother's father's name was Chiel Parzenczewska who died of starvation in the Lodz Ghetto. I am named after him. Chiel's father's name was Elloh Parzenczewski. Elloh's wife was Sura Parzenczewska similar to my mother's name. My mother explains that men's names ended with "ski," women's names ended with "ska." My mother stated that the family was from Lodz, Chiel was in the wholesale fish business. They owned an apartment building of Pilsudskiego street my mother related. Elloh had a furniture store.

3) Chiel Parzenczewski, my mother's father, had three sisters, Mariam Kwal who had many children my mother remembers. The other two sisters first names were Ruchel and Esther. She does not remember their married names however. (I'm not clear about a link with Mindel Parzenczewska, Mindy Prosperi's relative.)

4) My mother had two sisters Bella and Malka. Bella was the oldest daughter who married a man with the last name of Goldman. They had a baby daughter, Mirka (Miriam). My mother assumes that they were all taken to Auschwitz and killed as they were all living in Lodz at the time of the liquidation of the Ghetto.

5) My mother's younger sister was Malka. She was married in the Lodz Ghetto, my mother does not recall her married name however. Malka and her husband somehow left the Ghetto and fled to Russia. They were living in Mariopol which I think is in the Ukraine. Malka was pregnant my mother recalls. My mother related that she heard that the Germans occupied the area where they were. They never returned to Lodz so she assumes that they were captured by the Germans and were all killed.

My main hope is that somehow, miraculously, either Bella or Malka or any of their family may still be alive.

6) My mother's mother's name was Raizel Parzenczewska who was killed at Auschwitz. My mother and her were separated during the Selection. My baby daughter in named after her, Shoshana (Rose in Hebrew) and after the baby Mirka (Miriam)--Shoshana Miriam Silow. Raizel's maiden name was Wiasowski. Her father was Binyamin Wiasowski who was a prominent man in Lodz. He was the president of the Wolbolska synagogue. She remembers a large "Hespit" in the synagogue for him when he died. My mother's mother's maiden name was Kwiatkowska. My notes are sketchy here, but I believe Raizel's grandmother's name was Mariam Kwiatkowka. The baby Mirka was named after her. Mariam had three sisters and two brothers, my mother told me.

Anyway, anything you can do to help me in my search for my family roots, and in particular to see if possibly Bella or Malka or their relatives would be very much appreciated.

Thank you. Sincerely,

Charley Silow

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