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Date: 8 Nov 1997
From: Ada Holtzman
Subject: MARGOLIS from Raczki, near Suwalki, Poland

 I am posting this message for an elderly friend who has no internet access.

Her name is Luba Kremin, born: MARGOLIS. She is an Holocaust survivor.She is from a small town: RACZKI, near the city of Suwalki in Poland. She is now around 75 years old.

She remembers her grandfather has a brother: Solomon MARGOLIS, who left to England in the beginning of the century, before she was born. He was a Bank manager in London and used to send greeting cards to the family every Jewish holiday.

During the war, they lost contact and lost the address. He had a wife: Chaia, three sons and one daughter.

Luba was trying to find his descendants for the past 50 years but without much success... and she never lost hope! May be with this wonderful new cyber media, one MARGOLIS out there in the distant British islands will pop up...

Thank you in helping... shalom,

Ada Holtzman


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