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Date: Wed, 15 July 1997 19:46:37 PST
From: Ada Holtzman
Subject: Searching Hela Kuper...


I contact you by the name of my friend Hedva Shachar and her father Izhak Zipris who has still hope to find his niece... lost track of her in the Holocaust in Poland- Russia.

The details known and given to me by them:

Hava (of Salamonovich family) and Shimshon Zipris (Cypris) lived in Lodz and had their first born son Yujek (Itzhak) Zipris in 1914. Izhak Zipris is still alive as well as his two other sisters : Zosha and Mania. The fourth sister, Nadja Zipris married Lovek Kuper in Lodz.Nadja was a dentist. They had a six months old baby girl when the war broke out and her name was Hela Kuper.

The couple run away from Lodz to Slonim or Baranowicz or Laurel(?), near the Russian border where they disappeared.

Izhak Zipris has strong ground to believe (after inquieries he made during the past) that the baby was given away by the parents, but unfortunately no more details can be obtained.

Lovek Kuper had a sister Mania who lives in Australia.

Are you able to check any information about the fate of little Hela Kuper? or give ideas how I can proceed in the search?

Thank you from the depth of my heart,


Ada Holtzman

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