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Date: 7 November 1998
From: Shimon Ouziel
Subject: Searching: Kiele SHERMAN and Zalman KATZ, Warsaw Ghetto

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Hello to all!

A-message -number-5 from 5 Nov.1998, searching a child from Warsaw inspire me to write the following story. In mid.1948 I met an orphan that arrived to Israel from ghetto Warsaw. He lost his entire family when he was 8 years old. For 2 years he survived in the geto & in 1940 he escaped to Ostroviech(south of Warsaw)t here he was caught & have been sent to working camp. At end by the help of the Joint Organisation. he arrived to Israel.

This boy was adopted by my family and we stay and stick together, but he always refuses to bring up the memories from the past he used to say "you came to live the nature way but I came from the heart". The least I now are as follows:

Name: Yackov (Yankeil) KATZ
Father: Zalman KATZ
Mother: Mandel Kiele nee' SHERMAN b. 1892
Brothers: Herschel. Joseph
Sister: Reizal b. 1925
Last address in Warsaw, Dszelna st.parallel to Pabia st.

He has two children, five grandchildren and from time to time he cries...

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Please refer to my post of November 07, 1998. In my message I wrote that I'm searching for the parents of a Warsaw Ghetto orphan whose mother's name I thought was MANDEL Kiele from Warsaw. Well I got from Yad Vashem a registration saying that the real name is SHERMAN Kiele married to KATZ Zalman.

Brothers :Herschel, Joseph MANDEL
Sister: Reizal
and his name is Yackov (Yankeil).Last address in Warsaw, Dszelna st. parallel to Pabia st. He has two children five g.children and from time to time he cries...

Shimon Ouziel

Tel Aviv Yaffo, Israel

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