Message to Ada Holtzman

Date: 11/20/98
From: Saralynn

Subject: Karsh/Levine


I have recieved your letter to me on my email. Thank you so much for writing back. I hope you can help me find out what happened to my relatives. Here is what I know about them so far: Names: Regina Karsh/Levine Sophia and her husband. I don't know his na e. Sophia is Regina's daughter. Sophia and her husband had two children. Their daughter's name is Monia she escaped the Nazi's with her husband. Last I know of them they were in Spain. Sophia's son's name is Simon. He escaped the Nazi's by going to the US and then went to France. That is all I know of Simon. Sophia and her husband were taken by the Nazi's from Paris France to a concentration camp and were never heard of again. Regina disappeared during the holucaust also. She was presumably killed by th Ge mans. My cousin, who keeps the family record, will probably send me more info. on them soon. I will let you know what she finds. Thank you for all you have done. I hope you can help me with my search. God Bless you!


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