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Date: Wed, 6 March 1998
From: Ada Holtzman
Subject: Searching: FLINKER...

I am posting this message on behalf of my friend, Yaacov FLINKER, who has no internet access.

Mandel FLINKER lived in Warsaw and had three children:

* Moshe FLINKER, Yacov's father, who married Irena nee HILLER in Kalisz. They had two children Lazer (Lutek), born 1922, and Yacov, born 1928. Moshe was a journalist, and newspapers publisher. Very educated and refined person.

* Ber FLINKER - had a son Michael FLINKER, still alive, in Tel Aviv.

* Ita FLINKER, married Shamai LUBINSKI from Lodz and they had 3 children: Meir, Aharon and Rutka (Ruti). They lived in Podombia, near Lodz. All perished in the Holocaust.

A few days ago I went to the Echad Ha'am Library in Tel Aviv, (inside Beit Ariela) where they have enormous collection of Yizkor books and other books on Shoa' related topics. I found there the diary of Moshe FLINKER, a boy about 14 years old, from Amsterdam, who hid in a shelter in Belgium, but perished after his family was denounced by a gentile. Moshe FLINKER had origins in Poland (so the introduction says). He wrote in his diary a most moving message, the zionist message, writing " Only now I understand how much we need a homeland, a country where we can live in peace, tranquility and calm. Whenever I pray, I concentrate all my thoughts about you, my beloved... I see Tel Aviv, Jaffa, Haifa... Jerusalem and the Mount of Olives. Shall I still see you, and shall I be able to stand on your holy land. How much I long to you, Eretz Israel..."

In the introduction to the book, I could read that Moshe FLINKER had a younger brother who survived! More than that... The picture of Moshe FLINKER, as published in his diary, looks very much like the grandson of Yacov FLINKER, my friend!

Through the JewishGen JGFF we located a branch of the family FLINKER in New Zealand, who had origins in Czernowicz (Chernovtsy now in Ukraine).

This is the information about that branch:

"Bertha FLINKER was born in Czernowitz about 1870s. She was the daughter of Jakob FLINKER (must have been born 1850s) who was a doctor and the medical officer of health in Czernowitz late last century and early this. He married Blinnie WEINBERGER. Bertha had 2 sisters, one called Regina FLINKER, don't know the others name. Jakob had a brother Arnold FLINKER, also a medical specialist. Arnold had 6 sons and 1 daughter. Don't have any names for them, but they were always regarded by the family as being brilliant and went off to Paris (Belgium ?) and were said to be bankers, lawyers, psychiatrist and passed all exams summa cum laude etc!"

We are trying to tie the connections as we believe there is only ONE family FLINKER in the world... We specially search and information regarding Moshe FLINKER from Amsterdam, who wrote the famous diary in his hiding place in Belgium, during WWII.

Any information or help will be highly appreciated. Thank you, toda raba,

Ada Holtzman


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