My Message to GOMBIN SIG 26 April 2000

Re: Shalom Rosenfeld! Shalom Opatowski!

Shalom ve'Chag Sameach,

Sorry that it took me quite some time to reply. It takes me hours to check such an inquiry and I just didn't have the time. I copy in this message others who have roots from Gombin and who contacted me recently. I am really sorry but since I am a hard working woman, beside Gombin, Genealogy, Jewish Poland and Holocaust, I can no more answer every one, as much as i would love to. NO TIME...

So please follow me, surfing through the various databases, all in my web site, and check for records of your dear ones...

Ester Gutter is not in my Gombin mailing list. I shall gladly include her if you give the address.

Regarding Kenneth's grandparents from Gombin. The family name is familiar to me! We have by now many genealogical sources and the ROSENFELDS appear in many of them! I believe belonging to your family, those who remained in the old country.

My Gombin web site is at:
There is also the Gombin Society site at:
and we have SIG which you can join and you be more than welcome to participate.

There seems to be some technical problems with the present web master, so I don't know how you can be enrolled to this SIG. As soon as the problem solved, I shall take care to add you to our email exchange group.

And now the tour to the Jewish Gombin's past begins...

I collected some information, all in my Gombin databases on your grandparents family ROSENFELD - and for Roberto from Mexico: OPATOWSKI.

1) Old Gombin Registry Book
No entries. Sorry.

2) The names of Gombiners Commemorated in Beit Gombin, Tel Aviv:
No entries.

3) Partial list of victims from Gombin, Poland, commemorated in the "Hall of Names" at Yad Va'shem:
No entries.

4) A Business Directory of Gabin, 1925:
YES! I found: a baker named Rozenfeld A. !

5) List of Prisoners from Gombin in Auschwitz, USHMM database.
No entries.

6) Hashomer Hatzair in Gombin
No entries.

No entries for Rosenfeld, but one for Opatowski, another lost Gombiner from Mexico who just contacted us. Note well - The Opatowskies appear nearly in every document of Gombin!
Your ancestors lived in that town probably for quite a long time, and many members caught in the Nazi Holocaust and ended with all the other 2200 Jews of Gombin.

8) The List of Men from Gombin - Recruit Lists (born 1866-1899)
found in Plock State Archive
The last document deciphered, translated and posted on the net with the financial support of the Gombin society, last January!
YES! ---
ROZENFELD Moses 1869 SUPP. 47
I believe Rosenfeld Aron is the same one from the Business Directory (database nr 4).

9) The Czarist Voter Duma List of Gombin, 1907
531 ROZENFELD Dawid Eliasz

 Following the Gombin example, I took got JewishGen interested in those Czarist Duma Voters lists and I now lead a project to translate and post all the lists from other towns of the Warsaw region.

More general information about this type of documents - see at the following web pages:
If you believe this is a good project which will help others and you wish to contribute towards the costs (buying it from anonymous person, and paying the translator of more than 24,000 entries - you could contribute at:

And the quest continues...

We now review the lists from the secret diary Rabbi Aaronson of Sanniki wrote in the Konin Concentration Camp known by the name of Czarkow Force Labour Camp, where about 300 of the Gombiner men were transported to, for slavery on March 1942.

10) TRANSPORT to Andrzejwo near Lodz 24.2.1943
This list which was never published in any book or other publication - some of the few survivors are in that list).
YES! Again, our baker Aron:
ROSENFELD Aron Married Gombin

11) List of the Prisoners in the Konin Concentration Camp Who Were

Still Alive 7.8.1943.
The date mentioned above was on the eve of the forgotten revolt which destroyed the camp and after it - the camp was closed and last inmates transported to Auschwitz.

12) List of K.U. 1) - the Martyrs who were Sent as "sick" from Konin Concentration Camp to Chelmno Death Camp, God Revenge Their Blood.
No entry for Rosenfeld, but one for Opatowski!
I am sorry Roberto about these news... You wrote in my guest book:
"My father was Mordko Opatowski from Gombin. He survived with my aunt Miriam living during the war in Belgium , and the they emigrated to Mexico where I live. My father died in 1972 and unfortunately we were young and we did not ask him to much about his family in Gombin. Now we want to know if anyone remembers some of our relatives there all of them killed in the holocaust, because we even not remember the names of his 7 brothers and sisters , and about other relatives alive or not. Please if you may help us we will appreciate a lot.".

So one of the seven uncles you will remember all your life:
11.5.42 OPTOWSKI Israel Married 1892 Gombin
You have his death date 11 May 42!
He was murdered in a Gas van in in Chelmno - first death camp in Poland - see more at my web page:
Now in a delay of 58 years, someone (you, Roberto!) will now say Kaddish to the soul of Israel OPATOWSKI of Gombin...
This last sentence, is MY REWARD, for posting all those lists, during 2 years of work, without even knowing sometimes why I do it all...

But our voyage is not yet over...

13) List of Victims mentioned in the "Scrolls from the Slavery House"
A diary from the Konin Concentration Camp, Published by Rabbi Y. Aaronson, Bnei Brak, 1996
No entries...

14)The victims who are buried in a mass grave in Konin Catholic Cemetery
No entries...

But the quest is not over yet...

We are in the process of scanning all the names of Gombin Holocaust Martyrs. One source which i work on now is Gombin yizkor Book - the Yiddish "In Memoriam" part.
There I read in page 222 of the Yizkor book - see more at:

Y OPATOWSKI Josef Father
Y OPATOWSKI Miriam Mother
Y OPATOWSKI Sarale Sister
Y OPATOWSKI Moshe Brother
Y OPATOWSKI Zisza Brother
Y OPATOWSKI Jankel Brother
Y OPATOWSKI Wife of Rafal, Nee' Kuczinski
Y OPATOWSKI Child of Rafal
Y OPATOWSKI Child Of Rafal
Y Lipa Husband of Sarale

Commemorated by Melech Kuczinski and wife Frajdel Opatowski, Natan OPATOWSKI New York, and the families
Page 222 of Gombin Yizkor Book

We Remember the Family OPATOWSKI from Gombin!

You will remember now, I hope...

In addition, please note that the Gombin Society discovered bunch of old documents in the Jewish Institute in Warsaw, mainly all sorts of lists, children among them, from ghetto Gombin. The lists were sent to the Joint in Warsaw, with urgent appeals for help.

I am also processing the names in these lists and they will be central source in the project "GombiNames", which is aimed to publish and leave for history all the Shoa victims of Gombin.
The booklet with the Joint lists were published by the Gombin Society in a booklet named:
"Gombin Ghetto and the Joint, 1940" and is available c/o the Gombin Society president, Mindy Prosperi, email:
In page 51:
Z. OPATOWSKI, his son, and three daughters

In page97:



And now I say SHALOM,

Ada Holtzman

 Bernard Guyer wrote:
> Ada, happy pesach! Do you know anything about this family. I asked my mother- but she >made no connections. I think the grandparents left > before her time. BG


> From: Kenneth Cohen
> My step fathers niece lives in Kiryat Gat Israel, her name is Esther
> Gutter she is a survivor of the camps. I would believe that she too
> came from Gombin.Perhaps the women you wrote about living in Israel
> would like to contact her.
> I look forward to anyother info you may receive on Gombin.

> Originally From: Bernard Guyer
> Subject: Re: Gombin
> Date: 04/12/2000 11:54am
> Roberta, thanks for the reply. I recognize the various last names but
> can't quite make a connection. I'll ask my mother (nee Chana Rissman;
> she's 95 and lives in the suburbs of Detroit) if she knows your
> family.
> There are other Frankels who have been involved in the group.
> Also, a woman in Israel named Ada Holtzman is a fantastic historian of
> Gombin- I'll cc her on this email. Bernie

> Kenneth Cohen wrote:
> > mother's maiden name was Rosenfeld, my grandparents' name was Sam
> > and Dina Rosenfeld. My step fathers name was Zalman (Sol or Sam)
> > Frankel.My step father was a sample dress maker in the garment
> > district in Manhattan.
> > I remember my parents had an attorney by the name of Leonard Alsher
> > and also a friend by the name of Alex Kraut.
> > The Society rented a meeting room near West 47th Street. They would
> > meet on Sunday evenings.
> > I look forward to hear from you .
> > Roberta Cohen

> > Originally From: Bernard Guyer
> > Subject: Gombin
> > Date: 04/11/2000 10:54am
> > For Roberta Cohen. I saw the email you sent to Minna Packer and
> > response fromMindy. It would be interested to know the maiden name
> >of your mother and your step-father's last name. There may well be
> > connections with people already active in the society.
> > Bernie Guyer.


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