Message from Shula Sappir 23 July 2000
Subject: Searching: LIEBERMAN from Warsaw.

I am writing you about my family research. These are almost all details I know which aren't much but hopefully might give some leads as follows :

*Name of my father : Shmuel (Salek) Lieberman born at 1905 in Warsaw, Poland and died at 1947, in Palestine, when only 41 years old. He lost his first family, a wife with a little boy in the Holocaust. He served in the Polish Army and later arrived to Palestine and remained there. My father married my mother who came from China, motivated by Zionist idealism. Her roots were from Russia. They married in Palestine where he died in 1947.
Shmuel studied electric engeneering in the Sorbonne - France, but never ended his studies (returned because of his mother's illness). I wanted to send them a mail and ask for information (Polish address etc.) but it's all in French...

*Name of his first Wife-no details are known to me (name- ? maiden name - ? age- ? etc.)

*Name of his Son-no detail are known to me( name etc.) I was told by my mother who was my father's second wife and a widow herself when they got married, that my brother was about 5 when my father enlisted to the Polish Army.

Shmuel Lieberman (sitting) with a Comerade in the Andres Polish Army, 1944

*Name of my late father's mother : Leah Lieberman. I only know that she was playing beautifully the piano…

Name of my late father's father: Israel Lieberman

Name of his brother: Leon Lieberman born around 1907, emigrated to U.S.A - probably around 1923 and lived in N.Y with his aunt (probably his mother's sister). He visited his family in Warszawa Before WWII started, and that was the last time my father saw him.

Both my father and his brother got as children Jewish religious education and studied in the Heder although as a grown up my father was not religious. I know the family had an electric shop by the name of Electro-Svietlo, and my father worked as an electrician in Israel during the short period of his settling down in Palestine.

Leon lived in N.Y and had a cigarette paper factory. My father lost his exact address during the War. if there is any family in U.S.A they probably know nothing of my existence and assume all members of family are dead.

My father tried to trace his brother at the end of WWII. All his attempts failed. By than he knew that his wife and son were killed in the ghetto.

After my father's death my mother tried again I believe she did the search through the Red Cross and may be the Sochnnut. But it was in 1947… Communication has improved since , now with the help of modern technology it might end up more successfully.

I realize that both my parents were occupied with surviving and clung to reality probably defeated by the lack of success in their search. For myself and for my 3 children I am trying again…

Thanks very much for your good will,

Shula Sappir



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