The Last Letter of the Gostynski Family from Gombin

This is one letter, one out of three, which my aunt and my mother received in Palestine, from their family captured in Ghetto Gombin, Poland, dated 14 June 1940.

It is a rare document, left by my late father, which I carefully cherish.

Signed by their own hands:

Y Gostynski (that is Jakob, my grandfather of Gombin)
Y Moszek (that is Moshe, my great-grandfather aged over 80, fate is known... Chelmno!)
Y Hewet (that is Jochevet, my grandmother nee' Honigstok from Kiernozia and Kutno)
Y Pinkus (that is my uncle Pinchas, perished in Auschwitz)
Y Andjia (that is my aunt, wife of Pinkus, nee' Laski of Gombin)

The letter was sent through the Red Cross in Poland.

I wonder if anyone who reads this message, knows more about this type of correspondence and if there is the Red Cross Archive somewhere, which might keep more letters of this sort, never reached their destination...


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