Message to the Search Bureau for Missing Relatives
The Jewish Agency

Date: Passover, April 22, 2000
From: Ada Holtzman
Subject: Searching: KOWADLO...

Dear JAFI Manager,

I contact you in this special holiday Pesach, when the Jewish FAMILY is united by the Seder table... Not all have this bliss... You help make that dream come true and you unite Jews who lost their family members in the great Disaster...

So I take a minute off my activities to write to you, and believe me, although I've felt like doing it already for quite some time but didn't find the time to write earlier.

I was recently given wonderful family information by Mrs. Batya Unterschatz, who closed 3 years of genealogical search by discovered for me all the details about my dead cousin, Itta (Irka) Tzerkes nee' Kowadlo from Plock, Poland.

This relative was the LAST person from a whole family from Plock, Poland! Only two siblings survived the Holocaust, Meniek and her.

Needless to tell you that others - about more than 100 innocent souls belonging to this family - perished in the Holocaust.

Meniek lost his family in Auschwitz, which he himself survived. He later married Miriam nee' Gold from Lvov who was also a Holocaust survivor. They didn't have any children and you can but guess why... Than Miriam died and Meniek remarried for the third time. The horrors of Auschwitz didn't let his soul rest and one day in 1988, he and his third wife were found dead in an apartment in Tel Aviv. The Police report closed with the conclusion of a double suicide. For me, they were the 6,000,001 and 6,000,002 victims of the Holocaust...

Itta, (Irka) his sister also had no children. The contact with her was lost for tens of years, until Mrs. Unterschatz found her for me, but already an entry in the dead Registry of the Ministry of Interior...

So the name Kowadlo of Plock is no more... except in our family's memory...

Mrs. Unterschatz helped me a lot, for months and months, added each time extra valuable piece of information, until finally, she discovered Itta under her marriage name Tzerkes and the fact that Itta died. Mrs. Unterschatz than gave me the date of her death and her husband's, from which I can now locate the grave of this miserable woman and say Kaddish on her YahrZeit and on her husband's.
You must agree with me that this is a Mitzva...

As a token of appreciation, I am sending you a modest contribution towards the continuity of Mrs. Unterschatz's activities and her department

Shalom, Khag Pesach Sameach Ve'naim
(to the fortunate ones who have a family...)

Ada Holtzman


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