Where is the grave of my mother?

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This message is posted on behalf of a friend, Gila Ajzen, nee LAJWANT from the small town of Przasnysz, Poland.

Her father Zelig was a merchant. The mother name was Perel, nee HIRSZFELD. The 5 siblings were: Gila, Luba, Josefa Fania and Yechiel. During Holocaust, mother and 4 daughters are deported to the Russian side, where they survive, while father and son left behind and perished.

After the war,they come back to Poland, searching the family. After learning the extent of the disaster, mother Perel dies from sorrow and heart break. It was on the way to Italy, to immigrate to Palestine. It happened in what is now Slovakia, near the town of Bromov.

They insisted she should buried in a Jewish cemetery. They had to drive about one hour, until the nearest Jewish cemetery was found. They buried mother, putting only a cardboard sign on it.

Gila's children wish to find this cemetery and locate the tomb and to erect a proper matzeva. Please advise if any suggestions regarding the whereabout of this cemetery.

I thank you in advance,

Ada Holtzman
Web site:http://www.geocities.com/Paris/Rue/4017/

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