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Date: Sun, 24 May 1998 20:55:10 PDT
From: Ada Holtzman
Subject: Searching Hersz Lajb BIRKENFELD from LOWICZ, Poland...

I am posting this email on behalf of Mrs. Ester Reiss, who has no internet access.

Mrs. Ester Reiss is searching her cousin: Hersz Lajb BIRKENFELD from Lowicz, son of Ruchla (Rachel) BIRKENFELD nee YOSKOWICZ from Lodz. The only information the family has is that Hersz Lajb immigrated to Palesinte in the mid 30s.

Abram Gabriel YOSKOWICZ, born in Lodz around 1850s, Ester Reiss' grandfather, married Itta nee CHAJEK from Lodz. The family handled the business of transportation and expedition of textile in Lodz.

They had 7 sons and daughters:
*Jacob who moved to Palestine before WWII and married Sara, changed his name to Ben Porat.. From Palestine he immigrated later to Australia. He left three sons, who are all pharmacists in Mebourne.

* Ruchla married BIRKENFELD in Lowicz and we are searching their son, Hersz Lajb and/or his descendants in Israel. All the family who stayed behind in Poland perished in the Holocaust.

* Izhak YOSKOWICZ, born in 1890 and was a textile merchant in Lodz. He married Channa nee BORENSZTAJN from Lukow. The father was a textile merchant in Lodz. The family lived in Ul. Koscioszki 31, Lodz. They had 5 children: Falek, born 1919 and died in the Ghetto Lodz 29.1.1942; Itta, born 1921, died in Bergen Belsen two weeks before liberation, Ester b. 1923 - the only survivor; Rywa Chaja b. 1927 and Berek b. 1929. All perished in the Holocaust, together with the parents.

* Channa, married EDELMAN in Lodz, and had one daughter Mala. All perished in the Holocaust.

* Sala, married Zajonc in Lodz and had one daughter Mala. All perished in the Holocaust.

* Gennia, was married but her husband name is not recalled. All perished in the Holocaust.

* Chjl Mayer, the youngest, married Balcia (Bella) and had two sons Hersz, the only other member of the family who survived the Holocaust and moved to Australia and Jacob who perished in the Holocaust. Chjl Mayer also dealt in expedition of textile. All the family, except Hersz, perished in the Holocaust.

Any information you might give will be highly appreciated.

Thank you,

Ada Holtzman


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