Dr. Emanuel Ringelblum1

The Rabbi from Rypin in the Warsaw Ghetto2

(From Ringelblum's: "Notes from the Warsaw Ghetto")

The rabbi from Rypin, Rabbi Natan Nute Nutkevich, a man with a character as clear as crystal, tolerant to others' opinions and others views, he won the love and admiration of masses of refugees for whom he was the representative in the Warsaw Ghetto.

He was the representative of Jewish Rypin and a member of the "Refugees Center". He was a modest man, and a good activist who collected large sums of money to the benefit of the aid to the refugees. He himself lived under most miserable and poor conditions, dedicating his life to the benefit of the public.

During the transportations, he was caught on the "Umshlag Platz". He knew what waits for him in Treblinka. He opposed the murderers who pushed him inside the wagon. He was shot and his grave is unknown. Probably he found eternal peace in one of the tens of mass graves of Warsaw Ghetto, recently dug.

He jumped off the wagon that was heading to Treblinka. A Ukrainian armed guard screamed at him to go back to the train, but his answer was brave:
"You may shoot me, but I am not going back". The Ukrainian shot him on the spot.


1) Dr. Emanuel Ringelblum, an historian, initiated and directed a collection of diaries and documents chronicling the life of Jews in Warsaw during German occupation. He buried the material in crates and milk cans with the hope it would be found after the war. It was indeed found and the Ringelblum Archive is known as "Oneg Shabat" and is kept at the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw.

2) The article appears in the Yizkor book of Rypin: "Sefer Rypin", The Landsmanschaften of Jewish Rypin in Israel, 1962, page 832. Translated from Yiddish to Hebrew by Meir Holtzman and to English by Ada Holtzman

A document from 1933 found in the local museum in Gombin, in the Jewish Room, 16 August 1999

In the document are registered the family members of Rabbi Natan Nute Nutkevicz of Gombin:
NUTKEWICZ Nuta, parents: Mendel and Nucha nee' Zen? Born 2/I 1888 in Bialsk
NUTKEWICZ Raca Rajzel nee' ZOLNA, parents Hersz Nusen and ? born 22/II 1892 inm Gombin
NUTKEWICZ Mosiek, son, born 30/IX 1916
NUTKEWICZ Jona Mordka born 10/VII 1922

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