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Sumitted by Daughter Dr. Anat Alperin

The Book "Struggle for Life During the Nazi Occupation of Poland" in Hebrew:

Translated from Polish by Shoshana Reczinska,
Hebrew Editor: Eliel Ezgad

Published in 1989 by "Notza Vakeset", P.O.Box 37307
Tel Aviv 61372

Family History - Excerpts from Adam Neuman-Nowicki's book

..."My parents, Mosze-Szlomo Neuman and Frymeta Goldkind, both from Plock, considered themselves philosophically progressive and liberal Jews who eagerly participated in Polish gentile culture. My parents frequently entertained and they were active in social causes. Nevertheless, they observed all the Jewish Holidays and kept a kosher kitchen. My father' however, did not wear a kippah (skullcap) and he did not grow a beard. We spoke Polish at home, and my parents spoke Yiddish between themselves when they didn't when they didn't want my brother and me to understand what they were saying. In contrast, my two grandfathers, Jehuda-Leib Neuman and Abram Goldkind, were strict Orthodox Jews, whom I remember with long white beards. Both of them had important positions in the Plock synagogue. My paternal grandfather, who had a beautiful voice (it seems a family trait, since both an uncle and an aunt also had melodious voices), was a cantor".

Adam Neuman - Novicki's parents: Mosze-Szlomo and Frymeta Neuman

..."My father, who worked as an accountant in the agricultural machinery factory owned by the Marguliesz family, could not get ahead at job/ So' for a while, he set up and managed an office of the state lottery. My father's business, unfortunately, was not prospering at all. However' he was a clever businessman. Soon, my father's business started to sink into debt, which almost brought him to the point of bankrupcy. My mother decided to help out by renting furnished rooms. At the outset, sge rented in our own apartment. Gradually, with an increase in business, she had a regular hotel, which occupied two floors of the house at 4 Kolegialna Street.

My parents and many of my relatives were killed by the Nazis during Holoaust. I know neuther the date not the place of death and' thereore, I am unable to solemnize their memory by visiting or lightening a candle at their grave. My book, then, is an homage - an everlasting memorial to them."

Adam and Ilonka Neuman - Nowicki's Wedding Reception in Plock 1946 to
the Survivors from Plock -
Sitting from left to right:Heblowa, Moszkowicz Woldzia and Jakob, Stephan Lisser, Moksel Renja , Kruk Stephan, Blau Alfred, the bride and the groom, the wife of the judge Koenisberg, Zielonka Moniek, Koenisberg Lana.

Standing from left to right: Unknown, Taub, the judge Koenisberg, Mancha Lonka, Bursztyn Ejson, Lisser Marisia, Neuman Henich - the brother, Lichtensztejn Henia, Lichtensztejn Ddawid, Citriblum Wladek, Mancha Frimka, Munsztuk, Zielonka Marisia, Wladek, Unknown

More from Adam Neuman Novicki's Album:

Ilonka's and Adam Wedding Portrait in Plock, 1946

Ilonka, (Helene) Neuman - Nowicki as a baby with her mother Golda (Gucia) Rappel (Szechtman)

In Chmienik 1942. From left to right: Adam Neuman Novicki, Enia Domb, Alek Zilberberg, Henka Bomzon, Wladek Citriblum

"Akiva" group in Plock 1936. Fridenzon, Beni Galewski, Zielonka, Adam Neuman Nocivki, Kilbert, Fichotka, Junek, Mancha Frimka, Szulman Adzek, Graubard Zosia, Rojna, Mucznowa, Wolfiszowna, Ajzenberg Gruma, Przedsz Hanka, Kalberiski, Pegorek, Ajzenberg Eli, Glogowska, Graubart Jadjia, Przenoczowa Marisia, Jasion Olek, Dadek, Gozik, Neidorf , Morsztejn Ruja, Henka Borsztejn



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