We Remember the Jewish Martyrs of Mlawa!

Partial List of the Holocaust Martyrs of Mlawa

We Remember! Aba Kovner

In wrath and sorrow we shall remember the pure and holy souls of our brothers and sisters who fell at the hands of the corrupt murderers devoid of God's image.

We shall remember the humble Jews and the highly cultured ones, glory of the people, the old and the young, the honest and dear ones, the righteous and the charitable, the magnanimous and the faithful.

We shall remember the dreams, the hopes and aspirations, the high ideals, love for the people of Israel and love of the land, the faith and the heroism, the hate and contempt for their murderers.

We shall remember the synagogues and the houses of learning, the Institutes for charity and good deeds, the schools and the libraries, all the Zionist and Educational Organizations for the benefit of the people.

We shall remember all those who were destroyed and annihilated and wiped out by the insane and thoroughly corrupt enemy, we shall remember -

We Shall Remember! We Shall not Forget!

Aba Kovner

Kdoshei Mlawa

The main source of this list is Yad Vashem "Hall of Names": Holocaust victims database based on computerized "Pages of Testimony" "Dapei Ed"

See: Remembrance | Commemorating the Names | Eleventh Hour Collection Project

Part of the names was in Hebrew and I translated to the Polish spelling to have one unified database. I kept records of those names. I hope that in this process I did not have too many errors. I shall be grateful if any such error will be brought to my attention. Otherwise, I kept the exact spelling as recorded by Yad Vashem's Dapei Ed. Most of the Pages of Testimony included the children under 18 years of age so their names are missing from this sad database.

There were many victims, who left no survivor alive or a family member to commemorate them. For theses reasons the necrology list should be treated as incomplete and partial!

Anyone who wishes to add a name is welcome to do so by contacting Ada Holtzman or the Mlawa Landsmanschaft

In November 2004, Yad Vashem posted all 3 million "Dapei Ed", Pages of Testimony in the Internet. Thus, their database known as  היכל השמות the  "Hall of Names" became accdessible to all the world. To add a name or change details, please contact Yad Vashem.


We Remember! We shall Never Forget!


 Partial List of the Holocaust Martyrs of Mlawa

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Last Updated February 28th, 2005