This volume is dedicated to the memory of the Unknown Jewish soldier in the Polish Armies who fell while fighting Nazi Germany. Benjamin Meirtchak




Benjamin Meirtchak


Approximately 1.5 million Jewish officers and soldiers in the ranks of the Allied regular armies, in Underground national resistance movements, and in Partisan units participated in all theatres of the war fighting the Nazi Foe and Axis Powers. They fought bravely, proved their heroism, showed courage and dedication in their struggle. Their valor made a significant and impressive contribution to the ultimate victory of the Allied Forces in World War II.

Nearly 200.000 Polish Jews fought against Nazi Germany in the ranks of the Polish Armies on Polish soil and in Exile. They defended Poland in September 1939 against the German aggression. They fought in the Polish Armies in exile; in the 1940 defense of France, in the Middle East, in North Africa and in Italy. While serving in the Polish Tank Corps, Air Force and Navy they participated, together with the RAF and British Royal Navy, in the Normandy Landings. The Polish Forces, along with The Red Army, took part in the great offensive, eventually liberating Poland and conquering Germany.

In addition, many Polish Jews fought as part of the Polish, Russian, and French Underground movements. They were also a part of the Palestine Jewish Brigade. Polish Jews fought in the French Army, in the Red Army, and in the British Forces.

Despite the tremendous Jewish military contribution to the Polish war efforts, the official Polish historical bibliography of W.W.II ignores this Jewish phenomena.

The purpose of this book is to rectify this historical injustice and to commemorate the Jewish Fighters in the struggle against Nazi Germany.

Grave of:
corp. Fajngold Leon. 1 inf. Div.


FORWARD by Dr. Shmuel Krakowski (Volume I)

FORWARD by Sir Martin Gilbert (Volume II)


ANNEX: Jewish Military Casualties In The Polish Resistance Movement In France (Volume IV)

PHOTOS (Volume V - Supplement)

(Volume V - Supplement)

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This study includes details for identification (if known) arranged in the following order:

Family name

Given name

Father's name

Mother's name

Date of birth

Place of birth

Military rank


Date of death

Place of death

Burial place





anti-tank artillery regiment

arm. brig.

armoured brigade








British Military Cemetery






Cadet Officer







conc. camp

concentration camp





Dr. med

doctor medicine






First Sergeant








Heavy Artillery Brigade




Head Quarter




infantry regiment

lntell. c.

intelligence corps




Second Lieutenant


Lance Corporal


Military Cemetery

mil. hosp.

military hospital

mot. brig.

motorized brigade




Polish Military Cemetery


Prisoner Of War









tank brig.

tank brigade

transp. brig.

transportation brigade

Warr. Off

Warrant Officer


(Volume V - Supplement)


ABRAHAM Izaak, s. Szymon, b. 1902, pte. 9 inf. reg., killed in action 10.9.1939 Szydlów.

ABRAMOWICZ Hanke b. 1908, pte., killed in action 9.1939.

*Abramowicz Leon b. 1905 Bielsko - Biała, pte., 3 highl. reg., killed in action in the Red Army, June 1941.

ABRAMOWICZ Samuel, pte., bur. M.C. Powazki Warsaw.

ADEF Morsa s. Uszer (Osher) b. 1913 Różany, pte., 52 inf.reg., killed in action 13.09.1939 near Warsaw.

AJCHENBAUM Józef b. Luszczyce, pte., *in service 23.7.1942, bur. Guzar Uzbekistan.

**AJZENSZTAJN Judel s. Jerachmiel & Rachel, born Bereza Kartusk, pte., killed in action 09.1939.

ALPEROWICZ Abraham s. Chaim, b. 1901, pte.,144 art. reg., killed in action 22.06.1940 Senonnes, France.

ANISBERG Icchak, pte.,* in service 22.2.1942, bur. Guzar Uzbekistan.

APT. Rafał b. 1904 Słupno.

* ev. Abramowicz, brother.

** Bereza Kartuska, Izkor Book.


BAKSZTET Ben - Zion, pte., killed in action 18.9.1939.

BANET (Bannet) Jakub s. Salomon & Cecylia b. 18.11.1888, captain (res.) Lwow, arrested and executed by Ukrainian NKWD.

BARAN Israel b. 1907; pte., killed Fort 1211.

BAUMSTEIN Chil b. 1904, pte., bur. MC Warsaw, Wolska str.

BER Abraham, pte. killed in action 09.1939 on Bzura river.

BER Israel b. 1910, pte., 18 inf.reg., killed in action 10.3.1945 Kolobrzeg, bur. MC Kolobrzeg.

BEREZOWSKI Jakub, b. 1899 Grodno, pte., * in service 02.1942 Kitab Uzbekistan.

BERMAN Herman s. Symcha b. 1911, pte., 12 inf.reg., * in action 15.09.1939


BERNER Ignacy ps. Paderewski Ignacy b. 06.07.1925 Rusciny distr. Piotrkow, pte., 10 Dragoon reg., *03.10.1944 Welde State Belgium, Lommel Cem.

BIEDERMANN; pte., * in action 07.09.1939 Sędziszowice.

BIELECKI Szymon s. Henryk b. 1919, pte. 4 inf.div., * action 06.02.1945, bur. Wałcz MC.

*BIRNBAUM Bronisław b. 07.06.1918; 2/lieut.,10 inf.reg.,* in action 09.1939 Tomaszów Mazowiecki.

BIRNBAUM Mundek b. Drohobycz, pte., 22 l. art. reg., * in action 11.09.1939 Rzeszów - Tarnów.

BOBER Antoni s. Herman & Gizelda nea Goldfinger, b. 1899 Tarnów, Lieut. (res.) Dr. med.,3 Distr. Hospital, P.O.W., murdered Katyń Forest.; spring 1940.

BORENSTEIN Janina b. 1911, Warsaw, civil defence, * in action 11..9.1939.

BORENSTEIN, pte., 9 inf.reg., * in action Pomeranian Wall 03.1945.

BOROWIK Mozes Boruch s. Chaim, b. 1916, pte. 77 inf. reg., P.O.W., * September 1939, Stalag XVII B.

BRANDYS L., pte., * in action Langannerie 1944, bur. Polish Cem. Normandy, France.

BRANDYS Marian, pte., 1 Gren. div., * 06.1940, bur. Mil. Cem., Dieve, France.

BRAUNDEL Jakub, 1945, missing.

**BRAWERMAN Pinchas s. Jakub, b. Bereza Kartuska, pte.,* in action 09.1939.

***BRAZMAN, s. Jehoszua, b. Bereza Kartuska, pte.,* in action, 09. 1939.

BRENHER Dawid s. Izaak, corp., 6 art. reg., * in action 15.09.1939 near Radom.

BROMBERG Icek, * in action 26.9.1939 Kutno, bur. 31 MC Kutno.

BUCHHOLZ Alfred s. Maurycy & Regina b. 1891 Lwow, member AK, Dr. med., murdered by WRN gang in Iwanicz 1945.

BUKMAN Szymon; pte.; * in action 1940 France.

"Bystra" - Jewish girl, member AK, * in action, details unknown.

* ev. Glas Meir, sgt.

** Bereza Kartuska, Izkor Book.

*** ibid.


CERENBAUM Hirsz, b. 1921, pte., * of wounds 1944, bur. Otwock, MC row 1/1.

CELINDER Izak, b. 1919, pte., 1 a. tank. art. reg. * 8.4.1944 Darnica (Ukraina), bur. PMC.

CHASAN Jakub , b. 1911, pte.

* CHELSENDORF (Heisendorf), pte., bur. Olsztyn.

CHICHOK Josek, b. 1910, pte.

CHILINSKI Marian s. Bernard, b. 1914, pte., 1 inf. reg., missing Lenino battle, 12.10.1943, USSR.

CHINIEWICZ Leon, pte., 26 inf. reg. , missing 24.04.1945, Elstra - Germany.

CHMIELEWSKI Szymon, pte. * 1940 in action, Lyon, France.

CHMIELEWSKI Szymon, s. Adam, b. 1906, pte., 1 inf. reg., missing Lenino battle 12.10.1943, USSR.

CUDKIEWICZ Mordko, b. 1919 Lipno, pte., * in service 21.07.1943, Khanaqin BMC, q 7-1-9.

CWINGIER Henryk, b. 29.04.1922 Lwow , * in service 12.02.1942, bur. Guzar Uzbekistan.

CYGLER, * 08.1944 Legionowo.

CYMER Emil, pte., killed in action 09.1939 Warsaw, bur. MC Powazki q 7.1.39.

CYNK Mieczyslaw, Warr-Off, 40 l. art. reg.

CYPERSZPILER Wof, b. 1905, * 18.09.1943 Grigoriewo Bielorus.

CZAJKOWSKI Adolf Benon, b. 1886, Piotrkow, Captain (res.), Dr. med. 5 Distr. Hosp. murdered in Katyn Forest crime.

**CZELASIEWICZ (Grelaszewicz ) Icek, b. 1908, killed in service, bur. Warsaw, Wolska MC q 166/167.

CZEMEDYNSKI Mojzesz s. Mendel, b. 1920, pte., 4 eng. bat. * 07.09.1945.

* ev. Oszman Moni.

** JIH, Jagielski lists.


DAWIDOWICZ Maksymilian s. Tobiasz & Anna (Moszkowicz), b. 1894 Zloczow, Dr. med., Lieut., killed in service 17.09.1942 Khanagin Iraq, bur. BMC.

DIETLER Julian, b. 1905 Krakov, Dr. Med., memb. AK, * in Warsaw uprise 09.1944.

*DRUKER Paul, b. 1900 Bielsko-Biala, pte. , P.O.W., murdered in Lublin 1940.

DRYER Szymon, pte. * in service 1940, France.

** DZEDZICKI Lucjan, b. 31.12.1917 Warsaw, pte., * 22.3.1942 Guzar, Uzbekistan.

* ev. Johanan Deket.

** ev. Dr P. Rosengarten, chief rabbi.


EDELMAN Jozef s. Boleslaw, b. 1919, died of wounds 28.04.1945, bur. Otwock MC.

EISENKAFF Herman, pte. 1 Gren. Div. , * in service 18.06.1940, Thovars c. Airvault, France.

EIZENMANN Chaim s. Hersz, b. 1921, pte., missing 02.08.1944, crossing Vistula river.

ELMAN Henryk s. Samuel b. 1904, Lodz, Lieut., * in service 28.2.1942, Lugowaja USSR.


FAJNGOLD Gustaw, pte., * in service 1942, Szachpisiab, Uzbekistan.

FEDER, pte., * September 1939.

FAJGIELMAN, pte., bur. MC Bielawa.

FINDER N., b. 1902, pte., * of wounds Bydgoszcz 11.09.1945, bur. MC Bydgoszcz.

FISZKOWICZ Abel Wolf, b. 1916, pte.

FLEJSZER Mojzesz b. 1910, pte., 11 inf.reg., killed in action 17.3.1945 Kolobrzeg, bur. MC Kolobrzeg.

FOLTERMAN Abram, corp.

FOGEL Pinchas b. 1923 Jaroslaw, pte., * in service 02.03.1942, bur. Guzar Uzbekistan.

FOGLER Izydor b. 1889, pte., * in service 08.03.1942, Guzar Uzbekistan.

FRISZMAN Kiwa, Captain, bur. Warsaw MC Wolska str. Q A1 row. II.

FRENKIEL, corp. 21 eng. bat. , * of wounds 12.1945.

FURMAN Symcha b. 1917, pte., missing.

FURMANSKI Aleksander, corp., * in action 1940, France.

FRYDMAN Herszel s. Nachman b. Bereza-Kartuska, pte., killed in action 09.1939.

FRYDMAN Leib b. 1896, pte., * in service 1942 USSR.

FRUCHTENGARTEN Chaim s. Zalman b. 1914, Opole d. Lublin * in service 22.07.1942, bur. Guzar, Uzbekistan.


GALICKI Adolf s. Leon b. 1921, L/corp. , inf.reg. , missing 12.10. 1943 Lenino battle.

GAERBER Izaak, b. 1914, pte.

GAUEMAN Dawid s. Natan, corp. 4 inf.reg., killed in action 05.08.1944 Deblin - Pulawy.

GEMBICKI Szaul s. Jacer, b. 1914 Bielice (d. Lida), L/corp., 2 inf.reg., missing 12.10.1943 Lenino battle.

GENCENZON Lajzer b. 1913, pte.

*GIMPEL s. Michal, b. 1917 Izbica Kujawska, pte., 29 inf.reg., P.O.W. *09. 1939 Biala Podlaska.

GIRUC Leon s. Bronislaw, b. 1915, corp. 27 inf.reg., missing 19.04.1945 on Neissa river.

GELBART Ludwik vel Lazar Efraim b. 1897 Piotrkow, Captain, Dr. dent., Mil. Hosp. Rowno, * in Soviet P.O.W. camp. 02.01.1941.

GLAZER Kazimierz, pseud. Sam, b. 1918 Lodz, member AK „Parasol", mil. instructor, killed in action 26.06.1944.

GLEBERKORN Oskar, copr.

**GŁUBE Ber Szlomo s. Abram & Dewora b. 1912 Turek, L/corp cavalry Leszno, killed in battle 09.1939.

GOCH Perec, pte., killed 16.3.1945 Kolobrzeg, bur. M.C. Kolobrzeg.

GOLDSCHMIED Joel s. Julian b. 1906 Cracow, 2/Lieut., Dr. med., * died of wounds 13.09.1939 Jewish Hosp. Lodz.

GOLOWAN Mordka, pte., 26 inf.reg., killed in action 16.9.1939 Gogolin, bur. Warsaw, Powazki MC, sect. 1.

GRABOWSKI Henryk, 26 inf.reg., missing 23.04.1945 Gross Ruhrsdorf, Germany.

***GRINWALD Jakov s. Rasza, b. Bereza Kartuska, pte., killed in action 09.1939.

GRODZINSKI Hieronim s. Leizor & Sara, b. 1901, Dr. med., drafted 23.08.1939, murdered by Gestapo in Warsaw 1940.

****GROS Jehuda b. 1915 Trzebinia, pte., 73 inf.reg., * of wounds 20.09.1939, hosp. Chełm, bur. MC Strupin Duży.

GROSMAN Mozes, bur. MC Powązki, Warsaw.

GRYNERER, pte., bur. MC Aleksandrow, q B2 row. 2/2.

* GIMPEL Wolf, brother.

** KAWE Esther, sister.

*** Bereza Kartuska, Izkor Book.

**** evid. photo mil. cem . grave.


HAUPTMAN Feliks, Captain, P.O.W. , offlag Murnau VII A, * in Murnau.

HECHERTING Aron s. Abram, b. 1916, corp., 14 art. reg. , killed in action 17.09.1939, Iłów.

*HERLENDER Witold s. Jan, b. 1918, bur. Warsaw MC Powązki q 6c.

**HERMAN Zisia, b. 1924, Lublin, Cad/Off., missing September 1939.


HOLENDER Władysław, b. Lwów, pseud. „Szprotka", med. serv., member AK „Parasol", killed in action 27.06.1944 Warsaw, Słoneczna str.

HOLDIN M. * 1944, bur. Longannerre, France.

***HULLES Loepold s. Leon, b. 1910 Lwów, Dr. med. , Lieut., missing 09.1939.

HAUSMAN Mordechaj, * September 1939.

****HERZBERG Tuvie, pte., 37 inf.reg. , killed in action 09.1939, bur. Warsaw, MC Powązki q 1.24.

HESS, Cad/Off. 2 Division, * 06.1940 C. Damprichard, France.

* „Przeszłość i Pamięć" nr 3/4 1997.

** ev. Wallenstein Eliahu, Rehowot.

*** ev. Herman Wolf, brother.

**** ev. grave photo.


JAKUBOWICZ Calko b. 1888, pte., * in service 7.11.1941 , bur. Tockoje USSR.

JAM Salomon s. Berek, b. 1914, pte., 6 inf.reg., missing 09.1939, Puławy.

JAROSŁAW Paweł s. Dawid b. 1917, pte., 22 inf.reg., missing 02.08.1944 crossing Vistula river.

*JOMTOV Mosze s. Lazar, b. 1914, pte., 28 l. art. reg., missing in Dęblin battle 09.1939.

JUDA Bolesław, corp. 26 inf.reg., missing 22.04.1945, Gross Rorsdorf, Germany.

JURKIEWICZ Dawid b. 1885, Dr. med. Zawiercie, P.O.W. in USSR, missing.

* ev. Sztambler Benjamin, 2/lieut.


KAGAN Hersz, pte., P.O.W. *Stalag IB Mochenstein, bur. MC Sudwa distr. Olsztyn.

KALSKI Samuel, pte., P.O.W., * 02.09.1939, bur. MC Milicz.

KALUSINER Ludwik b. 1891, pte., * in service 20.09.1943 in Tel-Aviv .

KANAREK Aron b. 1910 Radomyśl, pte., * in service 31.10.1941, bur. Tockoje, USSR.

KAPULSKI Israel, b. 1914, pte., missing.

KARP Szmuel, Sgt., 1 inf. div., murdered in Kielce pogrom 04.07.1946 by Polish hooligans.

KICHEL Leib, pte., 26 inf.reg., killed in action 16.9.1939 Gogolin, bur. Warsaw, Powazki MC, sect. 1.

KIEJNGON Szloma b. 1.5.1916, pte., 80 inf.reg., killed in action 18.9.1939 Warsaw, bur. Warsaw, Cem. Ryzowa Str.

KINCLER Maks, 2/Lieut., killed in action 1939 Kutno.

KIRSZTAJN Israel, pte., killed in action 1940, France.

*KLINGER Jerzy vel Przyżycki Józef, b. 21.01.1906 Husiatyn, Dr. med., member AK in Warsaw Uprising. Commanding officer, 1 Field Hosp. „Blaszanka". Executed by Germans 24.09.1944.

**KLINGER Lorenc vel Nowak Stanisław b. 04.03.1904 Husiatyn, member AK in Warsaw Uprising, forging documents spec., murdered in Pawiak prison 06.1944.

KNOLL Daniel b. 1905 Lopatów, Sgt., * in service 29.03.1942, bur. Kitab USSR.

KOCH Ignacy, pte., killed in action 1940, France.

KOCHLEFFEL Rudolf b. 1891 Ciezkowiec /distr. Tarnów, Captain (res.), Dr. med. Res. Staff 5 Distr. Hosp., P.O.W., murdered in Katyn Forest 1940.

KOCHMAN Chaim s. Samuel, pte. , * in service 30.03.1942, bur. Guzar USSR.

KOENIG Srul s. Hirsz, b. 1910, pte., P.O.W. , * in Stalag IVA Elsterhorst.

KOLOSIONEK Józef s. Mojzesz b. 1917, pte., 29 inf.reg., fell in action 28.04.1945, Szprewa river, Germany.

KON Maurycy, pte., 1 Gren. Div., fell 18.06.1940, Thounes C. Airvault, France.

KONHAUSER Lejzer, pte., 5 eng. bat., * 1.9.1939, Pszczyn, bur. 14 Laka.

KONIGSTEIN Dawid b. 1904 Warsaw, Captain (res.), Dr. med., member AK ps. "Rakieta", killed in Warsaw Uprise 03.08.1944 in Old City, decor. „Military Cross".

***KOPERWAS Aron s. Jakub b. 1921, Wolanow d. Radom, pte., killed in action KORZENICE 06.09.1939, bur. comm. grave Pabianice cem.

KORZENBLIT, pte., missing in action 02.04.1945 Bautzen, Germany.

KOUSKIER Israel, pte. 1 Gren. Div. fell 18.06.1940 Thouras C. Airvault, France.

KOŻYCKI Aleksander s. Dawid b. 1924, pte., 1 inf.reg., missing Lenino battle 12.10.1943.

KRAKOWSKI Joel b. 1924, pte., * in service 13.06.1942, Guzar Usbekistan.

KRANTHAMER David b. 1913, pte., * in service 31.01.1942, Guzar Usbekistan.

KRUBIECKI Szlomo s. Michal b. 1921 Jadow d. Radzymin, pte., 2 inf.reg., missing Lenino battle 12.10.1943.

****KRYGIER Pesach s. Benjamin & Szajndel b. 1916 Warsaw, pte., 71 inf.reg., killed in action 15.09.1939 Zambrów, bur. Zambrów cem.

*****KRYMALOWSKI Jechiel s. Anszel, b. 1917 Dzialoszyn, pte., 28 inf.reg., P.O.W. September 1939, missing.

"Krysia", Krystyna Dobrowolska (adopted fam. name) b. 1924, member AK Kilinski" bat., dec., Military Cross , killed in action 06.09.1944.

KRZYWICKI Leon Jerzy b. 1896, s. Ludwik & Rachel, Lieut. (res.), Dr. law. P.O.W. murdered by N.K.W.D. in Katyn Crime, Kharkov.

* ev. Prof. Dov Weissberg.

** ibid.

*** ev. Kfir Mosze, brother.

****ev. Gotlieb Rachel, sister.

***** ev. Grinberg Dawid, Tel-Aviv, brother.


LANDAU Henryk s. Jakub, ps. Sapinski Henryk, b. 1898, Dr. med., member AK, murdered in Palmir 1941.

LANGER Kalman s. Szepsel, b. Bereza-Kartusk, pte., fell in action 09.1939.

LASKOWSKI Adolf s. Ilia b. 1923, pte., 1 inf.reg., missing in Lenino battle 12.10.1943.

LAZAROWICZ Leon, pte., 1 Div. Gren., fell in battle 06.1940, C. Dieuze, France.

LEDERMAN Leon s. Mojsiej, pte., Warsaw, bur. Aleksandrów cem.

LEIBEL Anzelm b. 1889 Tarnów, Captain (res.), Dr. med., * 17.08.1943 in Vamosnikola camp. Hungary.

LEINWEBER, Lieut., murdered Katyn Forest 1940.

LEJMAN Lewin, pte., bur. Warsaw, MC Wolska 174/76 q A/1.

*LEJTMAN Samuel b. Wilno, 2/Lieut. , murdered Marcikowice village (distr. Wilno) by AK gang 1943.

LEJZEROWICZ Mordka, pte., 26 inf.reg., killed in action 16.9.1939 Gogolin, bur. Warsaw, powazki MC, sect. 1.

LESZCZYNSKI Izydor, b. 1914 Dębowie distr. Pinczow, corp., * in service 19.07.1943 bur. MC Khanaqain Iraq.

**LEVIT Pesach b. 1924, pte., fell in battle 07.02.1945 Heisendorf, Germany.

LEWKOWICZ Chaim, pte., 31 inf.reg., killed in action 09.1943, bur. Warsaw MC Powązki q 1.20.

LEWKOWICZ Henryk b. 1909 Lodz, * 12.2.1942 conc. camp. USSR .

LIEBSHARDT Zelig s. Samuel, b. 1921, corp. 22 inf.reg., fell in battle 12.09.1939 Owczarki.

LICHTENSZTAJN Mojzesz s. Mieczyslaw, b. 1888, Captain (res.), Dr. med., fell in battle partizan detachment Gen .Govern. 1944.

LIPSZYC Kejchman s. Mojsze, b. 1910, pte., 19 inf. reg., fell in action 10.09.1939.

LITWINOWICZ, pte., 26 inf.reg., missing 27.04.1945, Kuckau, Germany,

ŁOPACZEK Abraham, pte.

* Dr. Sloves W. Samuel Tel-Aviv.

** ev. Oszman Moni, Polish Red. Cross. Olsztyn.


MAELINGER Leon s. Majer b. 1904, pte., 5 inf.reg., missing Modyce.

MARGUNIS Markus s. Chaim b. 1918, pte., bur. MC Powązki Warsaw q 6B.

MARENHHOLC Marian, psued. „Victor", 2/lieut., OW PPS „Żywiciel" detach., fell in battle 30.04.1944 Zoliborz Warsaw, bur. MC Powązki.

*MARKOWSKI Ruben s. Mosze b. 1917 Izbica Kuj., pte., 29 inf.reg. P.O.W. murdered 09.1939 Biała Podlaska.

**MARKOWSKI Sender s. Mosze b. 1916 Izbica Kuj., pte., 29 inf.reg.,P.O.W. murdered 09.1939 Biala Podlaska.

MEJERSON Emanuel, b. 1891, pte., * 6.3.1942, Warsaw J.C.Okopowa.

MELCER Idel * in service 29.03.1943, bur. Bagdad Iraq.

MELCHIOR Mieczyslaw b. 1913 Warsaw, * in service 16.01.1942, bur. Tockoje USSR.

MOZES Moshe, pte., killed in action, Lenino battle, 12.10.1943.

* ev. Gimpel Wolf.

** ibid.


*NAJBERG Icchak s. Jakub & Lea b. 1914 Warsaw, pte., P.O.W. * 09.1939 Stalag

II A Neu Brandenburg.

**NATOWICZ Szymon s. David & Esther, b. 05.. 1910 Nowy Targ, Sgt Cad./Off (res.), * of wounds in Lublin hospital 29.09.1939, bur. Lublin.

NEUBERG (Sonenberg) Tadeusz b. 1924, pte., killed in action 20.02.1945 near Bydgoszcz.

***NISSENBAUM Froim b. 1916, pte., missing in action 09.1939.

NOMBERG Majer, L/serg., 16 eng. bat., died in action 10.10.1945.

* ev. Leon Najberg, brother.

*** Mosze Natowicz, Jerusalem, brother.

*** ev. Sztamler.


OKAT Nechemia, pte., * in service 3.3.1942 , bur. Guzar Uzbekistan.

OPPENBEIM Benjamin b. 1897, Dr. med., 2/Lieut , Warsaw, killed in action, missing.

ORBERG Szmul b. 1918, missing in battle 09.1939 Malkinia.

OSOWIECKI Berek s. Ksyl b. 1915, pte., 8 inf.reg., killed in action 01.02.1945 Pomeranian Wall.


PARSKI Zalman s. Ch b. 1914, Sgt, 30 art. reg., missing 16.09.1939.

"Paweł", family name unknown, Hungarian Jew, AK member „Parasol" fell in action 22.09.1944.

PELMAN Szaja s. Salomon, b. 1919, pte., 2 inf.reg., missing 18.9.1945.

PEREC Henryk, pte., * 9.3.1942 Merke.

PETERFROID Izaak s. Mosze b. 1916, pte., died of wounds 06.10.1944 Otwock.

PETROW Naum b. 1915, pte., 2 inf.reg., missing 2.8.1944 Deblin.

PIERNIK J., pte., 64 inf.reg., fell in battle 14.04.1939 bur. Lowicz MC L 38.

POSZWALD Leon, pte., 86 inf.reg. 19 inf.div., fell in action 09.09.1939 Piotrkow Trybunalski, bur. Piotrkow q 30 Partisans str.

POLMAN Julian, b. 1.4.1927 Ignatowice d. Wolkowysk, pte., * in service 7.8.1944, bur. M.C. Ramleh Israel, gr. 5F-13.

POZNANSKI b. 1906, Captain, died 09.1941, Komi SSR.

*PREIS Izaak, Lieut., murdered in Kielce pogrom by Polish hooligans 04.07.1946.

**PRZEDECKI Mosze s. Fajwisz b. 1917 Izbica Kujawska, 29 inf.reg., P.O.W. * 09.1939 Biala Podlaska.

* "Moj obcy kraj", Michal Rudawski.

** ev. Gimpel Wolf.


RAJCHER Walter b. 1901 Viena/Lwow, pte., * in service 17.03.1943, Guzar, Uzbekistan.

RAK Mieczyslaw b. 1912 d. Kielce, * 12.1940, 94 Komi SSR, Conc. camp.

RAWICZ Ludwik b. 1910, * 19.09.1939, bur. Warsaw, Jew. Cem. Okopowa str.

RAWICZ Michal s. Michal b. 1927, corp. 1 inf.reg., missing Lenino battle 12.10.1943, USSR.

RAYMAN Marceli b. 1919, pte., * 11.1943 Irry Sur-Serne, France.

*REICHMAN David s. Samuel & Regina b. 1916 Viena, pte., med. serv., killed in action 09.1939 Poznan.

REINFELD Baruch b. 1908, pte., * in service 23.12.1941 Guzar Uzbekistan.

REZNIK Lazar s. Wolf b. 1910, pte., 48 inf.reg., killed in action 20.09.1939 Tomaszow Lubelski.

RICHTER Jozef, pte., 1 Gren. Div., died 06.1940 C. Douze, France.

ROSENBLUM Aron b. 1917, Sgt., 6 inf.reg., 2 inf.div., killed in action 08.1944 bur. Warsaw M. Cem. Powazki q 12.1.

**ROSENTAL Michel Mojzesz s. Mendel & Gitel b. 1890 Suwalki Dr. med., 2/Lieut. Sokolki d. Bialystok, missing in action 09.1939.

ROSSLER Bernard, France.

ROTENBERG Abram b. 1913 * 10.01.1940 Warsaw, bur. Jewish Cem., Mil. Quater, Okopowa Str.

ROTENBERG Jakub s. Icchak b. 1913, pte., * 10.1.1940, Warsaw bur. J.C. Okopowa, mil. sect.

ROZENBAUM Arie * in service 26.08.1942, Guzar, Uzbekistan.

* ev. Icchak Reichman, brother.

** ev. Dr Slowas Salomon, Tel-Aviv.


*SACHS Alfred b. 02.1910, lieut. (res.), 29 inf.reg.,* 22.09.1939 Warsaw.

SAMSONOWICZ Dawid s. Icek, b. 19.9.1912, P.O.W., 1.4.1942.

**SCHERMAN Ludwik b. 1904, Dr. med., 2/Lieut. (res.), * in service, September 1939.

SCHLEZINGER Majer, P.O.W. * in September 1939, Biala.

SCHRERER Mieczyslaw b. 20.2.1907, Tarnopol, pte., * in service 22.4.1942 Kenimech, Uzbekistan USSR.

SCHRAGE Ignacy s. Leon b. 16.9.1898, major, 2, arrested in Lwow, murdered Kharkov (Katyn Crime), 1940.

SEITMAN David b. 1915 Warsaw, pte. * in service 27.9.1943 Iraq, (drowned in river near Khanaquin).

SEJFER Henryk b. 1896, pte. P.O.W. , * 3.3.1942.

SILAK Leon s. Szymon b. 1917, pte., 14 inf.reg. , missing 13.02.1945 Wieloboki.

SKIBNICKI Jankiel s. Icka b. 1911, pte., 8 inf.reg., missing 19.09.1944 Warsaw.

SKULOWSKI Mendel, b. 1916, pte.

SLUCZAK Szlojme, pte., killed in action, September 1939 Warsaw, bur. MC Powazki, q. 1.39.

SMOLINSKI Jakub b. 1908, pte. 1 armoured brig., missing 20.4.1945 Odernitz, Germany.

SOLECZNIK Abram b. 1918, pte., P.O.W. , * Judenlager, Biala Podlaska 1939.

SPICAK Wolf /Waclaw s. Ludwik b. 1912, Lieut., P.O.W., murdered in Kharkov (Katyn Crime), 1940.

SPITZER Bernard b. 1867 Lwow, 2/Lieut., Dr. veterin. dr., P.O.W., murdered in Kharkov, April 1940 (Katyn Crime).

STYNZAK Adam s. Hirsz, pte., 35 inf.reg., missing 4.5.1945.

SZABLOWSKI Pinchas b. 1911 Warsaw, pte., * in service 8.4.1942 Guzar, b. Guzar, Uzbekistan.

SZACHNIEWICZ Leon, Sgt., 26 inf.reg., missing 27.4.1945 Kuckau, Germany.

SZAJN Borys, 2/Lieut., * in service 5.1.1942, bur. Ramleh MC, Israel.

SZAFIR Mojzesz, pte., 26 inf.reg., killed in action 16.9.1939 Gogolin, bur. Warsaw, Powazki MC, sect. 1

SZEFER Jozef, pte., * Bologna, Italy, bur. P.C. Bologna.

SZEFINSZTEIN Chil s. Abram, Warr.Off, 1 armoured brig., missing Lenino battle 12.10.1943.

SZMULKA Symon, pte., 1 Gren. Div., * June 1940, C. Dieuze, France.

SZPAGIER Icchak s. Abram, med. corp., 2 inf.reg., * in action 25.10.1944 Warsaw.

SZTABHOLZ/STABHOLC/STABGOLC Aleksander s. Zachar (Stanislaw) & Eleonora, b. 8.1.1887, 2/Lieut (res.), police commiss. Lwow, deport. 29.10.1939, execut. by Ukrainian NKVD after 5.4.1940.

SZTAMLER Benjamin b. 1915, 2/Lieut., missing Deblin battle, September 1939.

SZUMACHER Bronislaw, b. 1920, pte., 1 a. reg., * 8.4.1944, Darnica (Ukraina), bur. PMC.

SZWARCEWICZ Pinchas s. Symcha, b. 1919, pte., * 29.9.1944 Warsaw.

SZYFMAN, * in service 12.1940 Cibin, USSR.

SZYSZKO Helena d. Jozef, b. 1922 Minsk, Bielorus, Officer, 2 inf.reg., * of wounds in Lenino battle 12.10.1943 b. Usbinovo q 2.g.37.

* Kfir Mosze.

** Dr. Slowes S. Tel-Aviv.


TEICHNER Benjamin s. Dawid, pte., * in service 11.03.1942 b. Huzar, USSR.

TENENBAUM Maksymilian b. 1902, pte., killed in action 1945, bur. Poznan Milostowo q 32.

TEPER Szalom b. 1912 Lubaczow, pte., * in service 1942, bur. Huzar USSR.

TEPMAN Szymon s. Abram b. 1906, pte., * in service 1.4.1942, bur. Huzar USSR.

TOR Nikodem b. 1899 Zdunska Wola, Dr. med., * in service 16.4.1942, bur. Huzar USSR.

TRAJMAN Jakub s. Mendel b. 1909, pte., 4 eng. bat., died in service 23.8.1945.

TUFENBRUNER Majer b. 1905, L/corp., killed 2.1942, Krakow.


UKAT Nechemia, pte., * in service 3.3.1942, bur. Huzar USSR.

UNGER Jehuda, Lieut., murdered by hoologans in Lublin distr. 1946.


VERSTANDING Zygmunt s. Adolf & Rosalyn b. 1900 Warsaw, Dr. med., 2/Lieut. (res.), Res. Staff 1 Distr. Hosp., murdered in Katyn.


WACHMAN Jozef, pte., killed in action, September 1939, Lodz.

WAJCHMAN Eli b. 1916, pte., missing in action, September 1939.

WAJDENFELD Roman s. Leon b. 1914, 9 inf.div., missing 26.4.1945.

WAJSBERG Marek, 2/Lieut., 1 tank.brig., killed in action 02.1945, Oper. Pomer. Wall.

WALACH Karol, pte. 1 Gren. Div., killed 1940, Millern Sarrebourg, France.

WANDA Michal s. Jakub b. 1908, 2 inf.reg., missing 13.10.1943, Lenino battle.

WANZDORF/WOLYNIEWICZ Abram, pte., * 09.1939 Blonie, bur. Warsaw, Jew. Cem.

WARSCHAUER Izaak, b. 1914, pte., 19 inf.reg., * 14.9.1939 near Radom.

WASILISKI Lieber s. Benjamin b. 1904, pte., 3 art.reg., * 10.9.1939 Tomaszow distr.

WEINRYB Abraham, 2/Lieut., 1 inf.div., murdered Kielce pogrom by Polish hooligans 4.7.1946.

WEJKNIS Mieczyslaw s. Jozef b. 1905, pte., 4 inf.reg., missing 19.4.1945 on Stara Oder river.


WEKSELBERG Elena, * in service, Kazachstan, USSR.

WELKSENBLAT Szymon s. Chaskiel b. 8.2.1903, * in service 26.3.1942 bur. Karszi USSR.

WERNER Henryk, pte., 1945.

*WIDAWSKI, pte., 9 inf.reg., missing 31.12.1944 on Vistula river.

WIEZA Mosze b. 1915 Skalbierz, pte., 4 inf.reg., killed in action 18.9.1939.

WILCZYNSKI Ludwik s. Eljasz b. 1887, Police official in Radom distr., murdered in Miednoje (Katyn Crime).

WINIARSKI Szymon s. Ludwik b. 1924, pte., 5 eng. bat., missing 1.10.1944.

WIZEN Abraham b. Rozwadow, pte., * in service 1942, bur. Huzar USSR.

WOLF Helena, pseud. Dr „Anka", b. 1915 Warsaw, Captain, mudered by Germans Brody Ilzeckie, Ilza.

WOLGART Izak s. Leon, b. 1919, pte., * 13.9.1944 Warsaw Praga.

* ev. Oszman Moni.


ZALCMAN Marek b. 26.3.1915 Warsaw, * in service 18.7.1942, bur. Huzar USSR.

ZILBERMAN Izrael b. 1923, pte., killed in action 10.3.1945, bur. MC Kolobrzeg.

ZYLBERG Jozef, pte., 31 inf.reg., killed in action 9.1939, bur. Warsaw, MC Powazki, q. 1.23.

ZYSMAN Geniek s. Michal b. 1921 Jadow (d. Radzymin), pte., 2 inf.reg., killed in action 12.10.1943, Lenino battle, bur. Polzuchy, q. No 20.

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