Document Signed by Aleksander, King of Poland in May 1505, Confirming Rights and Privileges to the Town of Losice


Source: Central Archives of Historical Records in Warsaw (AGAD).


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  Translated by: Christine McGillis, University of Toronto.

      Rafal Zubkowicz, Sarnaki .

   Edited by: Viktor Lewin .


   In the name of the Lord . Amen . To the perpetual memory of any statute and it’s execution by men to oppose corrupt and irrational practices contrary not only to divine law but also to natural law . Some ( laws ) are abolished while others established , individual rights respected , and that which belongs to the king or the duke so then we indicate , by the grace of God , the King of Poland , great commanders of Lithuainia , Russia , Prussia , Samogittia , and so forth , in the name of the provident inhabitants of our town in Lithuainia , Losice ( indicate ) that they are overburdened by the payment of penalties/taxes and the establishment of new burdens .


   The captains and bishop of Mielnik are to abide by Teutonic/Magdeburg law , and so we humbly request that we should agree to provide these things kindly to them and also to improve the condition among them . The administration of justice of ( our ) inhabitants and the concession of law and a new and better constitution would lead to better conditions for our inhabitants and in turn strengthen our position .


   Cases great and small , such as theft, arson, murder, maiming of limbs are to be tried according to Teutonic law. All the inhabitants of the small town will manage these things as long as it is in the presence of their own advocate for the existing time for all of the aforementioned cases and others . The accused must be present for judgement and must receive legal advice . The advocate will have the power to judge, sentence, ordain, correct, inflict punishment, and punish all aforementioned and other crimes, civil cases, and accidents in the town itself and in it’s bordering regions . We grant to the advocate and the community of the aforementioned town the full capacity to choose and establish the very proconsul or other consuls every year for the customary times .


   In addition, wanting to improve the condition of this town of ours so that it may make favourable growth under our favourable direction we grant and establish four market days every year . The first – the feast of St. John the Baptist, the second – the feast of St. Margaret, the third – the feast of the Assumption of the most glorious Virgin Mary, and the fourth – the feast of St. Michael . These market days could be attended by people of any status, sex, and condition, and merchants from whatever place with all of their merchandise and goods for sale . We give and grant  every sort of full security and power for selling freely and returning from whence they came unless they are such whom the laws cannot protect and to whom trustworthy participation is deservedly denied .

   Permission is given to construct anew a barber/shaving chamber .

   We wish and decree that the remainder of rites, customs, and liberties by which from long ago the very citizens of Losicze tended to celebrate be preserved and protected by our existing Mielnik captains for ( all ) time by means of justice/equality and our preserved customary laws . All of that which has been set forth we determine to be of stable and perpetual strength . Our seal is to be appended into the testimony of this matter by those present . Managed and given in Radom on the common Sabbath of Pentacost in the year 1505 . Present in the same place/same time were those most reverend Christ Father Lord and also the excellent and noble Martin, Bishop of Mielnik, Duke Michael Hlinski Hlouicz, Marshall of our Senate – Stanislao Hlebowicz, Captain of Polocensis Joanne Sapieha, Marshall of our Grand Duchy Joanne Steczkowicz of Drohiczyn, Janusio Captains Wlodimiriensis, and very many others of our councilmen and senators sincerely living in our Grand Duchy and as faithful witnesses to the above .


   This copy with the original privilege written on the vast parchment only with the seal of the LithuainianPogon “ – the emblem of the Great Lithuainian Duke on the red wax in the form of a snuff box along with a red silk string, without a signature. The issued privilege by Sir Josef Wierzbicki presented for the citizens of Losice . I confirm these words with the official stamp which I am signing in Sokolow on the 12th of December in the year 1821 .


                        Warsaw, 10/05/1670

Michal Korybut Wisniowiecki, Polish king, confirms the statutory rights for the town Losice. Original: AGAD .


                        Warsaw, 20/03/1677

Jan III Sobieski, Polish king, confirms the statutory rights for the town Losice .


                        Warsaw, 20/05/1689

Jan III Sobieski, Polish king, grants two annual ceremonial anniversaries in April, Sunday and during Ascensin Day of St. Mary .


                        Warsaw, 08/06/1700

August II, Polish king, confirms the statutory rights for the town Losice. Original: AGAD .


                       Warsaw, 05/06/1750

August II, Polish king, confirms the statutory rights for the town Losice .


                       Warsaw, 23/06/1765

Stanislaw August Poniatowski, Polish king, confirms the statutory rights for the town Losice .


Attention: apart from the original text mentioned above, all the rest of the statutory rights are retained in AGAD, KRSW, 2195B, K.303-306


                       Losice Starosts* Official of the Powiat .

List drawn up by Jerzy Wisniowiecki .


1565-1576      Aleksander Hincza, Mielnik Military Governor, former king’s main butler. The widow Zofia  (maiden name Lesnowolski ) transferred property to Marcin Lesnowolski .

1577-1592      Marcin Lesnowolski, Castellan of Podlasie .

1592-1608      Anna ( maiden name- Oborska, voto Gostomska .

1608-1623      Tomasz Gostomska, voivode of Mazowsze .

1623-1629      Jan Dunin Modliszewski, Crown Chef .

1629-1645      Lukasz Opalinski, Great Marshall of the

Crown, later voivode of Rawa .

1649-1650      Jan Piotr Opalinski, Crown butler, later

voivode of Kalisz .

1650-1672      Wojciech Emeryk Mleczko, voivode of

Podlasie .

Losice Starosts ( cont’d )

1672-1681      Emerenjanna ( nee Stadnicka ) .

1681-1723      Atanazy Miaczynski, Court Treasurer .

1723-1762      Antoni Miaczynski, Castellan of Podlasie .

1761-1778*  Josef Miaczynski .

* discrepancy in the dating .


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