We Remember Lodz Jewish Cemetery!

Names Found on Wooden Boards at the Purification Room of Lodz Old Cemetery

Contributed By Mr. Yehuda Widawski.

The work is dedicated to the memory of Widawski's beloved wife, Dobrish (Dorka) Widawski, daughter of Avraham Wassercug z"l from Lodz, died Tammuz 23, 5760 (July 26th 2000).

Example of One Board out of 21 boards in the "Right Side" (Prawo),
and 14 boards in the "Left Side" (Lewo).

Click any part of the board to get the full scanned list in that part!

Jewish Lodz Cemetery (Fundacja)

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Lodz Chapter in Yad Vashem's Pinkas Hakehilot

Yehuda Widawski Speeches (Hebrew)

By Ada Holtzman, Tel Aviv, 24 September 2002

Every time there was a funeral, the name of the deceased was added to the board of the Purification Room, with the surname, name, "Ulica" (street) number, plot and section and the grave number.

In 1945, upon liberation, the Purification Room and the boards still existed, with the names of the dead who were buried in the "OLD JEWISH CEMETERY". A Jew rescued the boards and brought them to Israel!

The boards were given to Yehuda Widawski, who donated the lists photocopied from them to the Landsmanschaft of Lodz in Israel. His contribution is deeply appreciated by all.
Tzvi Bergman from the Lodz Landsmanschaft made all the photocopies needed for me and the volunteers, and I thank him for his support and dedication.

I volunteered to transcribe the names and prepare the database of the graves. About 14,560 names were found on those authentic and rare boards. I thank all the volunteers from all around the world who transcribed the names: Hendlisz Gilbert, Carole Glick Feinberg, , Shmuel Kehati, Morris Wirth, Hanoch Magal and Ada Holtzman.

The data will be donated to JewishGen JOWBR database and published in a book.

A study is being conducted now to find out the period of the burials recorded in those boards.

I hope this work will contribute to the everlasting commemoration efforts of the grand Jewish Community of Lodz!

Ada Holtzman
Tel Aviv, September 2002

Partial List of the SURNAMES (~14% only)
On 15 February 2001

A - E ; F - K ; L - R; S - Z

The Data File in Excel

List Completed on 24 September 2002


Images from the Abyss…
SOURCE: "The Polish Jews 1914-1939", Editor: Nachman Tamir,
The World Polish Jews Federation, the Tel Aviv, Hebrew, Yiddish, English 1983

Two little Jewish Girls in Lodz

Factory roofs in the great manufaturing and textile center of Lodz called "Polish Manchester".

Jews demonstarte in Lodz bearing banners: "we demand the right t work; Presidium of a protest metting afainst anti-Jewish edicts

Jewish weaving center in Lodz ("Balut").

World- famous pianist Artur Rubinstein z"l from Lodz

Waifs in Lodz

At the Synagogue Gates in Lodz

Channa Yoskowicz HY"D, from Lodz, perished in Chelmno

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