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Last updated February 24th 2000

Stan Zdon - 7 February 2000
Surnames: Zdon Zdun
The Inquiry
On some maps I have seen Zdunska Wola spelled Zdonska Wola. Some of the early 20th Century records show relatives with the surname Zdon and some with the surname Zdun. I am trying to find out if there is any relationship between the names of the towns and the surnames of my grandfather and his relatives. Any light that you could shed on this will be greatly appreciated. Thank you Stan Zdon

Max Lipszyc - 26 January 2000
The Inquiry:
Mother's maiden name Korn

David Silver - 20 December 1999
The Inquiry:
I trying to locate my father's family who lived in Zdunska Wola before World War II. My father's name was Israel Zylbergield and he was born in Zdunska Wola on March 17, 1912. 

Morry Levin - 22 November 1999
The Message:
My name is Morry Levin. It has been a while since I have written. My father and his five sisters are from Zdunska Wola. Pretty amazing that they all survived the ghetto and concentration camps. There names are Bela, Rushka, Bronka, Bendet, Helka and Eva. My father still bears their surname of Lewkowicz. I'd be very interested in knowing if there is anyone out there that may know of them or any surviving Lewkowicz.

Regarding the Joel Babchak painting, we have a photo that my father had redone of three brothers that were killed in the camps or in the ghetto. I'd be glad to forward them if you are interested.

I'd love to hear from anyone that may know the whereabout of any possible relatives.


Morry Levin

J.W.Geuzebroek - 6 November 1999
The Inquiry:
I'am looking for more information about:
Mariem Estera Ehrlich, born: 22-6-1885 in Zdunska Wola, died: 19-9-1942 (Auschwitz), Daugher of: Raphael Ehrlich (1858-1936) & Pessa Schwed (1855-1931) Both were from Zdunska Wola.

Sister of : Hermann Ehrlich (1891-1943) pl. of birth?
Chaia Ehrlich (1888-1942) pl. of birth?

Mariem Ehrlich married in 1904 (?) to: Abram Icek Tuszynski (born: 14-5-1886 in Brzeziny, died: 19-9-1942 (Auschwitz)

Mariem, her parents and brother and sister all emigrated to the Netherlands (Rotterdam), Mariem in 1905, the others in 1907


Who has more information?

With kindly regards,

Amsterdam/The Netherlands

Jon Klein - 14 October 99
The Inquiry:
I am searching for relatives or information of the following from ZW:
Hennoch Klein, Miriam Kempinski Klein, and their children Sarah, Mordko, and Max. They moved to Plauen Germany ca. 1905-1910.

Jon Klein

Judith Saltz Silberg - 27 September 99
The message:
Dear Friends,
Has anyone come across the names LIVRAND (or Liverant or Liverand), OLEJ or ZALC in his or her seach? I also have PIK and JACOBOWICZ who have married into the Olej family.

 Judith Saltz Silberg

Philip Friede - 27Sep 99
Surnames: Friede, Warsawski
The Inquiries:

1) I am trying to trace any survivors of either the Friede or Warsawski families. Details which I have is fairly limited.
My later father Moniek (Moishe) Friede was born in Zdunska Wola 29th October 1919. His parents were Faivel (Pavel) Friede and Perl Friede (nee Warsawski).
I had been told that my paternal grandmother had three brothers who were wealthy merchants in Zdunska Wola. One of these brothers had a daughter Lola (?). As told to me she was a ice skater of some reknown. This daughter did survive the holocaust.
Any information whatsover would be appreciated.


2) My name is Philip Friede and I am trying to trace my family history. My late father Moniek Friede (OBM) was born in Zdunska Wola 29th October 1919to Faivel and Pearl Friede. My paternal grandmother was a Warsawski. My grandparents then moved from Zdunska Wola to Lodz where my father lived until the war commenced. His father and brother Abel having died sometime prior to the war.

Regrettably my father did not speak much of his life in Poland. My father was in Russia during the war and upon his return discovered that virtually all his family was martyred. My father did say his mother had three brothers who were quite wealthy. He did not tell us any further details. I know that one of the brothers had a daughter by the name of Lola (?) My father said she was good ice skater. He saw her in a crowd after the war had ended and was unable to find here again.

 I do not know if you are able to assist me in any way, but any help of any kind would be greatly appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

Philip Friede
18 Tinning Street,
Brunswick Vic Australia 3056
Telephone: (613) 9383 1988
Fax: (613) 9383 1732

Harry Ross(Rosensaft) - 23 Sep 99
The Inquiry:

Does anyone have information on a textile dying business that was located on "Lask" street known as "The Farber's Yard"? It was run by the Rosensaft family from the 1800's thru appx. 1940 when the business was taken from them.

Thank you,
Harry Ross(Rosensaft)

Arnold - 23 Sep 99
Surnames: SZPINKA
The Message:
Thank you for your reply. All I know is that my grandfather was born is 1871 and my grandmother was about that date also. I have my grandfathers Polish passport from 1922 and they spelled his name Abram Szpinka. Well in the old country it was Shpinka but in America it became Spinka. I need someone who speaks Polish to translate this passport.


Jm Simler - 19 September 1999

The Inquiry:
Have any graves been listed under these names BIALEK, HERSCHL, WROCKLAWSK ESTER?

Jackye Sullins - 25 July 99
The Inquiry
I'm new to this group and am researching BRODSKY from ZW and NOPARSTAK from ZW or Warta. Leah Brodsky was born in 1872 and married Hyman Noparstak b. abt 1873. They moved to Chicago at the turn of the century. Hope this sounds familiar to someone.
Jackye Sullins

Jon Klein - 24 July 99
The Inquiry
My step-gmother was Sarah Klein, born in Zdunska Wola to Hennoch Klein and Marjam Kempinski Oct 20, 1902. Any information about the Klein Family in Zdunska Wola (they later moved to Plauen Germany) is appreciated. The family originally was from Lodz. Thanks, Jon Klein

Marilyn - 24 July 99
The Inquiry:
The JAKUBOWICZ, I am searching for are: Lipa and his wife Ruhel(Caplan) and their son Hersh(Hanik) Meyer and his wife Munya. The above were from Bending.
The Taub's I am searching for are: from Plonsk, and I don't have a name.
All the above perished in WWII
I know this is farfetched but maybe they are buried at the cemetery mentioned.
Thank you for your help.
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Eschet-Schwarz Andre 19 July 99
Surnames: GIPS / GIBS
Dear Ada,
Thanks a lot for your message. I understand that in the recent time you have been engaged in a important work concerning recent Jewish history. It was a wonderful decision to work in Zdunska Wola itself. I can see the town as it appeared in a photo of the book Yizkor. I can understand that in being there you could feel contradictory sentiments. I have the deep impression that the name of Gips Leizer born(?) in 1860 is one of the brothers of my wife grandfather. His name mentioned by Guila's father was Eliezer and he emmigrated to the States on the eve of the century. WE search now what happend to his ancestors in N.Y. Before his emmigration he was in Konin. I will visit the site erected by you. Yesterday I tried but without success. It shall be fascinated to hear more in details on your visit. Thanks a lot and we will be in touch.

Ben Warshawsky - 18 July 1999
The Inquiry:
My grandparents are buried in the Zdunska Wola cemetary. Is there anyway of knowing if their monuments are still standing. Their names are Duvid Alter and Pesche Fradel Warszawski.

Thank you,
Beni Warshawsky

Benno Rosenthal - 16 July 99
The Inquiry:
I am attempting to trace my family back to Zdunska Wola. If anybody has
information, I'd be very appreciative:
Wolf & Chaya Rifka Karo of Zdunska Wola.
They had four children:
Hirsch - Married, 3 children, owned catering firm in Lodz
Simcha - married 2 children, owned textile firm in Lodz
Leah - married Shaya Stein, lived in Belchatow
Chaya Fraidel - Married Bendet Rozental, 5 children, lived in Pabianice.
Her children were:
Devorah, Lola (my aunt lives in Montreal),
Meyer (my father, deceased),
Sallah (my aunt, lived in Savannah, GA, deceased),

Benno Rosenthal

Karen Pratt 16 July 1999
The Inquiry
Looking for information about the family of:my grandfather, Oscar COHN, in the USA (Asher NITKA on the manifest). I am trying to trace the records in Z-W, but have not been successful. Hired a translator to read the FHC films on the vital records in Z-W, but he said he found out nothing. I do know the family is connected to other NITKAs in Lodz.
Parents: Israel COHN and Kate GROSS
1-David Howard CLARK (in USA...don't know his name in Europe)
2-Asher/Oscar COHN married Jennie KNOLLER
4-Minnie (married Samuel GRUDIN)
5-Morris/Abraham(on manifest)
7-Leonard/Isadore (both names used in USA)
My grandmother Jennie's sister, Mollie, married Harry WITKOWSKI/WITT. Grandpa Oscar and Harry were best friends in Europe and here. They married sisters, even. <g
Thanks for your time,
Karen Pratt

Bernard Markowicz 15.7.99
The Message:
Thank you so much for your email and the wonderful trip you made to Poland.
I recognized many names from my home town of Liege in Belgium where many of the Jews came from Z-W, for instance: Lewkowicz, my cousin Moszkowicz, Lypszyc (the dentist!), GRYNBOJM, JACHIMOWICZ, WARSZAWSKI, Wolkowicz. I will try to contact the families and my synagogue in Belgium to see if we can do something for the Cemetary.

I will also share all these news with my extented family Olej (Judith Silberg has been in touch with you) shortly and see if we can also organize something there.

I was sorry not to see any of my family's surnames in your list yet, mainly Markowicz and Olej. But I was delighted that you took a picture of the Olej page of the register book. Please let me know if you find any more information on them.

I was delighted to see the pictures on your geocities web site. I am building a site of family pictures at: Many of these pictures are from Z-W and I will beef up the Z-W section shortly and perhaps you can reference it on your site somewhere...

Ada, thank you again form your wonderful work and your dedication. This is only the beginning and I know that your efforts will pay off! You started something big, you know...
Bye for now,
Benny Markowicz

Annette Herscovics - 14.7.99
Surnames: LEWI
The inquiry:
My mother's family was from ZW. She was born there Frajda Ruchla Lewi. It is possible that my great grand parents were buried in the cemetary. My grandparents were exterminated fromtheir last place of residence in Lask. Any information would be welcome. Thank you for all your efforts and let me know how I can help.

Aaron Blicblau 13 July 1999
The Message
Dear Ada,
Thank you for visiting Zdunska Wola. You have fulfilled my life long ambition, and probably that of many of us who live so far away. .
I do not know if I will ever get there, but your long and very emotive report made me feel very familiar with the birthplace of my parents.

I was especially interested by the names Grynszpan, the maiden name of my maternal grandmother. However, the names you mention do not bring back any memories to my mother. The work to be done in the 'Jewish museum" is to be supported and encouraged. If I can assist from Australia please let me know. If the pages of the registry book can

Be photographed or copied then that is a beginning.

My father's family is NOT mentioned in the Yizkor book, nor is my mother's. Are they lost forever? But I have managed to obtain copies of their birth certificates - but not of any of their brothers or sister. I do not know their birth dates. Are they now LOST?

Re: my family- Blicblau, Rajchbart, Grynszpan and Cyprus. It is now very difficult for me to find out details of ZW from my parents- my father, OS, died a few months ago without leaving much information - he was a quiet and reserved man, "better you don 't know, and why do you want to go to Poland. My mother is losing her memory and is very confused about names, places dates etc. Even her wartime experiences.

Please keep me informed of what is happening



Jon Klein 13 July 1999
Surnames: KLEIN
The Message:
Dear Ada:
Some months ago we exchanged e-mails about the Czestochowa cemetery and my family from Cz. named Broniatowski. Only lately have I learned that you recently documented the Zdunska Wola cemetery. Strangely, enough, I have family from Zdunska Wola as well and their name appears on your web page. My gmother, Sarah Klein was from Zdunska Wola. Any information about the Klein gravestone in Zdunska Wola would be appreciated.

 Judith Saltz Silberg - 13 July 1999
Surnames: OLEJ
The message:
I have antecedents who were born in Zdunska Wola, and I am interested in your information. My grandmother's family was OLEJ.
Judith Saltz Silberg

Morris Wirth - 15 April 1999
The Message:
I have varied names that were in Zdunska Wola for many years (including one of the first Jews there: Abram WROCLAWSKI.
My surnames of interest: BEHARYER(BEIT-HAY-RESH-YUD-RESH is the Hebrew Spelling, but tombstones frequently have the Yiddish spelling with extra ayins etc...), some GLIKSMAN names, WROCLAWSKI and many others.
Good luck with your project.
Morris Wirth

Dov Rubin - 13 April 1999
Surnames: WEISKOHL
The Message:
Family name I am looking for is Weiskohl
Thanks so much.

Daniel Wagner - 11 April 1999
The Inquiry:
If and when you go there, there is a major mystery that was never solved. We do not know how my greatgrandfather, Abram Wolf POTAZNIK, died. One legend says he died just before WW2, of a disease. Another legend claims he was killed in the street by the Germans (?). A third that he died in the concentration camps, but he does not figure in the Ghetto Lodz list, unlike his wife Bajla. If you are VERY lucky you will find his tombstone, who knows...

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