Inquiries & Messages of Jewish Survivors & Descendants from Mlawa

Last Updated: January 20th, 2005

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From: Helen Goransson rmail: heleng " at"


By the way, I would like to write to any survivors from Mlawa, since I really want to know if anyone remembers my mother's family before they were all killed.  My mother survived because her father sent her into the woods to escape in 1939.  But she never heard from them since.

We believe they were in Mlawa even until 1942, but no one seems to remember them and they do not appear in any of the Yizkor book details.  They were Shimon Blenkitner or Blenkitny or Blekitny family, consisting of mother Sarah, daughters Gittel, Rifka, sons Gedalia, Aaron, Yitzach, and Zurich.  They were a very religious family, and her father owned the store that sold leather goods.  If you could give me some contacts from Mlawa, I would truly appreciate it.

Thanks so much.

Helen Goransson

Gittel's daughter

Baruch Nadir, previously, Baruch Zylberberg BNADIR "at" September 30th, 2003



My name is Baruch Zylberberg., the son of Avraham and Haia, grandson of Eli Beresh ZYLBERMAN, street number chrobrego #3. I was born in Mlawa in 1929 and fled to russia in 1940.

I want to know if there are any records of where my parents were liquidated by the nazis. Any information you may have on my parents and family would be greatly appreciated.

My son found your website through the internet and I would like to receive any updates and future meetings sent to my email at aac_inc "at"


Baruch Nadir, previously, Baruch Zylberberg

Joshua Callman - Jcallman at - August 16th, 2003
The Message:
I write to thank you for making Dr. Yonis' writings about Jewish Mlawa available on the web. My grandfather, Max Garfinkel, was born in Mlawa about 1900 and came to the
United States about 1920. I was also glad to see a picture of Moshe Lichtenstein, one of my grandfather's relatives from Mlawa.

It was an unexpected pleasure to find a document that provides such vibrant insight into my family's past. I look forward to sharing it with my children.

Best Regards,

Joshua Callman
Sunnyvale, California

Ruth Morris email: morrir "at" - August 9th, 2003
The Message:
I'm in touch with two people with direct Mlawa connections through our Folusz relatives. There is also a Jacubowicz / Jakubowicz connection in Mlawa.

I am still in awe of all the work you have done on your sites.

Kol haKavod!

Ruth Morris

Rafe Noy email: rafee at - June 2nd 2003
The inquiry:
My father was born in Mlawa, but his family (Heinech Nowogrodski) moved to
Ludwigshafen, Germany when he was only 3 years old in 1913. I always wondered if there remained any of their extended family in M'lawa and if so, what happened to them?

Rafe Noy

Ira Wolinsky - Email: Iwolinsky at - 14 Apr 2003
The inquiry
Dear Ada:
My grandparents were from Mlawa. I would appreciate any information on families ASCH (grandmother) and STUPSKY (grandfather). I did not find these names in the index of the memory book.
Also, there is a persistent story in the family that we are related to the great writer SHALOM ASCH. Knowledge of any possible connections to Mlawa would be appreciated.
Thank you and Hag Sameach.
Ira Wolinsky

Brian Hyman - email: Bjhltd at - 06 Mar 2003
The inquiry
My Mishpacha

My grandparents and my mother left Mlava around 1898. But there was still family left behind. My grandmother was Tamara Marie Gelmofski and she married a cousin Shmuel Gelmofski. They came to England with my mother Zipporah and her brother Reuven and sister, Fania.(Fanny)

I believe that some of the family that remained may have gone to America or Israel. Is there any way to find out?
Thank you
Brian Hyman.

Sheila Rothman - RothmanSSR at - 2 March 2003
The inquiry
Do you have any information of the family of Nuta Antkowitz I know he died in Mlawa in 1928. His wife, Surah died there in 1904-5. A grandchild, Surah, died
Sept, 3, 1938. His son Shlomo died in Israel. The other son, Yossel,and his descendents are who I am interested in. Where are the oher Mlawans buried in NY? I would appreciate any information.
Sheila Rothman

Sandi Root - roadrunr2 at - 9 February 2003
The inquiry
Solomon GALINA and his first wife, Frieda FRENKEL, had at least three children. One of those children was Rachel/Ruchel/Ruth GALINA, b. 1899. She immigrated to the
U.S. in 1913, stating Mlawa as her home on the Ellis Island records. She settled in Chicago.

She later studied nursing in New York. She married Harold JACOBSON in 1930 and lived in Los Angeles, California. They had no children.

Solomon and his second wife, Lena SUNKA, had a son, Alfred GALINA, b, 1912, who later also lived in the Los Angeles area.

Sandi Root

Leah Langleben - Wed, 23 Oct 2002
leahmeme at

The Inquiry
I casually read your email from 1999 about Zanvel Langleben.You wrote a litlle biography about him and his function in the Jewish community. He was my husband's grandfather. His father never told him stories about his family. His name was David, and he immigrated to Argentine with two sisters: Ydes [Yehudit] and Sheindl. Another sister, Tzipora remaind in Mlawa until the Nazis came.
Perhaps someone have details about the family?
Lea langleben -Mijael Irmihau Langleben

Edwin Lightstone - July 27 th 2001
eddie at


Kenneth Citak - July 26th 2001
BrainDocNJ at

The Inquiry
I am looking for any information about my family from
Poland. The family surname seems to be CAJTAK, and they lived in Mlawa. My great-grandfather's first name was Zelek, and he had 5 siblings, two of whom I know were named Zelman and Eliahu. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


Paula Parsky - July 22nd 2001
media at
Surnames: Kleinman, Klineman

The Inquiry
Just what records are available for this family?


David Lewis - July 2001
david.lewis at
The Inquiry
I am looking for details of my great grandparents and their daughter Miriam who lived in Mlawa before World War II. Their five sons all emigrated to US,
UK and France. My Great Grandfather's name may have been Fayvl. His widow later won a half share in a lottery after 1918.


Ats Ish-Tar - June 22nd 2001
chabad at
The Inquiry:
Nieslony is the maiden name of my two sons' grandmother who went to
Germany. Her father was a - presumably -kosher butcher, a 'reznik', not in Mlawa but probably in Wroclaw (Breslau, Breslov). As I'm sure she is of Jewish origin - just like my parents - I would like to search this root for my children - they deserve it! So, if anybody could tell me just a little more details for my further search I'm so very thankful for this support!
Blessings to those who have mercy with the rootless youths - Shalom

Anna R. Blank - 1 May 2001
samannbl at
Duga, Wilczek, Wolarski, Bender, Kosierkiewicz, Flaster,Yoskow Flaster
The Inquiry:
Searching the above names who are connected with my parents, Sylvia (nee Duga) and Abraham Wolf (Wilczek), both born in Mlawa. They each immigrated to the
U.S. and met & married in Philadelpohia, PA.

Shahar Inbar - 23 March 2001
sinbar at

The message:
Any known survivors from BURSTEIN family from Mlawa?


Jacob Lupatkin - 13 Mar 2001
lupatkin286 at
The inquiry:
my Grandfather Chaim Zev and his sister Esther came to America with their spouses and children from Malavah before world war 1 They lived in Brooklyn NY and were members of the Independant Malaveh Benevolent Society which met regularly in New York at least through the thirties. I was born in 1926 to the oldest of Chain Zev's children Yoel Mendel (Max). I am sorry to say that I have no memory of any mention of family who remained in Malava. But would be interested to know if indeed family members remained in Europe and their fate.

Ofelia Iszaevich Fajerstein - March 11th 2000
Ofeliai at

The Inquiry
I'm triyng to find out what happened to my uncle, Alter Fajersztejn and his wife.
Also everything possible about the Ulert family, my grandmothers (Toba) maiden name, and her mother, Cipra.


R. Michaels - 4 Feb 2001
r.michaels at

Rachel Mondary - 19 January 2001
RainbowChild1970 at
The Inquiry:
I'm just curious because I never actually knew that Mondary was a Jewish name and just recently came across this website. Anything information about Mondary's would be greatly appreciated.


Terrence Geremski - Decem15th 2000
tgeremski at
The Inquiry:
The Geremski family in the U.S emigrated from Mlawa in 1913. There has been no contact with any relatives in
Poland for over 40 years.

Diane Silverberg - November 26th 2000
Kliebs61 at
The message
My paternal grandfather, Morris Kleinbard, came from Mlawa. I am interested in learning more about his family. My cousin, Baruch Goldstein, also came from this area.

Vanessa Jones - August 8th 2000
Email: vanessajones at
The Inquiry
My grandmother, Rose Charach, (1890-1952) left Mlawa in 191to join her brother, Benjamin, in London. Another brother, Isaac, settled in Antwerp. Six other siblings stayed in Mlawa and, as far as I know, they died in the Holocaust. They were the children of Abraham and Esther Charach. Does anyone havany information about this family?

George Louis (George Itzkowitz) - 4 August 2000
GLouis818 at
Tachna and Itzkowitz
The Inquiry:
Itzkowitz family in Mlawa. Do you have any information on the origiof Itzkowitz? My father was Abe Itzkowitz and my mother was Hancha(Tachna). I was born in Mlawa in 1920 (not 1922 as shown in the Tachna Web-site).
Do you have any information about a town in
Poland called Rechoinzer? Uncle Harry Grossman was from Rechoinser and married my aunt Pesah (Tachna)Both lived and died in Chicago.

Esther Altmann - 6 Jun 2000
ealtmann at
Kupferhaus (Cooperhouse)

Ross FLASTER - July 26th 2000
Email: newyorkais at
Surnames: FLASTER
The Inquiry
My grandfather, Morris FLASTER, was born in Mlawa. He travelled from Poland to France, and then on to Cuba. He eventually made his way to the United States, settling in New York City.
Does anyone know of the FLASTER family from Mlawa?
Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

Rafe Noy- June 1st , 2000
Email: rafee at
The Inqui:
My fwas only three in 1913 when his family left for Germany. Did any family remain in Mlawa?

Gdaliah Friedenberg - May 9th , 2000
Email: gedaliah_friedenberg at
The Inquiry:
I am looking for information on the Grynszpan (Greenspan) and Leventhal families of Mlawa. The Grynszpan's were from Przasnysz (a small shtetl just outside of Mlawa) until the late 1890s. They came to Mlawa for several years before immigrating to the USA around 1905. (Upon immigration to the US, all members of the family changed the name to Gand moved to Detroit, Michigan).
One Grynszpan sibling, Tziril Grynszpan, married Elya Leventhal and lived out her life in Mlawa until her death there in 1931 or 1932.

Phil Raimi - April 29th 2000
Email: fillr at
The Inquiry:
I am searching for any information you may have about my father's (Bezalel Rengewirtz - Saul Raimi) family. His brother was Meyer (living in Detroit MI), father Yechiel, mother Leah, sisters Chaya, Malcha,

Robert Kirsh - 9 April 2000
Email: bobkirsh at
The Inquiry
Mr g, Jacob Kirsh, came from Mlawa. In Poland the name may have been Kirst, Kirse, or some similar form of Kirsh.
Can you help me locate data on these names.

Yochay Sharon - 7 April 2000
Email: yochay at
Surnames: PIENICA
The Inquiry:
1. My grandfather name was: Mordechai Pienica, son of Arie Liebel Pienica. I can't find any clue for this name (Sometimes spells like: Pinitska).
2. Do you know about a group of people (not only from Mlawa) that bought some land near Haifa ("Agudat Nachalat Yaakov")?

Vladimir Brandwajn - 20 Feb 2000
From: cxg2 at

The Inquiry
I am looking for any leads to my family Brandwajn who married Taube Chiechanower sometimes around 1910.

Bernard Lacome - 6 January 2000
Email: bernardlacome at

The Inquiry
An uncle of mine was born in Mlawa, on or about September 1, 1884. His Hebrew name was Shmuel Aaron Ben Zvi Chaim. He emigrated to London, Enwhere his name was variously spelled Kazanosky,Kazanofsky or Kazanowsky. Do you have any record of persons with similar family names?

Jenni Buch - 5 January 2000
Email: jennibuch at

Norman Ravvin - 27 December 1999
Email: ravvinbutler at
The Inquiry:
Mlawa was my grandmother's second home, near to Radzanow where she was born. Here married name was Eisenstein, and the family names connected wiher were Margulies and Krystal. The Krystal fami, I believe, had a flour mill near the town, and Margulies a store. Both families had connections with Radzanow, which gradually decreased as family members moved to Mlawa or abroad. In the years before the war my grandmother lived with her half sister and her husband, bringing her two children to Mlawa, before she immigrated to Canada. I would be glad of any information that correspondents might have connected her family.

Norm Ravvin

Rosental-Levi Yehudit - 26 December 1999
Surnames: ROSENTAL
The inquiry:
Searching any information about Avraham Rosental and his wife and children.

H Lorberbaum - 24 December 1999
Email: hlorber at

Andrew Kaminsky - 23 sep 99
Email: kaminskya at
The Inquiry
I am researching my family names of Kaminski, Litzner, Laskowski, and Wartella in the area near Mlawa.

Andrew Kaminsky

Anita Friedenberg - 23 sep 99
Email: larsanita at

The Inquiry:
Relations of Messick Frajdenberg born 1892 Mlawa Samuel Friedenberg, Bella, Lester, Iris Carrie Fradjenberg from Stragowa

Jim Hazlett - 14 September 99
Email: Jhazl at
A recently discovered marriage certificate from 1870 of Fishel FRIEDENBERG lists his parents as Mordek FRIEDENBERG and Esther LOSUK. His bride, Uruza FAIBUSHOWICZ, gave her parents as Mark (Mordechai) FAIBUSHOWICZ and Eta TAIKOW. Any information on these surnames anywhere would be appreciated.

Ida Weider - 30 July 1999
Email: imw at

Amy Sheldon - 17 July 99
Email: asheldon at
The Inquiry
I am searching for Rabbi Szaraczjek who had at least two daughters: Sjifra Sz. who married Vulf Gonsiorjek in Ciechanow in 1876, and Esther Sz. who married MJacobs (that was his name in New York City.
There is a Maijer Cudjek Jakubowicz who was married in Mlawa in 1876. No bride's name is given in the Jewishgen archive. My g-grandfather Meyer had a sister Jospe, and he moved from NYC to Strawberry Mansions in Philadelphia and brought over a number of nephews who were in the jitney business in Phila. In NYC he was a shoemaker and had a shoe store in Greenwich Village.

Leah Katz
Email: lkatz at
Surnames: KATZ
The Inquiry:
I would like to Know what happand to the family of my father.
His name was Shmuel Katz. He died in 1990, in Israel, but never found out what to his .

Leah Katz

Rita Krakower Margolis - 13 July 1999
Email: rmargoli at
The Inquiry
I have a picture of Israel KRUK, his wife and daughter taken in Mlava November 22, 1926. The picture was sent to his brother in Baltimore, MD. Would like any information on this family.

Sherri Kaftal - 18 June 99
email: yldhart at
Surnames: KAFTAL, E(i)DLITZ
The Inquiry
My grandfather, Irving Kaftal, was born in Mlawa in February of 1908. He was the youngest child. His siblings were Naomi and Elfryda. His parents were named Boruch Kaftal and Rose Eidlitz. The family came to America when my grandfather was approximately one year old. I have just started researching the family, so this all the information I have at the present moment.

Martin Gevarter - 19 June 99
email: LMGEVARTER at
The Inquiry:
Does anyone have any information about this family from

Eric Kitay - 16 June 99
Email: erikmiri "at"
Surnames: KITAY
The inquiry
I am looking for relatives that the last name is kitay ,whose roots are from Mlawa.

Samuel Charnoff - 16 June 99
Email: myden54674 "at"
Your Inquiry
My great grandmother, Miriam STISKIN was from a city she pronounced as Mlawa. She left for the US in or about 1870. I am looking for any information

Hinda - 20 May 99
Email: Hinda_S "at"

The inquiry (asked during IGS meeting in Tel Aviv May 99)
Searching information for a friend.
Kolkowski Israel married Fajga in 1891. Children Szlama, Pejsach, Rywka, Ettel and Peszka. Peszka married Israel Gurewicz and died in Kibbutz Alonim 1987. She was born around 1914. All the other siblings perished in the Holocaust. Any informawill be highly appreciated.

Address: P.O.Box 43271
Tel Aviv 61430

Richard Radzik - 2 May 99
Email: accutraxx "at"
The message:
Hi - My name is Richard Radzik and I am trying to research my family history.
I have been able to go back as far as my grandfather whose birth name was
Benjamin Rosenstein. His parents were Abraham (Abram) & Ester Rosenstein who immigrated from Mlawa, Poland, sometime around 1890. There are no references to other siblings, and everyone in the family who had an inkling has passed away. If your lineage goes back to Abraham & Ester, we may be able to share information on our family history.

Estelle Noah  - 17 Apr 99
Email: Estellen "at"
Surnames: BRANDEIS
The Inquiry
Dear Ada:
I just found your name listed for Mlawa as a JRI coordinator. My parents had cousins living in Mlawa whom they lost during the War. Could you just acknowledge this message and let me know how I can work with you. Was there a Yizkor book published for this town and if so, do you know if Brandeis would have it? My e-mail address is Estellen "at"
Thank you,
Estelle Noah

Wainsteim - 29 Dec 98

Email:wainst "at"
I'm looking for birth record of Estera (Ester) Rosenberg, born in Mlawa, Poland - born between 1920 - 1924. Appreciate any help with this matter.
Thank you in advance

David Shark - 29 Dec 98

Email:dshark "at"

My grandfather and his family came from the Mlawa area. I believe they lived in a small nearby village named Zielun. My grandfather's name was Jacob (Hebrew name Isaac) Shark, though I believe his original name was C, and he was born around 1870, emigrating to the USA around 1890. His father's name was Abraham Czarka and his mothers name was Rachel Lewin. He also had a brother named Morris or Moses. Any help that you could provide in locating vital records for any of these family members would be greatly appreciated.

Cynthia Leonard - 24 Dec 1998
Email: cynray "at"
: What information is available for these surnames? Have there been any other inquiries for these surnames?

Martin Fischer - 06 Dec 1998
Email: martinfischer "at"
Surnames: LEVIN
Do you know whether there ever was a shtetl near Mlawa called something like Palopokow or Palupska? My wife's great-grandfather Menachem Mendel Levin was reported as coming from Palopokow, Malow, or Palupska, Mvolov. I have been unable to identify the true name or location of this shtetl. Perhaps Mvolov or Malow are misspellings of Mlawa. What do you think?

Ricardo Grynberg - 30 Nov 1998
Email: rgreenberg1 "at"
Surnames: GRUNBERG
The Inquiry
I am inquiring about any records pertaining to my grandfather
Wygdor (or victor) Grunberg born approximately 1861,died: approx. 1941, Address Sienkiewicza street, Mlawa.
Please send any records on Wygdor Grunberg or my family to rgreenberg1 "at" or mail it to :

Ricardo Grynberg
Post Office Box 1921
Oakland, Calif. 94604

Ricardo Grynberg
240 Grand Avenue
Oakland, Calif 94610

Arnold Kransdorff - 29 Nov 1998
Email: ak_pencorp "at"

Sue Fischer - 12 November 1998
Email: msfischer "at"

The Inquiry
My name is Sue Fischer. My grandmother's family was from Mlawa Poland. Their surname was DUGA. Her mother's maiden name was WOLASR or WOLASZ or WOLARSKI. My grandparents came to the United States in 1903. Do you have additional information? I have some additional information (not too much) if you want it.

Sol Gordon - 18 Oct 1998
Email: solgor "at"
The Inquiry
Silberstein was my grandfather who was born in lived in Mlawa until 1920 when he and my grandmother (Ruchel Goldstein) moved to Czyzew in Poland. My mother, Leah Silberstein was also born in Mlawa and also moved to Czyzew with her parents. Any information you can give me would be appreciated.

Paul Silverstone - 17 Oct 1998
Email: paulh "at"
The Inquiry:
I don't know if I have any connection with Mlawa, but it is near Makow Mazowiecki, where my grcame from. My grandmother Esther Silberstein was the daughter of Moshe Yankel Silberstein and Rifka Fischer. As I have found no Silbein Makow, and two searchers included these surnames, I insert this inquiry.

Ada Holtzman: - 11 Oct 1998
Email: ada01 "at"
The Message:
Hi Robert,
Please note that this site is for Jews with roots in Mlawa.!
About Polish people, may be you send a letter to the municipalityof Mlawa nowadayand check tPolish local registration offices.



Moshe Chertoff - 10 Oct 1998
Email: chertoff "at"

I'm particularly interested in the birth records of my grandfather Charles (Yechiel) Silberstein and his siblings. I will submit the reof the names when I'm better prepared.

Mila Begun - 9 Oct 1998
Email : MMBegun "at"
The Inq:
Are there any records for the Orlik or Befeler names?

Donna Rice - 8 Oct 1998 09:22:46
Email: hurycane "at"

Surnames: FISCHER
The Inquiry:
I found the name Shlomo Itcheh Fischer in the translation of the Mlawa History. I am researching that name in what was Galicia and Poland and hope that you might have more information on other family first names that might coincide with the information I have on my Ffamily.

Danita Simon 7 Oct 1998 12:26:44
Email: dhsimon "at"
My grandfather,Chaim Pravda, lost several siblings in the holocaust. The one that came to America were Harry, David, and Rae. I don't know who his siblings were or even hmany. His parents were Avrum Laibe and Chana. Any information you can give me about the family would be welcome. I know very little.
My grandmother Chana (Anna) Goodstein was born in Mlawa in 1884.

My grandmother's parent's were Velvel and Sarah Goodstein (possibly Gutstein). Velvel had a brother: David. Again I have very little information on them and would appreciate any thing you can tell me.

Tina Ezekiel
Email: homecare "at"
The Inquiry:
Birth Certificates
Death Certificates
Around 1850 1890

Sumi Grossman - 18 Sep 1998 13:15:15
My email: hisumi "at"
Surnames: G R O S S M A N
The Inquiry:
Thanks to Robert Tachna my husband's 4th cousin once removed, I have a jump start on my genealogy research! Now I am seeking any information about the ANCESTORS of Herschel Grossman (born in Racionz, abt. 1887 - died in Chicago, abt. 1941) who married Pesah Tachna most likely in Mlawa.

Miguel Tachna - 8 Sep 1998 13:59:45
My email: mtachna "at"

Marcy Heller Fisher - 4 Sep 1998 13:32:45
My email: fish "at"
Surnames: Abraham (Meir) LICHTENSTEIN, Bracha GOLDMAN

The Message:
Having just returned from Mlawa, we were awed by the cemetery and its symbolism, and annoyed by the fierce Polish woman who insisted my grand-grandfather's house had been hers for sixty years. Where can one locate pre-war real estate records? Is there a record of what happened to the Lichtenstein/Goldman Family during the war?

Francine Kane - 1 Sep 1998 10:44:38
My email: Lady8pm "at"
The Message:
My name is Francine Kane I am the daugher of Nathan Rosenstein. My father was born in Mlawa.My father is the Chairman of Mlawa Landsmnschaften in New York and the USA. He is also Written up in the Golden Book of Keren Kayementh-Jewish National Fund.for the hard work and charity he has done for Mlawa, USA and Israel.
Every year the survivors from Mlawa get together that my father has put I was happy to received your e-mail. and to fisomeone who is also interesting in Mlawa,but i'm having a problem in getting into the Mlawa Remembrance Initative website......

Is the website online ... was anyone able to get into it.
please keep in touch


Ada Holtzman - 29 Aug 1998 09:28:38
My email: ada01 "at"
Surnames: ZLOTNIK (Plock)
The Message:
Dear Arthur,

There is still Landsmanschften of Mlawa in USA. You may coin New York the chairman, who might give you all the information about the cemetery plot where ex Mlawaers might by buried. The name and address is:

Nathan Rosenstein
1316 East 31st. Street
Brooklyn N.Y. 11210-5415

Tel: 718-252-0263.

I hope it is of help to you and others. He might also has a video casstte made on Mlawa and Yizkor books.


Ada Holtzman

Arthur Wolf - 29 Aug 1998 09:28:38
My email: artie6 "at"
Surnames: ALPERN
The Inquiry:
Assuming there was a Mlawa Lansmanschaft in New York early in this century - Does anyone know which Jewish cemetaries in the New York Metropolitan area have Mlawa sections? Please advise. Thanks

Eugene L. Sadick
My email: elsadick "at"

The Inquiry:
I would like to recieve any information about the family of Tzvi Chaim Sadek and Joseph Sadik. They may or may not have been related.

Robert Tachna - 10 Aug 1998 05:57:09
My email: deannat "at"

The message:

Yoy! Can my "Yiddisheh Kup" be slow to illuminate sometimes...
With all the responses coming from other searchers of Mlawa, how about
inviting more of them to also sponsor a linked page to MRI about their families?!
That would greatly increase the panorama of life that has come from there
and give more voices to the flame of rememberance.

What do you think?


Ruth Morris - 12 Aug 1998 11:04:37
My Email: morrir "at"


Susana Leventhal - 11 Aug 1998 16:44:39
My Email: sleventh "at"


The Inquiry:
I´d like to know anything possible about the past of my family. I´m a member of the Tachna family too and I have already found out many things about that side of my family. Now I´d like to learn more about my father´s side.

Dan Newman - 11 Aug 1998 12:38:25
My Email: dan "at"


The Inquiry:
My grandfather, Reuben Newman, was born in Mlawa in about 1879 and went to New York in about 1885. I believe that his father was called Morris Najman and his mother was called Esther Nitsky. Any information about either surname would be most appreciated.

Elly Friedman - 6 Aug 1998 11:12:25
My Email: ellyf "at"

The Inquiry:
I am looking for my Mother's side of the family. My mother's name was Chaja Ita Antkowicz. she had 5 siblings. One was names Pessah , another one Shlomo and I think Bluma. I don't know much about them and since I have no family to check it out , I would like to have as much information as possible. Thank you.

Margery Lustig - 6 Aug 1998
My Email: Sjlustig "at"


The Inquiry:
Iwould like to hear from anyone who is familiar with these names. There are NIBORSKIS who are related living in Buenos Aires,Argentina. Does anyone know them?

Ary Frankiel - 5 Aug 1998 11:06:32
My Email: ary "at"

Surnames: FRENKIEL

The Inquiry
My late father came from mlawa.


Stuart Einbinder - 5 Aug 1998 07:36:53
My Email: sce "at"

The Inquiry:
My mother, Bina KORN was born in Mlawa in 1918.
Her grandmother, Sara LEWINSKA (LEVINSKY) married Avraham Hillel MANKA who died in 1927. She thereafter remarried at about the age of 60-65 a man by the name of Yeshaya S(possibly TACHNA).

Any information or educated guesses about this relationship or information about any member of the KORN, MANKA or LEWINSKA fromMLAWA would be greatly appreciated.
If someone has the Mlawa Yizkor book, I would very much appreciate your looking up these surnames in the listing of resident/martyrs which is usually at the end of the Yizzkor books.

Thank you.

Stuart Einbinder

Arthur Wolf- 5 Aug 1998 06:56:03
My Email: artie6 "at"
Surnames: ALPERN

My Great Grandfather was Moshe Alpern, a truck farmer in Mlawa. Great GrandChana. Their children - My Grandmother Hinda who Moshe Siegel iNYC probably in 1897, Rifke who married Joseph Levine, Benyomin, Tsyril who think was a half sister. Alsseveral others whose names I no longer remember. I"d like tohear from anyone who thinks they may be connected.

Yakov Flinker - 07/30/98 21:54:49
My Email:ada01 "at"

Surnames: LANDAU / LANDA

The Inquiry:
Searching information about Reb Icze Landau , Rabbi "Bialer" and his descandants. He was my great grandfather. My grandmother was one of his daughters: Cipora, who married Mendel Flinker in Warsaw.

Eliyahu Mallenbaum - 10 May 1998 21:52:39 -0400
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The Inquiry

I was interested in reading about Mlawa project. I visited there about 2 years ago to see wharecords were available for my ancestors.

The Ciechanow archives are kept there but the old man in charge refused to cooperuntil we bribed him with a bottle of Vodka and a carton of cigarettes. The Mayor, on the other hand,, was very receptive and seemed to have a genuine interest in the the planning of the monument which you described.

I have in my possession two Polish books which may be of interest to those with ancestors from the region. Both have information about Mlawa.

"Zydzi w Rejencji Ciechanowskiej, 1939-1942" has numerous index references to Mlawa. It also has a separate personal name index.

"Dzieje Spolecznosci Zydowskiej powiatow Pultusk i Makow Mazowiecki" has no index but I noticed a few mentions of Mlawa in the text.

I do not understand Polish but both books have very brief English summaries at the end so I know the outlines of their contents.

I will be glad to lend these books to anyone in Israel who wishes to photocopy them and translate them into English for the benefit of all genealogists with an interest in those areas. I am leaving from New York to visit Israel (staying in Rishon, for the most part) in 3 days (May 14) and will gladly bring the books with me to loan until May 31. I will not mail or send the books bwill deliver and receive them personally.

Should anyone be in position to offer to do the translations, please notify me before Wednesday evening, May 13th, New York time. I'll then take the 2 books to Israel. Otherwise I'll keep my luggage a bit lighter.

Good Luck on the Project.
Eliyahu Mallenbaum

Robert Tachna- 29 May 1998 00:01:33
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Surnames: T A C H N A

The Message:

I forgot about your asking for my own genealogy information. It will be my proud to share it with you. Just keep inmind however that I have just been collecting additional records (thanks greatly to the work of JRI-PL) from LDS microfilm that hasn't been translated yet. That is to point out that what I can send you now is not all inclusive of what information I have gathered. I will send you update as I can.

In the mean time I am sending to you some information of what Polish Census record translations I do have and a bit more too. A cousin is won scanning some of the antique family photos and if you like I will share those with you as well. I do have a picture file to send to you now that was sent to me by relatives in Mexico of the first cousin of my great grandfather and also of his daughter with her husband from back in Mlawa. For explanation, the elder man's name is Szaya Tachna and the couple in the other picture is his daughter Chayaleh with her husband Nachman Aks. Szaya Tachna perished in the Holocaust and his daughter Chayaleh with her husband Nachman immigrated to Mexico before the war.

In the snail mail I will send you a printed outline of the family tree.

TACHREC.DOC contains translations of Polish Census Records.
PASSINFO.DOC contains information from United States Customs passenger manifest lists of persons arriving at the port of New York, Ellis Island.
YADVSHM.DOC list information found from the Hall Of Names at Yad Vashem.
MIS_ANCESTROSBN is the two photographs.

Shalom and toda,

Robert Tachna- 10 Jul 1998 04:10:07
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Surnames: T A C H N A

The Message:

I have a video tape of Mlawa that was taken a year ago on my behalf by a researcher in Poland. It is 1 hour in length. I think that I should send it to you. Give me a little time on doing it because I will first have to take the tape to the video store for them to copy because it will need to be done in the correct format for VCR's used in Israel.

This is the last weekend that I have before going back to work. Yes, I would have traveled - Eretz Yisroael always a top idea on my mind, but my sister just gave birth to a little girl June 28th. Do you want to hear a story about "Beshert"? There was a little argument between my mother and my sister over the naming of the baby. My sister and her husband named the baby for his grandmother "Faige Ruchle". My mother wanted the baby named for her own mother "Channah Ruchle". Well of course the parents are the boss and the child is named Faige Ruchle (in English her name is Madeline Faye). Well I realized something! The name "Faige Ruchle" was also the name of the wife of my grandfather's youngest brother Dovid Tachna. Both Dovid Tachna and his wife Faige Ruchle perished in the Holocaust at the hands of the cursed Nazis. I am in possession of an old photograph of Dovid & Faige Ruchle together in Warsaw that is dated 1939. She was a beautiful woman!
They had no children from what is known. Dovid Tachna was hanged by theNazis in Mlawa as part of a mass execution of about 60 Jews. I found the name of his beloved wife Feige Ruchle in the Hall of Names at Yad Vashem. The entry was given by her sister and it states that Feige Ruchle died in the Warsaw Ghetto. Now there is a Jewish child of a new generation to carry on her name!



Ary Frankiel - 23 Jun 1998 15:38:37
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Surnames: FRENKIEL

The Inquiry

Dear Mr. Flinker:

I obtained your name via My father Moshe David Frenkiel z"l came from Mlawa.
Unfortunately, like so many survivors from the Shoah (he was deported to Auschwitz) he refused to talk about the p.
I would be very grateful if you could point me in the right direction,
as far as getting me in touch with others from Mlawa who may have have known my father. BTW, I will be in Israel in October.

Thanking you in advance,

Ary Frenkiel

Blumi Szarfman - 11 Jul 1998 12:34:00
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The Inquiry:
My name is Blumi Szarfman. My father Gedalia Starkstein came to Argentina from Mlawa early in this century.

Hes were Berl Starkstein and Bashe. He was the eldest of his brothers: Hershel, Motel Moshe, and one sister that left Mlawa to Australia. Suppose the name was changed to Stark..but with no trace of them...

Hershel's two daughters are living in Israel. I myself live in Israel, and work in the Beth Hatefutsot Museum.

We have some pictures from his family en Mlawa. Will appreciate any additional information regarding the family.


Blumi Szarfman

Elly Friedman - 29 Jul 1998 14:49:03
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The Inquiry:

I came across this chart and found this address. My mother wasborn in Mlawa, Poland in 1908. She is no longer alive and did not tell me too much about her live in Poland. I am very interested in finding more about my ancesters.

My mother's name was Chaja Ita Antkowicz. She had 3 brothers and 2 sisters. Her parents names were Sheieh Antkowicz and Perel G. I would like to know how I could go about to find out any of them are alive or not and when they died if at all possible.

I live in Canada. I was born in Amsterdam, Hollaand am one of the Hidden Children. I am trying to retrace my roots as there is no one alive as far as I know from either my father's or my mother's side.
Please let me know if you could help me.

Thank you,

Elly Friedman

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