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 May 98

Dear Mindy Prosperi,


Maybe its too late, maybe I should have been more diligent, more wanting to find out more about my ancestral roots, as to what has contributed to my background to enable me at this point in my life to ask the questions -Why am I like I am? WHAT FACTORS IN BOTH MY PARENTS LIVES have contributed to my own stage in my life? What factors formed their strengths and weaknesses?

Obviously there are genetic factors, but also there are the less subtle factors, historical, religious born in mid war (1941) Paris, given away for a few years, never having a grandparent, my Mother till last year carrying her yellow star with "JUIF" in her handbag!!

My Father only talking about his military career, his conscription, him hiding after the French Army surrended under Marshall Petain etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. lam not very proud of the etceteras because unfortunately both my Mother and Father are not here to fill in the etceteras and I am left with a void that "could of, should of' been addressed many years ago but I owe it to their memory and to that of my own children, and to my first grandchild about to be born later this month to find out who they were, what they were, and what is the legacy that they left that has passed through me, now to my children and soon to be another new generation.

The Gombin Society is new to me and the fire has been ignited by one of your Directors, my cousin,(via a Gombiner connection) Ada Holzman. In fact after the war the only family my Father had was Adas Mother, Rifka, and her sister Rachael.

My son Darren, 28,in fact stayed with Ada and her daughter Inbal in Israel last year. Though family branches may spread here is an example of a Gombin connection two generations later.!!!! About that yellow star, it lives with my sister in Florida.

The name Sanicki (sometimes with one N or without the C ) is referred to in the Gombin book in an unusual way on page 49 " a Rabbi from Saniki" Where was Saniki" Does any Gombiner have any info on this town/shteti? Also on page 50 Saniki is again referred to, as it is on page 48 but this time without the "I' Page 46 refers to an uncle that I of course never met, but I feel it is a derivation/misspelling of our name Hershl Santsky.

Yes I want to know, no I need to know, should any one of your readers have any knowledge of any members of my family I would love to hear from them. Kindly amend your files to reflect new address and please find enclosed membership fees.

Congratulations on a fine newsletter.

With best wishes to all dedicated Gombiners,

Claude Sanicki