Abram Chaja (Guyer) - anecdote from the memories of Meir Holcman


Sometimes back in the 20's - Abram Chaja, was the master in Ha’shomer Ha’tzaiir in the "Ken" of Gombin.

He was "H'amadrich" of the children groups who had a summer camp. My father, was the youngest among the children and was refused to be included. After many cries at home, being the youngest son and most spoilt by his beloved mother Rasza, his great trip to the summer camp was approved in the last minute.

His elder brother, Yosef Holcman, gave him in hiding, so no one will know, a few zloty for the trip.

All the children were gathered and embarked a cracking ship which was taking them to the camp, on the Wisla river, from Dobrzykow to Wloclawek.

The noise on the ship was unbearable, but the joy of the children overcame all the hardships of the voyage. They sailed off in the evening and soon went to sleep.

Than during the night, little Meir went up to the upper deck, and took the precious coins he had in his pocket, special secret gift of his brother Yosef.

He than bought for himself, with this money, a glass of yellow sparkling, bubbling drink, called in Hebrew "GAZOZ"...

While he was enjoying the forbidden drink, in the middle of the warm night, came up Abram Chaja, “Ha’Madrich”, and caught him in his sin...

The scandal, up to these days, is well recorded in my father memory. Abram summoned all the children in the middle of the night and preaching them about the ideology of equality and how this breaking of the holy laws of Ha’shomer Ha’tzaiir can damage the morals of the Movement and might destroy its values.

This was Abram Guyer; these were the values he educated for, during his ardent youth in the Zionist and Socialist youth movement.

Blessed be his memory and his legacy will not be forgotten.