We remember Jewish Belchatow!


The Memorial Monument for the 4953 Jews of Belchatow who perished by the cursed Nazi German hands in the first death camp for total extermination: CHELMNO.August 1942


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Beautiful Belchatow

Discover the secrets of this captivating town located only 27 miles south of Lodz and 13 miles east of Piotrkow Trybunalski. Discover who was married to whom, how old Tante Rifka really was (didn't you always suspect she lied about her age?), the name of Vetter Moishe's first wife (yes he was married before he married your great Aunt Ruchel), and the birth mother of your great cousin Shloime. All these secrets can be yours for a little bit of indexing through the Jewish Records Indexing - Poland Shtetl CO-OP!!!

Nestled in the district of Piotrkow, the Jews in Belchatow date back to a handfull in 1764. This increased to 2,897 by 1897, most of whom were engaged in the textile industry. By 1921 there were 3,688 Jews who made up one-third of the total population, and in 1939, 6,000 Jews, more than 50% of the population, made this their home. During the Holocaust, Belchatow was captured during the first week of the war. Jews were humiliated in the streets and property confiscated. Certain streets were earmarked as the Jewish district, and people from nearby towns were crowded into this area. In 1942, more than 1000 Jews were sent to the Lodz ghetto and 5,000 Jews deported to the death camp at Chelmno. The Jewish community did not rebuild after the war. (This info was plagarized from the Encyclopedia Judaica, Volume 4.) You can help this population exist once again in our minds and hearts by bringing them into the Jewish Records Indexing - Poland Shtetl CO-OP Project.

Make it possible for researchers now and future generations to know that these people had lives, got married, had babies, held jobs, and will not be forgotten.

I've looked at the Belchatow microfilms in doing my own personal research. The indexes are in good shape and should not be a problem to read. I look forward to working with you.


Roni Seibel Liebowitz
New York

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