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Re: Holocaust and Stutthof'


Date: Thu, 16 Oct 1997 10:30:27 +0200
From: Israel Preker Re: Holocaust and Stutthof


Dear friends,

I have received the following interesting e mail from Poland. I hope that some of them can help to the writer.

Thanks and Hag sameach.

Israel Preker
Tel Aviv




My name is Remigiusz Zawrotniak and I was born in April 1976 at Stegna, Poland, 2 kilometers from the ex-concentration camp of Stutthof. I lived on the grounds of the National Museum in Stutthof, where my father and grandfather worked until I was 10 years old.

I was very young at the time but kept in my memory what war means, and that includes the subjects of concentration camps, Zyklon B and the "final solution of the Jewish question".

I learned about Oswiecim, Majdanek, Sobibor, Belzec, Treblinka, Chelmno and Stutthof before my friends had learned to count to 10.

When I was a teenager I started reading books on the subject of the war: holocaust, concentration camps etc. At this time I got to know of Jan Karski, Simon Wiesenthal and Raoul Wallenberg.

As a result of reading in more detail about the concentration camp in Stutthof I learned that nearly half of the 65000 victims of the camp were Jews. Few documents, remembrances and reports from that period tell much of the story. Because of that I decided to write a detailed account of the destiny of the Jews in Gdansk's Pomerania at the time of World War II. This is to be my point of honour.

Genocide in Stuthhof and its branches is the subject of particular importance to me. I chose this task not only because of my personal interest but also because my friends, as an overwhelming majority of Polish youth and the Polish nation, know little about the holocaust.

There are even people here who maintain that the mass slaughter of Jews never happened. I'm really pained at this fact. Even more saddening to me is that among Polish youth there has developed antisemitism (for example, very vulgar jokes about Jews). When I meet neofascists (skinheads) on the street, I think that the world has gone crazy again.

Because of that I decided to become active. I will write the truth about what happened at the time of World War II, even if I must spend all my life doing it.

I have a favour to ask of anyone who would like to help by sending me any information on the life of Jews who were brought from various parts of Europe to the concentration camp in Stutthof or its branches. I'm interested in any documents, remembrances, reports, photos, memoirs, whatever. If it is possible I prefer that it be in the Polish language, though I will be very glad for anything in other languages. I would also appreciate the e-mail or home address of any persons who could have more information about this subject.

I'm will also try if possible to create in Poland an organization or association in memory of the holocaust's victims. Anyone who is interested in that should contact me.

I'm now working alone with no outside support, but I know that my cause is just and vital. I intend never to allow a repetition of the situation which took place 50 years ago. I hope to find people willing to help, and for that I will be very thankful.


Yours faithfully

Remigiusz Zawrotniak


Home address:

Remigiusz Zawrotniak
ul. Stolarska 15 a 12
81-173 Gdynia

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