Willy Zalmon - ISRAEL


My name is Willy Zalmon, previously Zollmann. I was born in Germany, arrived 1938, after being expelled with my parents, Polish citizens living in Germany, to Poland. I was 9 years old at that time. And so we were caught in Poland, for the time of the tragic events of the war years.

The main cities in which we and / or my family lived are KRAKOW, BOCHNIA, WISNICZ and others. (I did not find any information on actual activities for Bochnia and Wisnicz, the birth places of both my parents).

My wife, Dary was born in the city of TRINEC, now Czech Republic, near the Polish border. She was "liberated" by Poland during the German occupation of Sudetenland, 1938, when this part of Czechoslovakia became the Polish "Zaolzie".

Email: wizal@netvision.net.il

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