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Subject: Good Morning Saba Raba Raba Raba from WYSZOGROD...




I am about to finish the 10 pages which I volunteered to do, after our dedicated coordinator Stuart Richler sent me at the time to scan for the JRI Co-op project.

I am sorry it took me so long. Due to other obligations I couldn't dedicate to the Wyszogrod project more than 15-20 minutes , done every two days or so. I simply couldn't speed it up, and thank Stuart Richler of not pushing and being so patient...

I scan the LDS 730209 microfilm, year 1856, Death records, fighting the creativity of the Polish scrabbled garbled crumbled handwriting, and slowly slowly slowly make a step by step progress in the painstaking transliterating, while again... in the bottom of the stained page, all of a sudden a name shines with great light: ZLOTNIK Szaja - Akt 59 - my ggggrandfather!!!

Shalom saba raba raba raba from Wyszogrod, who has no tomb and over 200 direct descandants perished in the Holocaust, including Szaja Zlotnik, rabbi of Radom, named after you...

How much one can by lucky I wonder... Now, upon receipt of the Death Record itself from the Mormons, I shall expand my family roots probably as deep as the stratum of the 18th century(!), without even visiting any Family History Center myself and before even any of the Wyszogrod records are posted in the JRI database!

How can I thank Zedek, the Diamond, the King of the web and all the other good souls who made this JRI possible???

And if this message moves anyone to volunteer and join this incredible venture -
quickly surf at:
and safely land at !

See you aboard...

Ada Holtzman


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