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Gideon Carmi Notes 3/6/97:
Wolf Lewkowicz, the person who wrote these 175 from letters was an older brother of the mother of my cousin Aharon Carmi, himself a Sho'ah survivor, a Warsaw ghetto fighter and one of the last to escape the burning ghetto in late April 1943 after most of his comrades died there.
My cousin wrote the story of his life in Opoczno, my own shtetl, and the story of his share in the Warsaw ghetto rebellion in a book called "Min Ha-Dleika Ha-Hee" that was published in the 1960's by Lokhamei Ha-Geta'ot House and is out of print now. I have a copy.
Wolf was his uncle, and also a 2nd cousin by birth to my own father. You know - intermarriages in small shtetls. The receiver of all these letters, Sol Zissman, is also a distant cousin. He is still living, in Chicago, and I will meet him in less than 3 weeks there. His only son, Marshall, himself an amateur genealogist, like me, will be my host in Chicago. Sol's grandson, and Marshall's son, Marc, is the webmaster of this site.
Hope you surf there. It is really amazing to read those letters, and I have read them all.



Gideon Carmi Notes 12/11/97:

You know, when I have been this summer in the USA, I met all persons involved in the webbing of this wondeful collection - Sol Zissman, his son Lennie, who was with wife Myra our hosts in Chicago, and the grandson Marc, who actually built the site. We discussed these letters and Sol, the recipient of them told me many stories about the family. My cousin Aharon Carmi, who lives now in Tel Aviv was with Yosef Lewkowicz, Wolf's son, on the train to Treblinka on January 9, 1943. Aharon jumped off the train and survived. Yosef was afraid to jump though urged by all the family. Maybe he preferred to die, after his father and sister (Regina) had been transported to Treblinka in September 1942. This had been told me by my cousin Aharon.



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