The "Matzeva" (Tombstone) of Rachil Wispa, Gombin, Poland,


 The inscriptions in Hebrew: 


 The Translation to English:

The important woman Rachil daughter of Dawid of blessed memeory

Wife of Reb Eliezer WISPA, may his candle shines1 a son and a grandson2
June/July 1906 TNTZBH

See what a great bitter pain

Terrible distress and agony break the heart

Since our beloved mother was lost for ever

Before her time, Ah! In her years of young age

Only 47 she left this life

Tears poured from our eyes like water

And who will comfort this diaster

Our hearts are sick from sorrow for the death of our honest mother

1 The man is alive
2 A descandant of rabbis
3 May his soul be bound up in the bond of everlasting life



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