Urszula Trocha

Urszula with her friends, daughter and Benjamin Yaari, in Tomaszow Mazowiecki, September 1997.


From the book: "The Jewish cemetery of Tomaszow-Mazowiecki", by Benjamin Yaari, 1996:

Page 115:


To Benjamin,

When you came to me a year ago
We spent long hours talking in the night
You wandered through the streets of the city of your birth
With a smile on your face and sorrow in your heart
You told me in deepest sadness
That you saw in the city two cemeteries
As if from two different worlds
And then you ran to buy a basket full of flowers
And you scattered them over the headstones
And in that very moment you girded your strength
You decided to come again a year from now
And in that time you never stopped working
You made plans, you wrote letters, you talked to people here and there
After a year you came back and everything was ready
And what could I , a simple woman, add to this,
That all this was designed in a very pleasant atmosphere
Inside a month we built an international family
And what had seemed impossible
Became a fact - and I am sure
That this bond will grow stronger
Over the course of years
And I wish you from all my heart
To you and to Shlomo - who is called "the Uncle"
That your efforts will be fruitful -
And you will indeed accomplish what you started
Amen and amen

Urszula Trocha

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