Cecille "Zysla" (nee Cohen) Tachna
1864 - Holocaust
The wife of Shimon Alter Tachna

Zysla pictured with her youngest daughter Channah Leah (Anna) and her grand daughter.

The photograph was taken in the home of Shimon Alter and Zysla on Toppergaas (Potters) Street in Mlawa, Poland sometime after World War One.

Zysla (Hebrew: Tzippora) was born in the town of Pultusk, Poland about the year 1864.

She came from a highly Rabbinical family that also owned and operated a tavern in Pultusk.

It is related about the father of Zysla that he would leave his children to run the business of the tavern while he himself spent all the hours of the day in the back room studying Talmud.

Zyla perished in the Holocaust, as did her daughter Channah Leah and her grand daughter. Yet the Nazis could never destroy or wipe away what has been remembered and revered of her abounding spirit and great devotion. She was known out of her love for great kindness and warmth, giving and charity - a true "Yiddisheh Mama" and Aishas Hayil.

May her memory be blessed.



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