Yitzhak Yehoshuah Tachna

25 Kislev 5618 (12.12.1857) - Holocaust


A first cousin of Shimon Alter Tachna

Shaya married Ruchle Wilczek, the daughter of Avram and Reyza (nee Zamojskiewcz), on 10 Tevet 5646 (December 18, 1885) in Mlawa, Poland where they raised their children Esther, Guitele, Janche, Joseph, Pese, Israel Josef, Reisel, Chayaleh, Avraham, Malke, and Aryeh.

He perished in the Holocaust at the hands of the Nazis. One account states that as the Nazi army invaded Mlawa, Shaya Tachna, accompanied with other Jewish elders of the town, went out to meet the approaching army. He was never seen again.



Birth Record Of
Yitzhak Yehoshuah Tachna

From The Mlawa, Poland Municipal Register

 1859 Mlawa Jewish Record

It happened the fifteenth day of March at nine o'clock in the morning, there came to me a Jew Aryey Tachna of the profession of shoe maker, he is twenty seven years old and in the presence of Levin Szmulowicz Landau, who is seventy one years old, and Abram Bajlowicz, age forty seven years, both of whom are teachers in the city of Mlawa. They show us a child, male, telling us this child is born in Mlawa on twelve December, 1857 at twelve o'clock at night by his wife Siemy [Shevuah], age twenty four years old. The child was named after the religious ceremony Szaya [Shaya]. The act was given to be read to all witnesses and then signed by them.







Chayaleh and Nachman Aks
The Daughter and Son-In-Law of Yitzhak Yehoshuah and Ruchle Tachna

This photograph was taken in Mlawa, Poland of Chayaleh and Nachman around the time of the First World War. Nachman is in the uniform of the Polish Army.

They left Poland after the birth of their daughter Rosa in 1923, continuing their lives in Mexico.

All but one of the children of Yitzhak Yehoshuah and Ruchle Tachna left Poland before the outbreak of World War Two. They settled in Israel, Mexico, and the United States.



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