The Matzeva (Tombstone) of Rachel Hellerman nee Lewkowicz, Gombin, Poland

 The Inscriptions in Hebrew:

The inscription on the tombstone is an elegy in Hebrew, written in a beautiful traditional language. The first letter of each line constitutes the name of the deceased:


The translation:

Here lies buried Rachil, wife of Reb Mosze Hersz Hellerman

The young honest woman of the people of Israel,
Daughter of Haim, passed away 2 Day Adar I 5665
(6 February 1905)

Many of the daughters of my community succeeded greatly
Upon you the gentle, befell the darkness of the night
All your good deeds who can express
Justice of your kindness, the hungry you fed
To all the pure souls you were the mother
40 years only hh your life you spent
wrapped in sackcloth they stood upon your grave
those who know your righteousness lament this disaster
little orphans and the husband of your youth
mourn the young woman and the lost days of her years.


 In the picture stands and pray the nephew, Elyasr Grunberg, who lived at Rue Pierackiego 11 Gabin, Poland. The Hellerman family lived in the same house downstairs and the Grunberg family upstairs. Rachel Hellerman was the grandmother of Rae Kaminitz who contributed this picture.
Rachil Hellerman nee Lewkowicz in Gombin 1865, and Mosze Hersz had 5 children, all immigrated to America:
Leah 1892 - 1988
Hamalya 1894 - 1956
Shandle 1900 - 1967
Idell (Adela) 1902 - 1997 (Rae's mother)
Yidell 1904 - 1921

Rachil Hellerman's grave was blemished by the Nazis and her tombstone serves now as a curb stone, or is sunk in cement in the base of a bridge, in the center of town...
Her memory is blessed for eternity.

We remember!




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