JEWISHGEN Digest - 18 Mar 1998 to 19 Mar 1998 - Special issue (#1998-176)


Date: Thu, 19 Mar 1998 07:16:59 PST

From: Ada Holtzman

Subject: Shalom Plock...

I am pleased to inform you that I shall act as the coordinator for the shtetl Plock, in the JRI (Jewish Records Indexing - Poland) Co-op project.

Both my parents were born in Gombin (Gabin), small town near Plock.

One day, last summer, I played in the REIPP database (the old JRI) and found to my amazement that there is among the LDS films of the Mormons, from the Polish archive in Plock, a marriage certificate from 1881, of my great grandfather Mosiek Gostinsky and my great grandmother Chaja Stolcman, both from Gombin.

This certificate, xeroxed for me later, was the turning point in my family research.

Its value for my genealogical knowledge was immense and at that time I decided to help the JewishGen with what I can, so that their giant project will be fulfilled. Needless to say I located since than other vital records of my paternal Zlotnik rabbi dynasty and all is quite fantastic, doing that research at your own home, through the internet.

Plock gubernia encompasses many of the towns surrounding the city of Plock. Poland does not recognise Plock as the seat of civil administration presently, therefore LDS uses Bydgoszcz as the gubernia that includes Plock and excludes other towns that were historically in Plock's district.


City of Plock-Matryku#a (official records), 1808-1887


Births, Marriages and Deaths

Years LDS N:s

BMD 1808-1816 ------ 0729206

BMD 1815-1825 ------ 0729207

BMD 1826-1836 ------ 0730201

BMD 1837-1844 ------ 0730202

BMD 1845-1852 ------ 0730203

BMD 1853-1859 ------ 0730204

BMD 1860-1863 ------ 0730205

BMD 1865-1866 ------ 1201496

B 1866-1872 ------ 1201497

M 1864-1869 ------ 1201498

D 1864-1875 ------ 1201499

BMD 1875 ------ 1733678

BMD 1876-1880 ------ 1733679

B 1879-1887 ------ 1733680

cont. 1879-1887 ------ 1733681


The task


At the moment I am getting pages with indexes of years 1932-36, film 0730201.

Film #0729207- years 1822,1823,1824 and 1825 has been already done by another volunteer, as well as years 1929-30-31 film 0730201.

Film 733680 and 733681 were already transliterated and are available in JRI database.

Dorot in Beit Hatfusot Tel Aviv has only film 0730201 but they have no copier.

The mission in the Plock case is to xerox all the other pages of the LDS films and transliterate them. The expenses of the photo-copy (25 cents per page plus mail delivery) could be shared.

I hope to hear from volunteers and thank you in advance for your Co-op-eration,



Ada Holtzman

Plockoordinator :-)





Date: 03/19/98

Time: 07:16:59

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