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Subject: JRI-PL Opoczno and Konskie

Shalom Friends.

I volunteered to coordinate the transliteration project of these 2 shtetls in Poland for the JRI-PL
My own paternal families are from both.

During my recent visit in SLC, this April, I have made photocopies of most of the available indexes of both shtetls.

For Opoczno, a town in the former Radom gubernia I have copies covering the years 1826-1887, with some gaps of years not microfilmed and/or not indexed by the LDS. 1826 to 1867 are in Polish, 1868-1887 are in Russian.

For Konskie, a town in the former Kielce gubernia I have copies of the years 1826-1868, covering only the Polish language era, also with some gaps, of years not microfilmed and/or not indexed.

I am looking for volunteers to assist me in the project. Anybody out there ready to join ?
Please contact me privately.
Gideon Carmi


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Subject: Opoczno LDS Films - A BIG Surprise

Shalom Friends.

Following the suggestion of Stanley DIAMOND, Thank You Stanley, I am posting here a letter I have sent him last week. I spent this April 2 weeks doing family research in the USA, one week in Florida, in the Plantation FHC, Thank You Bernard KOUCHEL , and later a week in the FHL in Salt Lake City.

My father was born in Opoczno, Poland, a small shtetl about halfway between Radom and Piotrkow Trybunalski. His mother was born in Konskie, a small shtetl about 20 km SE of Opoczno. So one my main research targets in this visit was these 2 shtetls.

I used the LDS main microfilm catalog for finding the appropriate films to do my research, and according to that catalog, only 3 Jewish films were available for Opoczno, ie numbers 1192424, 1192425 and 1713988, covering roughly 1866-1887. This was not enough for me so I decided to look in ALL the Opoczno films, mainly the Roman Catholic films covering 1826-1865. My reat surprise was also a wonderful find for me, and for all Opoczno esearchers. There was an ERROR in the LDS master catalog, and I found most f the missing Jewish films/years, as listed here , below.

Film no. Year Covered
719131 1826-1827
719132 1828-1836
719133 1837-1843
719134 1844-1847
719135 1848-1851
719136 1852-1857
719137 1858-1860
These 7 microfilms are JEWISH registers, and I extracted from them many BMD records directly related to my family. I also made photocopies of all the Birth, Marriage and Death indexes available in them. There are no films available covering Jewish registers in Opoczno for the years 1861-1865 - I checked ALL the Opoczno films in the FHL in SLC, including all the other Roman Catholic register microfilms, ie numbers 719124, 719125, 719126, 719127, 719128, 719129, and 719130. I could not find any Jewish registers in the Roman Catholic films prior to 1826. I am sure all the researchers of Opoczno could now use this updated information.

I volunteered to head the research co-ops of these 2 shtetls for the Jewish Register Indexing - Poland project, JRI-Poland, formerly REIPP. I am still waiting for volunteers to help me. The main work to be done is to type all the available handwritten index lists into a Lotus or Excel
database so we can later proofread them and make these databases available for online research of all interested Jewishgenners. These index pages are written in Latin alphabet from 1826 to 1867, and in Cyrillic, ie Russian alphabet from 1868 on.

Please do join the party. Though this work is time consuming the output is an enormous gain to all of us.
Thank You and Best Regards

Researching these surnames from these 2 shtetls -
and several others.

Gideon Carmi
Kibbutz Machanaim - Israel


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