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Shalom Mlawa... Tel Aviv - 7.5.98


We are proud to announce the launching of project MLAWA, part of JewishGen
JRI: Jewish Records Indexing
- Poland, CO-OP shtetl.

It will be led by Mr. Yaacov Flinker from Tel Aviv, who has no internet access (for the moment), and I shall host the correspondence with him for the time being.

Mlawa is part of Plock region, Warsaw district. You may see the map posted at my web page, with the nearby towns, of which vital records may be part of the Mlawa archive:

There is evidence to Jewish settlement in Mlawa since 1507. In the beginning, the Jews of Mlawa were part of the Jewish community of Chiechanow, but since the 18th century it was recognized as an independent Jewish Community.

In the census held in 1921, the number of the Jews amounted to 5827, out of total population of 19003.

The famous writer Yosef Opatusho (1883-1954) commemorated Mlawa shtetl in his book : "Mlawa stories". Also the writer Yakir Warszawsky (1885-1943) was born in Mlawa, as well as so many other Jewish distinguished leaders, Chassidim, Rabbis, Zionist activists and thousands of simple Jews who graced the town of Mlawa for hundreds of years.

The history of the Jews of Mlawa during WWII was no different than all other shtetls in Poland. They were subject to the Nazi abuses, robberies, humiliations, tortures... public executions, terror and sadistic horrors.

On 6th December 1940, 3000 of the Jews of Mlawa were transported to Dzialdowo. From there to Lublin and other ghettos in that region.

Out of the 6400 Jews who were in Mlawa in the beginning of 1939, remained in the ghetto about 2450 Jews, who also included refugees from Rypin, Lipno and Dobrzyn nad Drwaca. Later other 1000 Jews from Zielun, Szrensk and Radzanow were transported to the ghetto of Mlawa.

On June 42, public executions and series of murders were committed.On 7th November 42 that year, 1000 more Jews were transported to the ghetto from Ciechanow. A few days later that month, the ghetto was liquidated, dispatching the remaining Jews to the extermination camp at Treblinka and Auschwitz. Thus a grand Jewish Community in Poland was wiped out of the earth. Only 150 Jews from Mlawa survived the Holocaust.

We contacted the Israeli Landschmanshaft of Mlawa, led by Mr. Moshe Peles, who
promised to look for volunteers to the JRI CO-OP Mlawa shtetl project, among second generation descendants of Mlawaers.

He informed that they are about to inaugurate in Poland, on 19th of July this year, a remarkable monument in the renewed fenced Jewish cemetery of Mlawa. The monument which will be of 15 meter height and 8 meter width is made out of pillars, removed from a nearby site which was once a Nazi notorious military camp, called "NeuBerlin". The Nazis destroyed the Jewish cemetery of Mlawa, removing all the tombstones and making pillars of 1 x 1 meter to installed in that camp. Now those pillars, made of Jewish matzevot, were removed back to the cemetery, and re-erected in this grand monument, in the shape of a huge "Menorah", on the hill where the Jewish cemetery was, facing the famous railroad of Gdansk-Warsaw.
The chairman of the "Righteous among Nations", Mr. Lipczynski, is from Mlawa, and he is trying to get this site the status of a Polish National Preserved Site, to keep and maintain it for generations to come.

In addition, this organization will dedicate today, 8 May 98, a special classroom in the "Ghetto Fighters and Shoa Museum" in Kibbutz Lochamei Ha'getaot, named after shtetl Mlawa, with exhibits, pictures and documents from their archives.

Any help or personal inquiries for information regarding Mlawa may be addressed to
Mr. Moshe Peles
14 Geva St.
Givataiim 53316.

Yakov Flinker, who will lead the Jewish Records Indexing (JRI) CO-OP shtetl Mlawa project, has advantage over almost all of us: he has excellent knowledge of Polish and Jewish-Polish culture.

His ties to Mlawa is through his paternal grandmother, Cipora Flinker nee Landau, daughter of Rabbi Izke Bialer Landau from Mlawa.

Mlawa LDS microfilms available at the Mormons Family History Libraraies and their indexes need to be scanned into template files in Excel, made by the volunteers for that project, to be included in the growing JRI shtetl CO-OP database, are:

702,504 (1826-1847)
702,505 (1848-1859)
702,506 (1860-1865)


Some of the indexes were already photocopied and some still need to be done.
The cost of the venture may be shared among the volunteers.

We call all dedicated people with Mlawa and the surrounding towns and villages to join our collective efforts and help fulfil the important mission.

Ada Holtzman & Yacov Flinker


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