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A Jewish demonstration on december 10, 1905, with the blue white flag.


1914 - Germans Enter Mlawa

 MLAWA, Warsaw province, August 1914-German forces, in pursuit of the fleeing Russian Army, have taken this town on the road to Warsaw. The citizens of Mlawa, one-third of whom are Jews, welcomed the German soldiers as liberators when they entered the town.

The German advance through Mlawa is part of a general offensive that is moving southward from East Prussia in the direction of the Polish capital. Following the recent battle at Tannenberg (Grunwald), the Russian Army is retreating in confusion, although reinforcements are expected to regroup before the Germans reach Warsaw.

Whether the German forces will achieve their goal and capture the city cannot as yet be foretold.

Meanwhile, those who live in territory conquered by the Germans have begun to reestablish their local governments. The people, especially the Jews, who suffered more than others under the Russian yoke, are enjoying greater freedom than they experienced under the Czars.

The Germans hope to gain support for their cause from the population in the conquered areas and to attract recruits for the German Army.












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