The Migdal Family from Hrubieszow, Poland

In the photograph:

Y Grandfather, Ber Migdal, murdered during the death march of the Jews of Hrubieszow on December 1939 to the Russian border, God revenge his blood.

Y Grandmother: Brucha Migdal, she collapsed when she heard of grandfather's death, and was put in a hospital in Chelm, where the Nazis poisoned all the patients a few days later.

Y Aunt: Pearl Migdal, survived Auschwitz, but was drowned by the Nazis in a forced evacuation of Camp Stutthof in Prussia during the last days of the war.

Y Father Meyer Migdal, the only survivor. He was 13 at the start of the war.


Let their memory be blessed for eternity and their pain and sufferings shall not be forgotten!


This photograph was submitted by Dr. Barry Megdal, grandson of Ber Migdal. October 1998.